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North America » United States » Virginia July 14th 2016

Day 16 - Virginia Beach We took advantage of staying in one place and slept in a bit. We caught the first shuttle from the campground to the beach and spent a few hours floating in the Atlantic Ocean. The sand was scorching but the water was cool enough to feel good. The slope was gradual enough and the waves mild enough that you could walk out pretty far. Michelle and Tony enjoyed body surfing on the waves while Anne mostly avoided them (the waves). Once we were waterlogged we had lunch at a restaurant on the boardwalk and then headed back to the campground. Atlantic Ave (the street which the Monopoly property is named after) is a long road with dozens of resort hotels (and some very cheap ones), a hundred little shops, many restaurants, ... read more
No Q-bert speak allowed.
Not Quite Bathwater
Beachside Dining

Day 15 - Charlotte to Virginia Beach After saying goodbye to the Zoutewelles until our next cruise together, we headed east to the North Carolina Coast. We were headed to The outer banks and Kitty Hawk and then eventually to our stop at the Virginia Beach KOA. On our way we passed a sign for the town of Wilson, NC. we decided to detour and find some lunch there. We stumbled across Parker's Restaurant. A BBQ place with a very simple menu. Judging by the number of cars in the parking lot and the age of most of the patrons it's been very good for a very long time. We decided to go for the family style BBQ and fried chicken meal. There was fried chicken, pulled pork, coleslaw, some kind of tomato-bean thing, boiled potatoes ... read more
Parker's Bar B-Q
Family Style
Roanole Island

Day 14 - Charlotte Today we were given a personal tour of some of the sights in Charlotte and headed out to the Reed Gold Mine. The Reed Gold Mine was the sight of the first documented gold discovery in the US. Since the land around the find was all privately owned there was no gold rush like in California. There was a documentary film (very 1970s), a museum, a self-guided tour of the first level of the mine and surface equipment, and a chance to pan for gold. There were a few really cool pieces of equipment still working and the temperature of the mine felt lovely on a hot day. We had fun panning but, alas, no one found any gold. After the mine we ate lunch and then took a driving tour of ... read more
Cool Old Engine
Inside the Mine
Nice and cool

Day 13 - Savannah to Charlotte This morning we packed most of the trailer up but left it at the campsite while we drove into Savannah for breakfast. We parked near the old town river walk and spent some time looking at the archetecture before going to Huey's on the River. Huey's is a creole restaurant and makes some fabulous beignets. Michelle didn't like the hollandaise sauce on the eggs benedict but discovered she really likes cheese grits. After breakfast we spent some more time exploring the river edge. We discovered some old vaults built into the retaining wall on the bluff. Instead of being paid, the archetect who designed the retaining wallwas given the rights to collect rents in these spaces for 20 years. We headed back to the KOA to hook up the trailer ... read more
Cheese Grits!
Best Beignets East of New Orleans
Just the right mix of cool and damp

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah July 10th 2016

Day 12 - Fort Pierce to Savannah Our trip today was all about seeing the coast. First, we drove up Hwy A1A in search of breakfast. There are a lot of neat little towns along the coast. We really enjoyed the different kinds of building styles and the creative ways people found to gain access to their boats from their homes. With a recommendation from some locals, we found a small but very popular cafe on the coast road called Sunny Side Cafe. We got to sit at the counter and watch all the servers work. Then we drove along A1A to Sattelite Beach where Tony lived when he was 3 and his Dad was stationed at Patrick Air Force Base. The area has chaged a lot since that time. There used to be very little ... read more
Sunny Side Cafe
The house in Satalitte Beach
Florida-Georgia Line

North America » United States » Florida July 9th 2016

Day 11 - Key West (to Miami) to Fort Pierce We started the day very early. We had to drive to Miamibfor our redevouz with the Toyota Mechanics without using the AC. We were not sure how long it was going to take, and it gets very hot in the Keys. On our way out of the Keys we made a couple of stops. The first was at Anne's Beach, dedicated to a local environmentalist who worked for many years in the Keys. The second stop was for Tony at Anthony's Ladies Apparel. A fine establishment with many good articles. We made it to Miami without suffering too much from the lack of air conditioning. We unhooked the trailer in the Toyota parking lot and wiated for the diagnostic. 90 minutes later we found out we ... read more
Anthony's Womens Clothing
Just keep waiting, waiting, waiting
Making Miami Beautiful

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West July 8th 2016

Day 10 - Key West Since we got in so late last night and because everyone agreed we needed a non-driving day we decided to stay an extra day in the Keys. We started out by sleeping in and then taking a swim at the beach. Michelle spent some time trying to catch fish in a cup while Tony and Anne relaxed on the beach. After a shower and some lunch we all headed back to Key West. Anne and Michelle wanted to go to the Hemmingway House (mostly to see the cats) and Tony was interested in seeing Fort Zachary Taylor. While looking for parking we also spotted the Key West Lighthouse. Tony explored the lighthouse while Anne and Michle made friends with the cats. Afterwards Anne and Michelle joined Tony at the lighthouse. The ... read more
The Southernmost KOA in the Contiguous US
Watchin the fish
Relaxing at the beach

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West July 7th 2016

Day 9 - Winter Haven to Key West Aunt Leonda fixed a great southern breakfast and Anne's cousins Carey, Alyssa, and their son Graham came over to visit as well. Uncle Bob and Tony took a look some odd tire wear on the trailer and discovered that the bearings needed to be re-packed and the trailer needed new tires. Fortunatly, Uncle Bob is an expert and taught Tony how to take care of everything. This meant Anne got a little longer to chat and Michelle got to spend time with Graham. After some hard work and a few hours we were finally on the road. Everyone was really excited to be somewhere they had never been before. The drive through south Florida was very scenic. The views from the Florida Key Causeway were fantastic. Was saw ... read more
Carey, Alyssa and Gahran
Someone's not Camera Shy!
Unexpected Trailer Maintenance

North America » United States » Florida July 6th 2016

Day 8 - Bonifay to Winter Haven We started the morning with Papa's excellent muffins, a staple of any visit to the farm. Michelle and Grammy have a fondness for the banana nut and Anne and Papa like the blueberry. Tony's not picky and will eat whatever is left. After another good morning of chatting and offers of more food than we could carry we loaded up again and headed out to meet Anne's cousin Marina in Tallahassee. Marina is taking a class at the Florida A&M college in Tallahassee this summer so Tony and Michelle walked around campus to practice looking at colleges (Hey, it's never too early to start!) after a quick stop at Dunkin' Donuts. After the tour we met Marina for lunch at Dog Et Al, an iconic hot dog joint near ... read more
The name is misleading
HOW many combinations?!?
Dog Et Al

North America » United States » Florida July 5th 2016

Day 7 - Broussard to Bonifay We were up early with Uncle Chris and Aunt Debbie (they had to go back to work :) ). Staying with others makes it easy to get the trailer hooked up and on the road. We stopped at Mel's Diner to have breakfast where our waitress, Larissa, was very friendly. We are enjoying talking with others about our trip and Larissa was impressed with our journey so far. After a breakfast of eggs, grits, biscuits, and pancakes we started the long trip to Bonifay. We passed through Mississippi and Alabama before crossing into Florida. We'll be able to put three more stickers on after today. Our route took us over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. The bridge is over 18 miles long and goes through some beautiful areas. We also passed ... read more
Atchafalaya Basin Bridge
State 1 Today - Mississippi
Mississippi River

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