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July 9th 2012
Published: July 10th 2012
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Oklahoma City KOAOklahoma City KOAOklahoma City KOA

Our shady spot at the OKC KOA
I seems no matter how well we prepare, we never leave any earlier than 10 AM. Today we left Oklahoma city heading east and north through the rest of Oklahoma, a small bit of Kansas, and in to Joplin, Missouri.

Our first stop today was Pops, a new addition to Route 66. It's a modern tourist trap boasting over 500 type of soda and has a 66 foot tall neon soda bottle out front. We all picked out some flavors to try. Michelle grabbed a lemonade, tony another root beer and Anne choose a Shirley Temple flavor as well as an original recipie Dr. Pepper.

Not too far down the road was a sight from a differnt century, the largest Round Barn in Oklahoma. It has been lovinly restored by the local farmers and now houses a collection of local artifacts and some really great historians. We had a lot of fun listening to one of them tell about the area and the barn.

Further down the road we stopped at the Rock Cafe for lunch. This is a classic cafe that was reopened in the 90's by a woman who had plans to open a restaurant in
The hookupsThe hookupsThe hookups

Water pointing directly at the electrical does not seem like a good idea to me.
the islands but instead got talked into taking over this one. It was one of the stops the PIXAR team made when researching Route 66 for Cars and the owner is the inspiration for the caracter of Sally. While we were there, one of those sudden midwest storms broke. It only lasted 5 minutes but it rained really heavily for those 5 minutes.

Or next stop was the Blue Whale. An old swimming hole and picknic spot that has a dock out to the middle of the pond that looks like a whale. You could slide into the water from the side or jump off it's tail. There was also an ark that was falling down that used to house a menagerie.

Just before the state line we stopped at a park that had some really tall concrete totem poles built in the early 40s. The area native americans are not known for making Totem poles, it was just one man's contirbution to the local folk art.

We passed through the state line on an old alignment of Route 66 into Kansas, sampled 3 towns and then headed into Joplin, MO. At the KOA Michelle got a
Pops on Route 66Pops on Route 66Pops on Route 66

A bit more impressive at night
chance to feed some really tame ducks and some REALLY big catfish.

Tomorrow is another long drive to Pacific, MO near Saint Louis.

Tony's Trailering Tip - When traveling Route 66, the milage that google tells you is much less that the distance you will really travel.

Michelle's Musings - Fizzy drinks are actually pretty good.

Anne's Annecdotes - Clarity is the most important quality in a navigator.

Additional photos below
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The Pops EntryThe Pops Entry
The Pops Entry

The glass walls are decorated with thousands of pop bottles
Sodas from PopsSodas from Pops
Sodas from Pops

Everything is in glass bottles, of course
The Round BarnThe Round Barn
The Round Barn

Really well restored
Private MomentPrivate Moment
Private Moment

Tony demonstrates the use of that small building behind the barn
Phun with PhysicsPhun with Physics
Phun with Physics

Tony demonstrates that the sky hook can be used anywhere.
Early BillboardsEarly Billboards
Early Billboards

The adds for these cavers were once all over the route. We'll see them tomorrow.
Protection from aliensProtection from aliens
Protection from aliens

We saw this random silvered dome on the side of the road. We have no idea what it's for.
Downtown small town USADowntown small town USA
Downtown small town USA

Most of the old downtown areas on route 66 in Oklahoma looked like this.
The Rock CafeThe Rock Cafe
The Rock Cafe

A great cafe with character and a little German flair to the menu.
Cars related photo opCars related photo op
Cars related photo op

There is some neat memorabilia inside too.
Arkansa RiverArkansa River
Arkansa River

Really low right now.
the Blue Whalethe Blue Whale
the Blue Whale

Reminds me of Pinocchio
The Blue Whale sideThe Blue Whale side
The Blue Whale side

You can see the sliade and diving platform.
The Old ArkThe Old Ark
The Old Ark

a road side attraction that won't last too much longer.
Navigation toolsNavigation tools
Navigation tools

an ipod, two guidebooks, and an atlas...don't forget he hot spot to run the ipod.
The Top Hat Dairy BarThe Top Hat Dairy Bar
The Top Hat Dairy Bar

Those wild and crazy mi-westerners know how to live it up
the Totem Polethe Totem Pole
the Totem Pole

I really like this perspective shot
Foyiled againFoyiled again
Foyiled again

On our second trip through Foyil I had to grab a shot of this cafe.

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