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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 14th 2014

Day 4 – Central Park (and travel) Our flight was not scheduled until the afternoon. We made a real effort to get up and get packed this morning so we could spend a little more time in Central Park before checkout. We walked over to the south end of Central Park and hired a horse drawn carriage for a 20 min ride. Michelle saw a neat gazebo she wanted to look at closer so afterwards we walked a small loop in the park to check it out, eat some ice cream and climb some more rocks. The trip to the airport was fun. We went through Long Island and saw some manufacturing centers and some old neighborhoods. The flight to Seattle was long, bumpy but ultimately uneventful. Michelle enjoyed the in seat entertainment and Tony and ... read more
Nice horse
Look Ma!  No Hands!
The View

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 13th 2014

Day 3 – South and North The subway took us all the way to Battery Park this morning. A quick round of standing in line and we were on our way to liberty island. The ferry ride was short and scenic. We didn’t have tickets to go up to the pedestal or into the crown but we were able to walk around and see the statue from several angles. We had lunch on the island and boarded the ferry to Ellis Island. There we walked through an interesting exhibit on the patterns of immigration in to the united states up to the mid-20th century. We also went through the registration room. It was a great big hall that used to be filled with hundreds of wooden benches. Michelle and Tony took a moment to rest their ... read more
Lady Liberty
Old and new
SNAKE in the park

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 12th 2014

Day 2 – Uptown New York After a refreshing night’s sleep we headed out to explore NYC. Breakfast was easy to come by across the street from our hotel. Afterwards we headed to Broadway to see if we could snag some tickets to Matilda. We ended up with some nice tickets to a matinee. While we waited for the musical we headed out on the subway to the north end of central park. Michelle was able to discover how the subway makes the ground vibrate and even found some rocks to scramble across. Matilda was a great show and we highly recommend it to anyone headed out to NY. After the show we walked by the stage door and Michelle got to meet the 10 year old actress who played Matilda. She was very nice and ... read more
Life's a scramble
Why Build a Fort

This year our vacations will be all about exploring major cities around the world. We are starting with New York and Seattle. Day 1 - Getting the Band Back Together Michelle spent the last week with her class in Washington DC, so our first part of the journey was spent traveling out to meet her. Tony picked Anne up at school and after convincing several of Anne’s students they were too big to either fit in a carry-on we headed up to the Bay Area. After Checking out Brian and Cathy’s new digs and a great dinner on Historic Murphy’s street, we made our way to SFO and our red eye to DC. One plane trip and a taxi ride later we met up with Michelle at her hotel. She was staying with her teacher, a ... read more
Times Suare at Dusk
American Girl Overload

North America » United States » California » Petaluma July 25th 2012

Today we set a record. Up at 6:30, out of the campground by 7:20, including a shower. It helps we were still on Mountain time (so it felt later) and we did a 97% setup last night. We ate at a nice diner in Ely. The decor was modern camoflage. It was quite busy... we think much busier than they expected. After about 15 minutes, a new lady showed up to wait tables to asssit the obviously harried solo waitress that was there to start with. We left Ely and headed out into the Nevada mountain and desert passes. Lots of passes here also, and the gasoline problem became intolerable to the point where we drove with our windows down the entire way (it was near 90 degrees). Leaving Ely, we shared the road with a ... read more
Michelle's solution to the glare
One of the support trailers for the bicyclists.

North America » United States » Nevada » Ely July 24th 2012

This morning, we succeeded in being on the road by 8:15 (which included breakfast and drying some towels and clothes that had been... umm... left out in the rain yesterday). We passed (again) the continental divide and copper mountain and continued to drive eastward. Just before Copper, our Van turned 200,000 miles (yay). We stopped and took the obligitory pictures, which we plan to send to Toyota! As were were climbing the hills, which were usually at a 6% - 8% grade, we discovered the downside of carrying extra gas. As we climbed, the gas cannister expanded and then out-gassed INTO the car, which filled the car with fumes. On pretty much every major uphill, we now need to open the windows to vent the fumes. By the way, Western Utah and Eastern nevada have a ... read more
Bye Colorado
Hi Utah

Last night we went to sleep early, slept in until 7am and had a Reagan French Toast breakfast that couldn't be beat. After saying farewell to our friends, we headed off towards the Rocky Mountains West of Denver. On they way, We opted to drive through Longmont, where Tony's uncle used to live. Not a lot has changed in the last 25 years, and the town looks just as lovely as ever. Tony didn't know the address, but recognized some landmarks as we drove through, and guessed which neighborhood the house was in. (later, he verified that he was right). We chose to go side-streets to avoid Denver traffic, and turned onto I-70 just before it started to climb into the mountains. The Rocky mountains are beautiful, and big. In sharp contrast to the gradual buildup ... read more
KOA Denver West
Michelle bungee

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins July 22nd 2012

Last night, as we were going to bed, the next storm came in. WOW. Tony estimates that there were, on average, a dozen bolts of lightening per second. We have video of the approach of that storm which we will attempt to upload. We tried to watch "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". The continuous thunder was so loud that we could not hear the movie at all. We opted to go to bed early. Michelle was really scared by the storm (which had increased to nearly 2 dozen bolts per second) so we all cuddled and finally fell asleep. The storm lasted nearly 4 hours at that intensity before finally clearing. This morning, when we woke up, it was like the scene in "Independence Day" when Will Smith's character wakes up and sees all the ... read more
Worth It
Fire Camp

Tony and Michelle had an early trail ride this morning to avoid the worst of the heat. Little did we know it was not the heat we needed to avoid today. This morning was taken up with trail rides and massages. Tony and Anne each had a 90 min massage and by the time lunch was finished, Michelle and Tony were ready to go drown some worms. in the pond. They had a great time, lost a lot of worms but didn't catch any fish ... unless they were self releasing fish. The big adventure for the night was a chuckwagon dinner and cowboy show. We rode out to the dinner site in covered wagons pulled by some draft horses. It took about 30 minutes to get to the dinner site. Michelle got to sit up ... read more
Tony on Elk
Michelle on Chubby

Another hot day for us today so we were up and going a little earlier than normal. Our first stop was Mount Rushmore. Tony has wanted to go there and walk the Presidential Trail ever since seeing it on "The Amazing Race". There were many nice views of the monument from all over the park. The comparisons between Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore are inevitable. The scale of Crazy Horse is immense but the work done for Mount Rushmore is awe inspiring as well. Like Crazy Horse the sculptor of Mount Rushmore died before it was completed and due to the start of WWII it was never finished. After spending some time (and eating lunch) at the monument we headed south to Custer State Park. The park has a great scenic drive through it and we ... read more
Contemplation...or just resting?
Pig tail Bridge
tunnel warning

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