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Now, this is just astounding: Every man, woman, and child in the nation eats an average of 23 pounds of pizza annually -- that translates to around 46 slices -- adding up to a total of about 3 billion pies. To break the pie chart down another way, about 350 slices get consumed every second of the day. So, assuming I can eat three slices of pizza at one sitting, this means that we order a pizza at least 15 times a year, or better than once a month. For us, that is probably a little high. We probably order a pizza for delivery once a month, and have one pizza at Serious Pie in Seattle on our annual June trek. I think the stats might be somewhat skewed by events like Super Bowl Sunday, and ... read more
Pizza eating contest
They must be crazy???

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 25th 2019

Während meiner legendären USA-Reise 1997 habe ich in Seattle schon die Space Needle, die Untergrundstadt und sogar das Boeing-Werk im Norden besucht. Diesmal habe ich wieder meinen Spaziergang nach dem Frühstück begonnen und bin zuerst am Seattle Art Museum mit dem Hammering Man vorbei. Von dort bin ich zum Pike Place Market und habe im benachbarten Starbucks einen Frappuccino getrunken und meine letzten US-Münzen ausgegeben. Danach bin ich hinunter zur Waterfront und dort entlang gelaufen. Zuletzt bin ich wieder bergauf zum Hotel. Den restlichen Nachmittag habe ich dies und das gemacht und abends ein italienisches Meeresfrüchtegericht gegessen. Morgen werde ich zu meinem letzten Etappenziel fahren.... read more
Am Seattle Art Museum bin ich vorbei gegangen.
Hammering Man.
An der Waterfront.

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 24th 2019

Heute ist nicht viel passiert. Nach dem Frühstück habe ich bald das Hotel verlassen. In Portland habe ich ja nicht das Valet-Parking beansprucht, sondern gegenüber im Parkhaus geparkt. Hier in den USA ist es oft so, dass man nicht an einem Kassenautomaten, sondern an der Schranke mit Kreditkarte zahlen kann. Dann bin ich die knapp 300 Kilometer nach Seattle gefahren. Man hätte entweder an der Küste entlang fahren oder das Mount St. Helens Denkmal besichtigen können, aber zu beidem hatte ich keine Lust. Statt dessen bin ich mit einem Zwischenstopp direkt zu meinem Ziel gefahren und habe das Hotel schnell gefunden. Dort habe ich so dies und das gemacht. Später habe ich im Hotelrestaurant eine Entenbrust gegessen und jetzt kucke ich wieder das einseitige Programm von CNN, nachdem ich schon die heutige Tagesschau im Internet gesehen ... read more
Mein Hotel in Seattle.
Mein Hotelzimmer.
Entenbrust zum Abendessen.

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 15th 2019

Many of you are shocked when I tell you we attended a talk by Tony Bourdain some years ago in Seattle. He had yet to start Parts Unknown on CNN, and was still using "No Reservations" as his vehicle for fame and fortune. Someone also gave me his book, "Kitchen Confidential" which was a perfect reflection of his often vulgar adventures through the culinary world. But, as he morphed into "Parts Unknown", he became more of an elder statesman, almost a sage, in the loosest sense of the word. He left a lasting impression on Seattle. Here is the article in the local Seattle paper, in case you missed it: url= ... read more
Locals only??
Love the clams at Emmett Watson's

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Chinatown June 14th 2019

Before you turn away in disgust at the title of my email, please keep reading a little more. After all, wedgie could be a wedge of lettuce, or a great piece of pie. And "waji" is the cute nickname for the most famous Pacific northwest area super duper market, called Uwajimaya. Easy for you to say? The famous Uwajimaya is a high quality Asian supermarket with gift shop, and Japanese bookstore, all under one roof. They have been in business since 1928! And we visit EVERY time we are in Seattle, since it is so much fun. From their company website: With over 400 employees, Uwajimaya is one of the largest Asian grocery retailers in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1928, Uwajimaya has evolved beyond providing basic grocery staples and become known as a tourist and destination ... read more
Best Asian store on the mainland USA
They have everything!
Some purple kale

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 13th 2019

This June marks our 24th year visiting the great city of Seattle for our anniversary. Why Seattle? We visited once before we got married, and decided to spend part of our honeymoon here. We also went to Lake Tahoe (where it snowed in June), and another favorite place, the Carmel Monterey Peninsula. But Seattle remains at the top of our yearly visits. One really good reason for liking Seattle is it walkability. We try to walk most everywhere, weather permitting. Though the homeless issue is among the worst in the U.S., we manage the city streets. One of our favorite walks starts downtown, where we usually stay. We pass through the business district, the fabulous Seattle Public Library, and end up in the International District at one of our favorite super markets, Uwajimaya. It is about ... read more
My coconut creme pie!
Always Serious Pie
Love the white peaches

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 3rd 2019

Everybody understands even those who've never been to Seattle, the Space Needle. It is also the number one tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest and the city landmark. Proceed into a gift store and you are bound to come across a lot along with Space Needle figurines as their focus of postcards with all the Space Needle. The marginally extraterrestrial-looking monitoring tower brought in over 2.3 million people when it opened for the 1962 World's Fair. For this day, over 1 million people visit it. So it has been established that everybody knows about the Space Needle, but what exactly do folks actually know about the Space Needle? Listed below are just five little facts 1. In unison cement trucks functioned in less than 12 hours to fill the Space Needle's base hole . They ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 3rd 2019

With beautiful landscapes that are incomparably and its summer climate, Washington's nation makes for an perfect getaway destination. One of the scenic splendors of the state are islands, sapphire-blue lakes, magnificent sea shores, and woods that are emerald-green. Stay at one of many Washington holiday rentals to readily enjoy scenic spots ideal for trekking, cycling, boating, water sports, and a number of different pursuits. Have a peek at the areas to have in Washington. 1. Clarkson Clarkston's Town Is Located Around the Boundary with Idaho in Washington. It's a gateway to Hell's Canyon. Beamers Hells Canyon Tours takes you on other areas on the Snake River and jet ships to Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. The ceremony also offers fishing expeditions, and steelhead, sturgeon. The Saddle Creek Trail gives... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 31st 2019

Your luggage is packed, you have lined up a vehicle, and water your crops and you have arranged to feed your pets. But while preparing to the holiday, did you remember to take the steps required to keep your house secure while you're off? Here are seven strategies to make sure your abode remains tragedy - as you're gone and robbery-free. 1. Make it look like you are home To prevent becoming another crime statistic, consider action to make sure it appears that someone in the home. So that they turn on throughout the morning and 23, set timers on lights, radios, and televisions. Ensure that your grass is cut. Have somebody park their vehicle in your drive that is empty. Drapes and position window drapes like regular be certain that they aren't currently exposing appliances ... read more

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