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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle December 15th 2014

With a 10 hour stop-over here in Sacromento we checked in our carry on luggage and took a walk downtown. What a surprise it was to learn this is the home of the polar express train! Tickets sell out months in advance. They go on sale in September and sell out in 15 minutes. So no ride on the polar express for us but it was still it lovely to see such xmas spirit happening in town. We watched the Macy's Xmas theatre light show in the street centre - really feels like xmas here - very different from home in Australia. The train left Sacromento at midnight By which time we were a bit over sitting in the lounge. The Coast Starlight left on time at 12.15am. We got into our sleeper , grabbed a ... read more
Sacromento at night
The xmas tree at old Sacromento
Me with Mrs Claus

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square October 28th 2014

I’m exactly year behind on this write-up, but I think most of the information is still relevant, so here it goes. My trip to Washington State was part recreation and part business. I should say - it was ALL recreation for me, and part business for my wife. We had a few days to travel where we pleased….. after that, she had to attend a conference in Seattle, WA. We arrived to the airport without a specific plan, but soon decided to check out Mt. St. Helens as our first destination. We rented a car and plugged in our GPS. The airport is close to suburban neighborhoods, so it was easy to find a grocery store where we loaded up on supplies and Fat Tire Beer (something I still have trouble finding in New England). It ... read more
Mt. St. Helens
Morton Skatepark
Mount Rainer

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 25th 2014

Here is an interesting timeline on Pike Place Market in Seattle: 1850s City of Seattle is founded on Puget Sound. 1907 With consumers howling over a spike in the price of farm goods, Seattle officials earmark Pike Place, a newly planked street near the waterfront, as a spot for farmers to bypass middlemen and sell to the public. 1907 Rushing to capitalize on public demand, developer Frank Goodwin constructs and opens a building next to Pike Place with 76 produce stalls. Over the next few years, the city adds facilities, and private developers put up several rival market buildings clustered around Pike Place. 1922 European and Asian immigrant farmers fill many of the stalls; in fact, most of the farm vendors are Japanese Americans. City Fish, the market's first fishmonger, opens shop. 1926 Some 627 farmers ... read more
2014-02-21 11.48.30

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 24th 2014

You are wondering why we visit Seattle so often. You may also wonder why we are not moving here. We considered it several times in the past. We also thought of renting here temporarily until our new home in Clovis is done. But poor Buddy is getting too old for long distance car travel. So, in the interim, we will just visit, as often as we can. What makes Seattle so appealing? There is so much to do! Here is another list, from Thrillist, with a few comments of my own, as usual. 1. Being Outside-Seattle has only 80 days with rain or overcast. But as I have said before, locals do not carry umbrellas. 2. Being Casual-Jeans are welcome everywhere, but skinny jeans are required in some places! 3. Ferries-Not the two-legged type, but the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town October 3rd 2014

Top ten things you must do in Seattle. Have you done them? 1. Space Needle (from the 1962 World's Fair) 2. Pike Place Market 3. Ride the Great Wheel 4. World Class Wines (over 800 wineries in Washington) img= 5. Seafood (halibut was fabulously good) 6. Take a seaplane ride 7. Chihuly Garden and Glass ( nice, but overrated) img= 8. Local craft brews 9. Seattle's colorful neighborhoods ... read more
The venerable Space Needle
You must have a Serious Pie, seriously!
The great Experience Music Project

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town October 1st 2014

It is no secret that we visit Seattle at least three times a year. We go for each of our birthdays (Feb. and Oct.), as well as our anniversary (June). In fact, the big 20th is coming up in June, 2015. Many people ask, "Why Seattle?" We answer, "Why not?" We started coming to Seattle on our honeymoon, 1995. We have visited Seattle at least once a year since. It is our favorite American city, and perhaps, one of our two or three favorite cities in the entire world! Is it the food or fine dining? The food and dining choices are excellent or even better. We love the Tom Douglas restaurants, and have tried them all. We also love the fresh seafood here. The bakeries are without peer. url= read more
The BEST public library in the entire world, Seattle Public Library
Seattle Space Needle, 1962 World's Fair

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 25th 2014

Phoenix to Seattle The flight to Seattle was quiet and uneventful as it should be. Amazingly, the mountains were “out” for us… we flew by Mt. St. Helens with the sun shining it was awesome. Then into Seattle with another spectacular view… Mt. Rainier. As I always have an aisle seat, my very nice seatmates leaned back so I could have a view of these beautiful mountains. On into Seattle where we grabbed the bus to the rental car and picked up a snazzy red job. Hey, we’re on vacation ;-) A quick overnight at the Fairfield Inn by SeaTac and we were off to breakfast with our step-daughter and her friend Danny at the Portage Café in Downtown, Washington. After spending 10 minutes trying to figure out where to put the parking sticker on our ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 12th 2014

If you're looking for budget travel in the United States, Seattle, Washington is a good choice. After our most recent vacation, we were really surprised at how little we spent. Our biggest expenses were the flight and hotel. However, we did get a discount on our flight using Delta SkyMiles. I also cashed in my Discover Cash Rewards for Best Western gift cards, in order to get the room a bit cheaper in the long run. On our first day in Seattle, we went to Mount Rainier. For merely the cost of park entrance, we were able to see the giant Douglas Firs in the Grove of the Patriarchs, see Myrtle Falls, and of course the great volcano itself. It was actually free for us, because we had already invested in a National Park Pass that ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 1st 2014

The day started out with a GREAT breakfast at our Comfort Inn & Suites in Spokane. They had a large selection of hot and cold items including made to order omelettes and four staff running around keeping everything full and the place clean. In Canada, we're lucky if one employee glances into the room once. Don't know how they do it here other than perhaps paying the staff a lot less. It was a warm and sunny day so the roof was down all the way to Seattle. I have never driven this route before so was really surprised at the changing terrain, from evergreen forests to semi-desert to farming. We stopped at a great viewpoint with paved trails all around the cliff-side on the Columbia River, just before crossing the bridge. Then it was over ... read more
Columbia River
Pike Place Market seafood
Columbia River viewpoint

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District August 17th 2014

This is around the time that saying goodbye to people began to get real for me. I had been mentally preparing for living in Milan, as well as a more intense research life, for quite a while. It had not yet hit me that being in Milan meant not being with my friends, and family. It sounds silly now that I think about it, but I pushed the sadness of saying goodbye to people behind my excitement for such an exhilarating opportunity, and thus didn't experience the sadness until it became a reality. I spent my last full week in Seattle week half-assedly packing, but mostly spending time with friends and my mom (also a friend, but deserves her own recognition). That weekend, the 22nd-24th of August, I somehow convinced several friends to come camping on ... read more
The best friends anyone could ask for
Kaili and I on the boat
The group at my moms (minus the goldens)

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