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Day 8 - A Grand Day Out We started our day with a drive north towards Buxton. Over the years we've been to many caves and try to go caving on every trip. This trip we added Poole's Cavern to the list. It's a cave with a long history of use from the early Brittons and Romans to highwaymen and thieves. Tours have been led there since the 1600s. The cave is still being formed and regularly has a river running through it. Fortunately for us, the area has been having a bit of a dry spell and the river was down to a trickle. There was on formation at the end of the tour that normally had water running over it. since it was dry today we could see the beautiful patterns and the sparkling ... read more
Finally a good one
It's dead Jim

Day 7 - A Down Day Today we slept in, by a lot. It's nice to not have any plans. After checking out the welcome meeting we headed into the local village of Alrewas. Before leaving the US we watched a video on Amazon about the Canal Boats of England. They seem to be a lot like motorhomes or houseboats but they move along the old canals that were once used to transport materials. There are many locks on the canals and that seems to be the main challenge of traveling this way. As we were driving around Alrewas looking for a place to eat we came across a lock with a boat travelling through. Everything was very old and hand cranked. It was pretty neat to watch. The people we watched going through the lock ... read more
A little Laundry
Opening the gates
Up it goes

Day 6 - A Drive down Memory Lane After checking out of The Christopher Wren Hotel in Windsor we grabbed a rental car and headed north to the Midlands. On the way we stopped at St Albans and looked around town, including the protected ruins of an ancient nunnery. Next, we swung by Campton and Chicksands. Campton is a very small, don't blink you'll miss it, community near Luton and Bedford. Chicksands was a RAF base that specialized in combined US and UK intelligence missions in the 50s through 90s. Tony lived there while his Dad was stationed in England during the 80s. We stopped at Campton Lower School where Tony went to school. He told Michelle all about his time there and we walked around back and looked at the playground behind the school. Afterwards, ... read more
Ooowwwwww (wolf sounds)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 21st 2014

Day 5 - London Calling We are finally caught up to local time. A early start, before many of the restaurants were open, saw us into London at Paddington Station before 9AM. Our first stop was King's Cross station, Platform 9 3/4. We all tried our hand at getting onto the platform. From there, we jumped on the tour Bus to Trafalgar Square, wandered over the Thames a few times, and stopped for a meat pie lunch at the Red Lion across from Downing Street. Afterwards we headed to see the Cabinet War Rooms from WWII. The line was so long we decided to wait until another time. We walked through St. James Park and saw a great variety of bird life. From there we climbed aboard the tour bus at Piccadilly Circus. The bus was ... read more
Muggles are so oblivious to the magic all around them.
No Death Eaters in sight
Big Ben...

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 20th 2014

Day 4 - We've Got a Ticket to Ride A better night's sleep had us waking up at 10:30 and heading into downtown Windsor again for lunch with some friends at another pub, the King and castle. The menu showed how multinational this area can be with items from many parts of the world. After lunch we headed to the train station and worked our way by rail into London. We saw countryside and city out our windows. We even saw a fox being harassed by a crow at one stop. The train ride gave some of us a chance to take a little nap. After one transfer we made it to Victoria Station and walked towards Buckingham Palace. We spent some time getting oriented and then decided to get a two day hop-on/hop-off bus tour ... read more
Oooo... Nice Car
Which Way do we go George?
Trains Make Michelle Slee....

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor June 20th 2014

Day 3 - Exploring Windsor We did't make it through the night. We were all up for about 3 hours around 2 AM and then slept in until 9:30. After breakfast at the Chocolate Cafe we headed to Windsor Castle to watch the changing of the guard. A group of the Guard march through Windsor from their barracks to the castle where there is a guard changing ceremony. We watched from the street and then got tickets to tour the castle and grounds. The castle is huge and only a few parts are accessible on the tour. It still took us 3 hours to see everything we wanted to see. Two of the highlights are Queen Mary's dollhouse and the special papers collection. The dollhouse was designed as a showcase of the Queen's collection of miniatures ... read more
All shagged out after a long squack
Beer and Horses?
Windsor Selfie

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor June 18th 2014

Day 1 and 2 - Don't Go to Sleep We set off for England Tuesday afternoon. The trip took over 14 hours between the flight from SLO to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to London and then from the airport to Windsor. Michelle enjoyed the variety of in-flight movies. By the time we reached the hotel, it was 2PM, local time on Wednesday. We are staying at the Christopher Wren Hotel in Windsor, right on the Thames. Our room even looks out over the river. We checked in and tried to avoid sleeping until a reasonable time. Looking for something to eat, we stopped at the cafe across the street. The Chocolate Theater Cafe has over 25 different types of hot chocolate, including the American hot chocolate (with marshmallows), the penultimate hot chocolate, the ultimate hot ... read more
Pillow fight in row 44
Hamster settles in for some tunes
the UK Border

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 17th 2014

Day 7 – Stand back, I’m going to try Science! Once more, Tony sacrificed himself on the altar of work while Michelle and Anne explored Seattle. They started out with every intention of getting to the Pacific Science Center at 10. First stop was another breakfast of pastries, this time with Tony. Then they set off for the monorail to take them to The Seattle Center. On the way Anne and Michelle discovered Marbles, a toy store full of science and thinking games, toys, books, music and gadgets. Every item in the store had a working example out to play with and try. Much time was spent in the store. Anne resisted mightily and didn’t buy anything, yet. There’s always tomorrow. They finally made it to the monorail, Michelle sat up front and got to honk ... read more
Squashed Dino
A replica of the Enigma Machine used by the Germans in WWII

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 16th 2014

Day 6 – Doin’ Nothin’ The gray and rainy morning drove Michelle and Anne’s desire to stay in and relax for a day. After Tony went off to the office, Anne and Michelle ventured across the street to get some oatmeal and pastries. The oatmeal was good but the still warm croissants were the best part. Michelle had been thinking about how to build a carousel in Minecraft since she saw the one in Central Park. She spent the morning working on it. They went to meet Tony and some coworkers for lunch at Portage Bay near the offices. Portage Bay serves breakfast all-day and has some fabulous food but the best part is the topping bar for the pancakes, waffles and French toast. It has a huge mound of whipped cream, bowls full of berries ... read more
Pretty Nails
Dance, Baby, Dance!

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 15th 2014

Day 5 – Michelle’s sense of direction is better than Anne’s Tony left for work and Michelle and Anne had to find something to do. They finally settled on a movie and the Zoo. Finding the theater was eventful. Just remember, in cities, what you are looking for is often above you. Michelle made many suggestions about where to turn and was always right. After the movie (Rio 2) and a quick lunch at Subway, Michelle and Anne headed out to the Woodland Park Zoo a short bus ride north of Downtown Seattle. Michelle wanted to feed the birds in the aviary and see the snow that was brought in for the grizzly bears’ 20th birthday. Most of the animals were eating and settling in for the night. We saw he river otters in their den, ... read more
Bird on a Stick
Da Bear is Cool
Pie, Chicken Pot

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