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North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 15th 2007

Today we drove up the beautiful cough california Salinas Valley to Tony's Mom's house in Pleasanton. Had a wonderful evening with Grandparents. Michelle seems to be taking the idea of being with Grandma for a while pretty well. The morning was spent frantically packing and cleaning the house for Jen (Cousin acting as housesitter). Chris and Tony tried to squeeze in an hour or 2 of WOW, but there was a big patch Tuesday and it took upwards of an hour to download and install on Anne's machine. Tony Leveled (18) while waiting!!! No more WOW till December (begin withdrawls). Michelle was being her usual charming self at dinner. She made us all double over with laughter at least 3 times during dinner. Tony Warned grandparents that they need to be stoic while driving, because Michelle ... read more
Fearsome Trio Leaving SFO
View from our Room

North America » United States » California » San Luis Obispo November 14th 2007

Getting Ready This evening and yesterday and Sunday have been all about getting ready to go. Well, OK.. there was a little time for WOW in there, but who's counting anyway. Anne and I both worked today, and Anne works Wednesday too, half day. It was wierd closing down all of my projects and not having an avalanche of other work bearing down on me. Chris came in tonight, and Michelle was so very excited. Chris got asked to do several non-Uncle things (bathroom at Chile's, bath, etc)... but we let him off the hook, of course. ... read more

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