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North America » United States » Missouri » Joplin July 9th 2012

I seems no matter how well we prepare, we never leave any earlier than 10 AM. Today we left Oklahoma city heading east and north through the rest of Oklahoma, a small bit of Kansas, and in to Joplin, Missouri. Our first stop today was Pops, a new addition to Route 66. It's a modern tourist trap boasting over 500 type of soda and has a 66 foot tall neon soda bottle out front. We all picked out some flavors to try. Michelle grabbed a lemonade, tony another root beer and Anne choose a Shirley Temple flavor as well as an original recipie Dr. Pepper. Not too far down the road was a sight from a differnt century, the largest Round Barn in Oklahoma. It has been lovinly restored by the local farmers and now houses ... read more
The hookups
Pops on Route 66
The Pops Entry

So far this has been a great trip. The twists and turns of Route 66 as well as the hidden suprises have been fun and exciting all along. Even so, the rest days Tony built into the trip have been wonderful. Today we slept in late and went to the waterpark. That's it. No cool historic places or facinating bridges. No science museums or monuments (of which there are many in Oklahoma City). Just pure fun and commercialism and we loved every minute of it. Tomorrow it's back to the road, leaving Oklahoma behind, cutting through a corner of Kansas, and heading into Missouri.... read more
Michelle's Space
Trailer-cooked meal

Today was a longish drive (280+ miles) from Amarillo to Oklahoma City. We decided not to try and leave super early, given the time change yesterday, so we did some laundry, rode bikes, played on the playground and left just before 10. We did not eat breakfast, other than a small snack, preferring not to cook in the heat. We thought that we would grab a bite at a restaurant right away. Turns out that our Route 66 path did not have a restaurant any time soon.. What the route did have is a few interesting diversions. At one point, they built an airport on top of the old route, so we had to go miles out of the way to pick the old road back up again. The road in this area is mostly original ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo July 6th 2012

Some days you just end up doing a lot more than normal. Today was one of those days. Thinking we had a short travel day today, we slept in, relaxed, rode bikes, did some laundry, and left Santa Rosa at 10:30 on our way to Amarillo. The driving was entirely on frontage roads, with an occasional freeway jaunt when necessary. As far as the actual driving, it was pretty dull.. just driving next to the freeway, though the scenery was nice. What really made today enjoyable were the side adventures that we decided to do. We passed the halfway point of Route 66 (YAY). There is some debate between 2 towns as to the exact halfway point. Since Route 66 alignments changed so drastically and so often, it is hard to say one is wrong or ... read more

After Albuquerque (or before depending on the direction you are traveling) there are two major alignments of Route 66. The earlier alignment goes north through Santa Fe before heading into Santa Rosa, NM while later alignments cut staight east. We decided to take the Santa Fe loop today and spend some time in the city. We were able to spend most of the trip on the backroads close to Route 66 today. The first feature of Route 66 we saw today was La Bajada (the descent in spanish). This was a major obstacle for early travelers on Route 66. The earilest path of Route 66 (before it was Route 66) went down this 500 ft volcanic escarpment at a 28% grade. It was improved in the early 1900s to have over 20 switchbacks and a more ... read more
Santa Fe Trail Marker
The Miracle Staircase
The Miracle Staircase without railings

We took a much needed day of rest today. The weather was hot and many places were closed for the holiday. We slept in and went to see a movie (Brave) in the morning. On the way to the movie we had to check out the world famous Alburquerque Holiday Inn (where the towels are oh so fluffy*). We made some friends with the people in the sites next to us and we all planned to see the fireworks at the balloon grounds later that night. As we were doing laundry, swimming and generally relaxing that afternoon, the dark clouds started to move in. By the time Michelle and Anne had cleaned up from thier swim, the wind had picked up and the weather alert station automatically turned on in the trailer. A major thunderstorm with ... read more
Here comes the rain
space for everyone
The world famous Alburquerque Holiday Inn

Today we actually made it out very early, drove 5 hours round trip through the Navajo nation to Four Corners (where we spent 30 minutes), took some fun pictures, browsed some native crafts, and Tony took a nice nap on the way back (and the way there). The scenery in the Navajo reservation is fantastic. There is a giant lava mountain in the middle of a big valley that is 2500 feet tall (basically, the throat of an extinct volcano, eroded around)... called Shiprock since it kind of looks like an old clipper ship if you squint right. After a quick trailer hookup and packing (during which time Michelle played and ran around), we headed off towards Albuquerque. We stopped at the Continental Divide, then took a neat drive on Route 66 for a short while. ... read more
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North America » United States » New Mexico » Gallup July 2nd 2012

We woke up at 6am, with a goal to depart by 8am. We even ate breakfast at the KOA kitchen (very good btw, and inexpensive). Alas, we didn't get out until 8:30 (which I still count as pretty good). We did NOT have to mess with the bike rack today other than to re-attach the rope that we had to remove for the tent end. Bike rack held up all day... that sound is Tony breathing a big sigh of relief. Our first stop was Meteor Crater. Already by the time we got there at about 10 it was 95 degrees. We went outside on the rim trails to get pictures and view the crater. Really neat stuff. Then we went in and enjoyed the museum (including a 20 minute not so great quality informational video). ... read more
Standing on a corner

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff July 1st 2012

Today we stayed in the same place in Flagstaff. This KOA is really nice.... crowded, but nice. We intended on leaving for our day's adventures at 9am, but didn't get out until 10:30. Anne drove about 50 minutes south (giving Tony a break) to Camp Verde where we explored the African wild animal park "Out of Africa". It was very cool... actually, very hot, but we liked it a lot. First we went on a safari tour to an area where they have giraffes, water buffalo, zebras, and all sorts of other African safari animals. Then we took the tram up to the snack shop in the middle of the reserve where you can walk freely around the outside of lots of habitats. We saw grizzly bears, lions, tigers, panthers, prarie dogs and lots of other ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff June 30th 2012

We started out a little earlier today (6:40) and so did the heat. It was over 90 degrees by the time we left the Needles KOA at 9:15. Tony repaired the bike rack again.. this time with 2 types of tape (one of them duct), locktite and a rope that the host was kind enough to give to us. It held up pretty well.. only a little vertical movement after a reasonably rough day of driving. On our way out of Needles, we stopped by the PGE plant near the I-40 bridge over the Colorado river. My uncle Paul is doing some work there to clean up the soil. We saw the old Route 66 bridge transformed as a pipe transport with all sorts of things hanging off of it. We also found a BIG ASS ... read more
Route 66

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