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Day 1 - Atascadero, CA to Kingman, AZ We left the house only a little later than planned and started heading east. Once we hit Barstow CA, we did a lot of reminiscing about our Route 66 Trip 4 years ago. If you are interested in that trip, read it's blog . Our goal today was Kingman, AZ. These first few days will be mostly driving as we try to get to somewhere we haven't been before. The highlight of the day was stopping for lunch at a Long John Silver's in Barstow where Tony created a perfectly beautiful ketchup cup for Anne. The KOA in Kingman, AZ is very nice if you are headed out that way. we set-up camp, hit the pool, made dinner, and relaxed with a few games. Day 2 - Kingman, ... read more
Standing on the corner in 2012
Packing up
And we're off!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading July 13th 2014

Day 27 - Who needs a map? After breakfast and checking out of our hotel we headed west to Ruislip, a community that Tony found that is within easy travel to the offices in London. Unfortunately we found out that Anne's Phone stopped receiving Data some time in the last few days and the map didn't work anymore. We had to navigate the old fashioned way, using road signs. Tony's good memory and Anne's sharp eye got us in the right direction and we found Ruislip without too much difficulty. It's a nice town with some interesting areas, definitely a possibility. Next it was on to Reading for lunch very Kindly hosted by Ben and Katie. Tony had worked with Ben last time he was in Windsor. They have two children Michelle's age that are just ... read more
A short walk down the road

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 12th 2014

Day 26 - Behind the scenes Today was dedicated to a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio where they made the Harry Potter Movies. We snagged some tickets and transportation from London even after the direct sales were sold out. The tour was set up so that you progressed from the indoor sets through some props and special effects, past the outdoor sets (and the Butterbeer), through the creature shop, by the models and out through the gift shop. They estimate 3 hours for the tour but we could have spent all day there. We also had a audio guide that gave a bunch more information as we went along. Anne's favorite part was seeing all the details worked into the sets. Michelle really enjoyed the creature shop where we saw the Monster Book of Monsters, ... read more
Not just any bus,
We've arrived

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Kensington July 11th 2014

Day 25 - London Revisited After a good night's sleep we headed to the London Eye. The rain made sure the lines were much more reasonable and we had tickets for the first revolution. The view was great and the digital guides in the cars were pretty neat. The rain let up a bit by the time we finished our ride and we set out for the playground Michelle had spotted from the London Eye. We spent a good half hour there as Michelle climbed and swung on the structure. we finally headed out when a couple of school groups descended on the playground. Next we headed back on the tube to the north side of London and Abbey Road Studios. Anne really wanted a picture like the famous Beatles album cover. There were some enterprising ... read more
A good view
Eye, Eye!
Ropes and Logs

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Tulla July 10th 2014

Day 24 - Back in the UK We packed up this morning and said goodbye to the cows and our bucolic time in the county Clare countryside. We drove back to Dublin under gray skies and the threat of rain. It held off until we got the car back to the rental location and then decided to pour. Our trip through Heathrow was much better this time and we made our way back into London and the Royal Gardens Hotel by 6PM. A very nice hotel with a great location thanks to our Disney (DVC) points. Our room has a postcard picture view over Hyde park and Kensington palace. The staff was very welcoming, and even had a goodie bag for Michelle with puzzles and a brownie. When we turned on our TV, it greeted us ... read more
Ready to Check Luggage
Wide Load
Hotel View

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Doolin July 9th 2014

Day 23 - Aran Islands - A trip back in time We started the morning with a good breakfast and some laundry before heading to the west coast and the ferry to the Aran Islands. Anne really wanted to see the islands and the nearby Cliffs of Moher, the home of millions of nesting seabirds. The Aran Islands are 3 islands off the west coast of Ireland near Doolin. The largest only has a population of 900 people. Ferries regularly travel between the islands and the mainland but the 30 min crossing can be quite rough. Today was a "mild" day but still provided a bit of chop and rocking. The ferries were nothing like the ferries across the SF Bay, being much smaller. Michelle and Tony enjoyed standing in the bow watching the waves and ... read more
Ready to Depart
Look!  Jellyfish
Irish Pub

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Ennis July 8th 2014

Day 22 - Wet Caves, Wet Us Today, we decided to explore the area. We first visited Crag Cave, a million year old cave that was discovered in 1983. They are very sure no human has been there before since you had to go 500m into another small cave, then do a 12m dive through a narrow underwater passage to get there, and there are no other entrances. The cave is nearly 2 miles long with 3 distinct passages. The guide was very good, explaining how they can tell the ages of different sections, how the cave was formed, some of the chemistry behind the formations, and some of the history. The most unique thing about this cave is that it is the least disturbed tour cave (or cave of any sort, really) we have ever ... read more
Really into his work
Going Down
Things that make you go Hrmm.

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Ennis July 7th 2014

Day 21 - Day Off We really didn't do anything at all today. Anne and Michelle walked, Michelle and Anne watched movies and Anne and Tony read... all day long. Oh, and we listened to the cows and watched them eat the grass and trees 2 feet from our windows. It was glorious.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Ennis July 6th 2014

Day 20 - Pre Pre History We started off with a really nice breakfast at our Bed and Breakfast (Greengates in Blackrock, Ireland). The hosts were very friendly, and they had a girl about Michelle's age who sat and had breakfast with us. Another American family was staying there tonight as well, and it turns out that they lived in Arroyo Grande until 2 years ago. Small World! Michelle got to spend an hour playing with the host's daughter, including some fancy free time in an Irish rain shower. After saying goodbye and exchanging emails and pen-pal promises, we headed towards a neolithic site nearby. Bru na Boinne is a collection of passage tombs (3 big ones) built thousands of years before Stonehenge and the Pyramids. We were very impressed with the engineering work that went ... read more
When in Ireland
Fashion First
Pretty River

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 5th 2014

Day 19 - Hurry up and wait Concerned about the cancelled flights, and their affect on our travel, we headed off a bit early to the Orly Airport and were pleasantly surprised to find a light security line and empty gates. We found our flight just fine in Orly with only the expected number of security measures, but our connecting flight in Heathrow was a bit of a nightmare. We took a 20 min tram, went through the border at least twice, had biometrics taken, stopped at customs, walked for 15 more minutes, biometrics one more time, then walked for a final 10 minutes before reaching our gate, to find the plane was delayed. This was fortunate after all the lines we stood and Tony was able to read some more to Michelle. Once we finally ... read more
Hamster Pod
Leaving France

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