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Today was another day of rest and relaxation. We slept in, had all you can eat pancakes at the outdoor kitchen, and explored the KOA. Michelle did the camp scavenger hunt that took us all over the campground on our bikes. She also bought a bag of dirt to use at the sluice. There were all sorts of crystals and stones buiried in the dirt and sand. she had a great time washing through it and picking out her treasures. Tony and Michelle signed up for a trail ride on Saturday morning and everyone signed up for the chuck wagon dinner on Saturday night. We ate (way too much) pizza and ice cream for lunch while waiting for the laundry to finish. Later that night it finally cooled off and we sat outside playing Equate - ... read more
Ready to explore
Scavenger Hunt
Moving Day.

Up and gone before 8 again today. Since we were so close to our next stop we decidied to see the caverns at Wind Cave National Park. The park has a really neat history. The caverns are some of the most complex in the world with the largest extent of boxwork structures ever found. They are also the 5th longest with over 100 miles of mapped tunnels on three levels all within 1 square mile. The tour was nice and cool (52 degrees) and the walking was good exercise. About 20 miles down the road we stopped at the Crazy Horse Memorial. The undertaking is huge and the video about the process was very interesting. There were no explosons while we were there but watching the crews work from a distance was quite interesting. The memorial ... read more
Scenery change
Crazy Horse Monument

North America » United States » South Dakota » Martin July 17th 2012

Another get up and go day. We are starting to really get the hang of these partial set-ups and were on the road by 8. Breakfast was our first stop in Newton. Another nice local cafe in the heart of Republican territory. The conversations we overheard were very interesting. There's not a lot of interesting things between Newton and our next stop, Yankton, IA. The roads were pretty good too. We made really good time and pulled into Yankton around 3 PM. It was 104 degrees out and there was NO shade in the KOA. Confronted with the choice of setting up in the heat and then sitting in the air conditioned trailer for the rest of the day or sitting in the air-conditioned car and making some miles, we chose the later. 3 hours later ... read more
We've got worms!
Silos - not just for grain anymore
Welcome to South Dakota

North America » United States » Iowa » Newton July 16th 2012

Some how the stars aligned and we were all cheerful this morning. We were up, breakfasted, packed and on the road by 8 AM. We crossed the border into Iowa at about 11 and stopped in Iowa city for lunch at a local cafe. Iowa city is a college town and there was lots of college flavor at the cafe. Lunch was tasty and so was the chocolate, bourbon pecan pie. Michelle asked what it tasted like. Anne's response was "a candy bar". Michelle tried a bite and then raced Anne to finish the slice. Newton, IA has a great looking race track and we just missed a NASCAR truck series event there this past weekend. We got in early enough to relax and hit the pool a couple of times before dinner and bed. Durring ... read more
Welcome to Iowa
Lunch in Iowa City

North America » United States » Illinois » Woodstock July 15th 2012

The solar charger gave the car enough juice this morning to turn on the clock radio, but not enough to turn over the ignition. A jump from one of our neighbors got us started in time to head out to Schwamburg for an oil change, a Jamba Juice and an early dinner at Medieval Times. We sat in the front row and rooted for the Red and Yellow knight. Part of the expirence is eating dinner without utensils. Michelle was a little hesitant at first but ended up trying everything but the dessert. The server had "dragon" names for most of the dishes; Dragon Breath Soup (tomato soup), Roast Baby Dragon (tastes like chicken), Dragon Fingers (spare ribs). The show was good and even though our knight did not win he did give Michelle one of ... read more
Ready for the show
Honored by the knight
Lego Einstein

North America » United States » Illinois » Woodstock July 14th 2012

Today, we did much of nothing. We were so exhausted by the trip so far, that we just needed a day of pure rest. We did a lot of camp things (mini-golf, a lot of swimming, hay ride, flashlight candy search, laundry.) We have decided to extend our trip one day and drop through Colorado to visit friends and relatives, so Tony spent a few hours re-planning and making/cancelling reservations. The KOA here in Union, IL is pretty nice. 100% of the sites are full, and it does not feel crowded. Other than the wild west theme park next door, complete with it's roller coaster and occasional shootouts, plus live (bad) music... the park is pretty quiet. Michelle took up with a group of girls and has been running all over the campsite. We enjoyed a ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Woodstock July 13th 2012

Today was our last day on Route 66 (for this trip). We knew it was going to be a long day, so last night we did our 90% preparation plan, and it worked. We woke up at 6:20 (alarm) and left the park at about 7:30. We did not eat breakfast, and instead headed straight for the Charlie Parker's diner, recommended to us by some neighbors (who we shared our fire with). The diner was fantastic. It looked like an old quansa hut (and probably was) on he outside. Inside it was decked out in tons of memorabilia. There were about 30 tables, reasonably crowded and it was somewhat loud, but the menu was amazing, and the food very affordable. We opted for their famous 18" pancake (just one) and a side of ham (you know, ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Springfield July 12th 2012

The actual distance from Pacific, MO to Springfield, IL is short, the drive time was not as short as we anticipated. We were on the road by 10:30 after some swimming and cooling off and St. Louis was the next town. Our first stop was Dewy's Frozen custard, a Route 66 tradition. What makes it frozen custard and not ice cream? It's been cooked! Which means Anne and Michelle can eat it without worrying about lactose :). since we had not done lunch yet, we only shared a small treat. It was the consistancy of soft serve but much creamier. As the server handed it to us she turned it upside down. Apparently that's to show that the custard is so thick and frozen it sticks to the bowl. Or next stop was Fitz's American Grill ... read more
Frozen Custard
Custard before lunch?
St. Louis Archetecture.

North America » United States » Missouri » Pacific July 11th 2012

Today was another day off. We had a relaxing morning doing laundry, swimming in the pool, reading books and hanging out. At about 11, we went to Six Flags Saint Luis. You can consider our family to be Disney people. You might go so far as to call us Disney snobs, and you would not be far off the mark. We realized this, and we decided to go into Six Flags with an open mind. The park tickets were cheaper, but there were so many add-ons and extras on the website and we didn't know anything about the parks. We decided just to pay at the gate. (turns out we did get a deal because some nice person gave us a coupon right before the ticket counter). Then the gouging started. First $18 for parking (not ... read more
Ruh Ro

North America » United States » Missouri » Pacific July 10th 2012

As we get closer to Chicago, the better marked Route 66 is. It also seems to have fewer preserved bits. We were able to follow most of the final alignment through Missouri with a few side trips on to earlier alignments. With the final alignment still in use, most of the rural alignmens have not been maintained. We even ran into a few closed roads where "Old Route 66" was being repaired. Missouri uses a base 26 system for naming county roads. We drove on roads called A, AT, OO, KK, ZZ, CC, AH and crossed others making interesting combinations on the road signs. Most of the day was spent navigating from one town to the next, meandering back and forth over I-44. We saw some great old towns, nice back roads and a few bits ... read more
Not in the Guide book
Buy a bagful!
Alphabet Soup

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