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North America » United States » California » Atascadero July 24th 2011

Packing, Packing, Wine and Train You have to start packing sometime. So what if it's the day you leave. Our train was scheduled to leave at 4:45 PM so we had plenty of time. Fortunatly for us we are getting pretty expirenced at packing. This year's trip had so many parts we are lucky we don't have any restrictions on luggage. By the time we finished we had 6 bags plus a personal item each. Good thing Michelle is getting old enough to wheel her own bag. We were all ready to go by 3 PM. A quick stop for some frozen yogurt and we were on our way. We kept an eye on the train status all day since it can be late. Up until we left the house it was still on time. By ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 14th 2010

Day 6 - Berlin to Marburg After a couple of days of walking and heat we were ready to sit in the car awhile. Today's trip was a little less scenic but we had some destinations in mind so we took the autobahn rather than driving through the back roads. First we headed back to the Harz mountains to see the Rubeland Caves near Elbingerode. We passed by on our way to Berlin but didn't have time to stop. The cave we toured was called Baumannhohle, or Bauman's cave. It was discovered in the 1600s and has been toured and excavated since then. The tour was in German but one of the guests helped us out by translating some of the bits. While we were in Rubeland we had lunch at a cafe inside a ... read more
Marburg tower
Houses perched on the hillside
Lightening strike

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 13th 2010

Day 5 - Berlin on foot We started today a bit earlier (we set the alram), had a nice breakfast in the hotel (crepes made to order and as many croissants as we wanted), and met Chris and Kathy in the Lobby. The weather forecast called for scattered showers and much lower temperatures, around 85 degrees, so we planed to explore the east side of Berlin as well as some museums. as we left the hotel it started to shower so we grabbed a taxi over to the DDR museum. The DDR museum is a hands on history of life in East Berlin during the 60s, 70s and 80s. It had lots of information, objects to touch, and pictures to look at and was obviously quite popular. We spent about 45 minutes exploring the museum and ... read more
The building bricks
One woman currywurst stand
Checkpoint Charlie

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 12th 2010

Day 4 - Zipping around Berlin Our fourth day dawned bright and early... but we didn't see it. The curtains in the Ritz are very heavy, and we face west.. so we slept in till 10:30. We met up with Chris and Kathy for breakfast at a lovely cafe in the Sony center, and went out walking. It was hot, probably 95F, and near 100% humidity. We passed by several embassies, took pictures inside a McDonalds (for Kathy, and for the A/C), and stopped for water at a little pub by the river. We saw one of the many performing groups. This one had 5 or so people controlling a large puppet with sticks. He gave me a high-five. Then we made our way over to the Holocaust memorial (not the museum), which consisted of ... read more
Lost in the blocks
A what?

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 11th 2010

Ah, the AutoStadt, German for Auto City. Considering that until VW built it's plant here there was no town it's quite accurate. The grounds have several pavilions, most promoting VW brands of one kind or another, plus a vehicle museum and an art museum. Our first stop after breakfast this morning (a lovely but slightly confusing buffet, I learned the german word for strawberry and used it the rest of the trip) was the Zeithaus, a museum with the history of german and European cars as well as LOTS of German and European cars. They even had the One millionth beetle made at the plant. This is the point where I whished I read german beacuse all the fascinating history was in German, but that meant Tony didn't have to wait for me to read everything ... read more
It's a mini - mini
Parking Towers
Where's tony?

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Marburg July 10th 2010

We woke up early... the sun comes up way to early in this country (4am). While waiting for breakfast, we explored the castle some more, and snapped some photos. After a nice breakfast on the patio of the castle, we did a little more exploring, and found a door that led out onto the original castle ramparts. Anne was scared by a small german child who thought we were her friends. The Castle had a summer language camp with a dozen or so children. They were very energetic.. how fun!! We left the castle late morning, and stopped by a grocery store in Oberwesel. It was an interesting mix of familiar products (coke, evian and harblo), and lots of unfamiliar products. We were able to check out of the store without having to ask anyone if ... read more
Crazy Castle
Up on the ramparts
Fiary Tale Road -1

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Oberwesel July 10th 2010

Welcome to Germany After a late start out of Chicago and a uneventful flight we landed at the Frankfurt International Airport - Europe's largest airport. It's very large. we know this because we walked most of it looking for the car rental booths. Just to confuse things there were opposite ends of the airport. At least we got to stretch our legs after the flight. Once we got our car and started on the road it was learn by doing time for Tony, I'm glad I have not had to drive yet. Our first stop was Schonburg, a castle in Oberwessel along the Rhine, about 45 minutes from Frankfurt. It was a very picturesque place to relax after the flight and try to reset our internal clocks. the castle is on the ridge above the ... read more
Our Room
The Town ofOberwessel
Room Key

SNOW SNOW... lots of SNOW... and lots of water from all that melting SNOW. We started off at the Sandy Meadow trailhead a few miles east of Lake Alpine on Hwy 4. The first stretch of approx 1/3 a mile was clear, and beautiful. It was an uphill climb, which helped warm up our legs and our lungs. At about 1/3 mile in, we encountered our first snow drift.... certainly nor our last, or the largest, but it was a flavor of what was to come. We made a few discoveries in that first drift. First, it is difficult to find the trail on the other side, especially when the trees with the trail markers have fallen, or when the trail on the other side is covered by a small pond. Second, where the melting snow ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland December 3rd 2007

Today was a day to relax before we head home tomorrow. We found out that when you are not traveling at the height of tourist season, shops that cater to tourists do not open on Mondays. Breakfast was a collection of pastries and sausage rolls from a bakery in town before checking out and heading to the beaches. We managed to visit both the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea today, just to check out the differences. Both beaches were pretty flat with lots of sea shells and very little else. No seaweed and no creatures in the tide pools. We found one lonely hermit crab (with a really beautiful shell) on the Pacific Ocean beach. There were also some really great rocks. The waves were larger on the west coast (Tasman Sea) but that could ... read more
Random water pool

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland December 3rd 2007

Today we left Waitomo Caves for the Northland. We originally wanted to spend more time in this area since it's supposed to have the best beaches in all of New Zealand. Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated with us, it's been cloudy with periods of rain for the last few days and looks like it will continue. We'll visit the beaches tommorow but I don't think we'll be laying out in the sun. Our first stop today through is Sheep World. This visit has been high on Anne's list since we started looking into the trip. Where else in New Zealand can you see sheep sheared, see sheep dog demonstrations, feed numerous barnyard animals, including lambs, horses, pigs, ducks, chickens, deer, alpacas and eels (ok eels are not barnyard animals), and buy lots of souvieners. Apparently ... read more
Anne Lamb
Hamster at Sheepworld

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