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North America » United States » Wyoming » Cody August 27th 2013

We were up early again ... ready for fun. We also had a long drive into Cody ahead of us. Checked out of Cadillac Jacks - really great service again. They came out and helped load Mom & I's growing horde of stuff. I really learned how much stuff my car can hold. There was now a two foot carved wood bear in the compartment under the back passenger seat. LOL We had breakfast in Deadwood at one of the old hotel saloons. I think Silverados but not sure. Dad, Dave and I had breakfast sandwiches that I remember being pretty good. Mom had pancakes and bacon she was unhappy with ... a recurring theme! LOL We then separated for an hour or so & took a stroll ... read more
wild bill sign

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood August 26th 2013

Started day with breakfast at the day cafe / night bar. Good breakfast and we had discounted from hotel. Then off fairly early for a packed day of fun. Bear Country USA - drive through/walk through sanctuary. Very well ran and the babies were the best to watch. Being there first thing in the morning was a very good idea. 1880's Train - I made reservations and paid for tickets online ahead of time. This made it pretty easy to check in and pick up our tickets in Keystone, SD. Nice train ride over to Hill City. Not near as scenic as some other train rides but the staff gave lots of very informative information about the area. During the layover in Hill City ... read more
front view train
rushmore 1

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood August 25th 2013

Up early, breakfast - hotel continental - gross. Car snacks later. Northwest direction today. Finally get to I-90 and the signs for "See Wall Drug" etc. I had already decided to stop here when planning as it looks quirky and fun. But first a stop for a quick picnic lunch. This is one of my $$$ savers on the road. No one needs to eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner. South Dakota's rest area's at least the one we hit need some serious work. First thing we see are signs to watch for snakes. Then us ladies hit the restroom with lots of trepidation from the looks. Well we peed with bees. Lots of bees. Surprising neither of us got stung. Brings me to another road travel tip - put together a good first aid kit. ... read more
mom at silo
wall drug
slot david

North America » United States » Nebraska » Grand Island August 24th 2013

Left on a Saturday and back the next. I always try to do my road trips in a circle with as little back tracking as possible or going somewhere we have already gone. North from Texas straight up through Oklahoma, Kansas and half way into Nebraska. Then Northwest the rest of Nebraska into the South Dakota. 2 nights in South Dakota. Then West to Wyoming and three nights in Cody, Wy as our base for Yellowstone. Then Southwest down through to Colorado and a night in Cripple Creek, Co. Then home the next day cutting across the corner of New Mexico and West Texas. Really today was just a big driving day. Made our way to just over the Kansas border before lunch time. Stopped at McDonald's for lunch then since we were making good time ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Gallup August 23rd 2013

So my car (her name is Phat Patti) is loaded down with all our usual road trip stuff and my birthday present! A brand new Nikon camera and all kinds of stuff for it. I couldn't wait to take photos with it. We hit the road around 4am. Picked up Uncle Buddy who promptly went to sleep immediately as he had been at the Aerosmith concert in Dallas till 2am. We took the northern route out through West Texas and Albuquerque. Quick stops for gas and grub - didn’t make any fun stops as we have seen this route a few times. We made very good time and got into Gallup, NM about 5pm their time. Checked into the Sleep Inn right off of 40 with a Shell station in the same general area - good ... read more

After a few days our plan was a quick stop in Nashville then some fun in Memphis. But as life is - S*@T happens! Our last day in Pigeon Forge I felt one of my infamous kidney infections coming on. We looked around online but didn't find any medical facilities that I felt comfortable with - my kidneys and I at the time were not friends. So the decision was made that I just wanted to get home and see my doctor. I did have some heavy duty pain meds with me so that trip was pretty much Narnia. We left the area about 4pm and made it to a hotel in Nashville later that night. I'm fairly certain the boys made another run at White Castle. Up early next morning. We did do a must ... read more
Cherokee, NC
Great Smoky Mountain NP
Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg August 1st 2007

Checked out in Chattanooga headed up towards our next stop for a few days. In route we stopped at The Lost Sea Adventure. This was a fun little break a hike down into their cavern, which has been everything from a bar to a hideout, then you get over to the underground lake. They take you around the lake on little glass bottom boats. Very cool and fun stop. Got to Gatlinburg & checked into our "cabin". More of a rented out vacation home but very nice. Way too much house for just us but it was a bargain. 3 floors with 4 bedrooms, game room, big kitchen, outdoor hot tub, indoor jacuzzi Huge porch with nice view. My poor son had never seen a bidet before we hear from the bottom floor hey this ... read more
Aquarium of the Smokies
Lost Sea Adventure
Lost Sea Adventure

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg July 31st 2007

During our next few days we spent in the area. We took in the many sights to be seen. Along with a side trip to the North Carolina Mts. and a day at Dollywood. We played lots of mini golf as that is our thing. Ripleys has many fun courses in the area and of course you have to play Hillbilly Golf. A second trip to the aquarium before out the door. The Christmas Store which my husband has fond memories with his mother of. The Old Mill Restaurant which my grandfather took me too. Also took the ski lift up to Ober Gatlinburg then a ride back down on the mountain coaster after playing around a bit. We took an opportunity to drive around the mountains taking in the views and checking out the pretty ... read more
Ober Gatlinburg
Old Mill Restaurant
Ober Gatlinburg

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga July 30th 2007

After breakfast at the hotel it was time for a day of fun on Lookout Mountain. This is somewhere I went when I was younger with my grandfather. First stop - Ruby Falls Cavern. This an older cavern to tour. The paths are pretty steep and narrow in spots. The more fun formations were labeled. The guides are also very good. At the end is the actual Ruby Falls which they turn out the lights & light it up red for photos. We then took the incline up to the top of the mountain. It's very very steep. At the top we explored Point Park - a civil war park on the mountain. Also we checked out the map museum - Luke really like this part. url=http:... read more
Rock City
Ruby Falls
Cannon Point Park

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 29th 2007

We took off pretty early around 5am I think. The kids are early teens so they just go from bed to the truck and back to sleep. Our first stop is a truck stop for breakfast just over the Arkansas border - yummy! Then through Arkansas to our first quick stop in Memphis. We just stopped in the visitor center to collect maps and brochures - really for later scrap booking ;) Our plan to do more exploring in Memphis on the way back home but more on that later. This is a really great place for a stretch as it's part of the river park right on the Mississippi. Mud Island is just across the way. After this on our way - long travel day! Next stop was for lunch / dinner on the other ... read more
He sure is enjoying those little burgers
Dave & Kendall with Elvis
Luke & I with BB King

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