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July 1st 2012
Published: July 2nd 2012
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Today's preparation involved filling every water container we had with us..
Today we stayed in the same place in Flagstaff. This KOA is really nice.... crowded, but nice.
We intended on leaving for our day's adventures at 9am, but didn't get out until 10:30.

Anne drove about 50 minutes south (giving Tony a break) to Camp Verde where we explored the African wild animal park "Out of Africa". It was very cool... actually, very hot, but we liked it a lot. First we went on a safari tour to an area where they have giraffes, water buffalo, zebras, and all sorts of other African safari animals. Then we took the tram up to the snack shop in the middle of the reserve where you can walk freely around the outside of lots of habitats. We saw grizzly bears, lions, tigers, panthers, prarie dogs and lots of other animals. We then watched a crazy show where 5 people get in a pen with 2 full-grown tigers and chase them around, taunt them with toys, and get them to jump into a pool. Anne snapped a must-see picture of a pretty spectacular jump.

We got about 1/2 way through the park, and Anne began to melt (with Michelle and I not too

Michelle has many works (Montessori term) along with her in the car.
far behind). We decided to cut our visit short, but it was a great time. The brief pause in the air conditioned gift shop helped cool us down before we left too. When we got back to the car, we saw the temperature was 104... no wonder we were hot. We DID take about 4 quarts of water with us, drank it all, filled it back up, and drank it all again... it was just soooooo hot!

Given the heat, we decided to skip seeing any native american ruins... they all involved hiking, some of them strenuously. Instead we found, 3 blocks from the KOA, a place called the Aquaplex. It was an indoor pool/water park. one big pool, one kiddie area, a hot tub, a lazy river, a whirlpool and 2 very fast, dark, tube water slides (that Anne and Tony went down many times, but Michelle decided against).

We came back at about 6pm with plenty of time for showers, dinner, some fun activity and cleaning up for tomorrow's departure. We like this evening routine and will endeavor to be to our destination by 5PM every day from now on.

Tony's Trailering Tips

Yum, Carrots
- When you are in Arizona during monsoon season, make sure you close all the windows in your trailer.
Michelle's Musings - Some time at the pool is a nice way to end a hot day in Arizona.
Anne's Annecdotes - Anne's melting point is about 102 degrees!

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Forget carrots, I'll just reach my head in across the front of the tram and eat yummy cookies... don't mind me

One of the trainers taunted the tiger with a toy on a stick, then ran and jumped (with toy, not in shot) into the pool. Tiger followed!!!

Back at camp, 15 minutes to dinner... what to do?

Cooking, directing and talking to Mom.

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