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July 11th 2014
Published: July 11th 2014
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New FriendNew FriendNew Friend

Michelle was given a welcome pack at the hotel. This cute guy, as yet unnamed, was inside.
Day 25 - London Revisited

After a good night's sleep we headed to the London Eye. The rain made sure the lines were much more reasonable and we had tickets for the first revolution. The view was great and the digital guides in the cars were pretty neat. The rain let up a bit by the time we finished our ride and we set out for the playground Michelle had spotted from the London Eye. We spent a good half hour there as Michelle climbed and swung on the structure. we finally headed out when a couple of school groups descended on the playground. Next we headed back on the tube to the north side of London and Abbey Road Studios. Anne really wanted a picture like the famous Beatles album cover. There were some enterprising people who would take your photo for a price, either using your camera or their professional one. After that it was time for a snack and to decide where to go next. We were near regents park so we started walking through it. We found a couple of different playgrounds that Michelle approved of and spent some time at each. After that we caught
A good viewA good viewA good view

no matter where you are.
the tube again and went to find the ruin of a Roman amphitheater discovered in central London. The ruins were discovered as they were digging down to expand an existing museum. Now they are part of a permanent exhibit on the bottom floor of the museum. We were very lucky to be there at the same time as an archaeologist. He had some Roman artifacts found throughout London set out for people to touch and ask questions about. It was really fascinating. By the time we finished with the exhibit we were ready for an early dinner before Tony headed out to meet some Amazon folks from the local office. Anne and Michelle took the tube to the British Museum to see the exhibit of Ancient Egyptian artifacts and the special exhibit on how they use CAT scans to look inside mummies. They both really enjoyed the visit. The museum is huge and most of the main halls are free with only the special exhibits costing a small fee. It would take many trips to see everything they have. A tube ride later (and a stop for some dessert) Michelle and Anne were back at the hotel to borrow some
Eye, Eye!Eye, Eye!Eye, Eye!

All aboard the London Eye.
scooters and helmets. They scooted next door over to Kensington Park to check out the Princess Diana Memorial Playground there. It closed at 7:30 so they were too late (by quite a bit) but Michelle thought it look worth coming back to tomorrow. Tired and sweaty, Michelle and Anne made their way back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow we head off for the Harry Potter Tour of Warner Bros. Studios.

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Ropes and LogsRopes and Logs
Ropes and Logs

London playgrounds seem to involve a lot of climbing and challenging pieces.
And Ringo!And Ringo!
And Ringo!

We seem to be missing a Beatle
Graffiti Graffiti

People have singed just about anything around Abby Road Studios. Some of it looks pretty good but some goes a little too far.
Abbey Road StudiosAbbey Road Studios
Abbey Road Studios

It looks a bit run down these days.
Another PlaygroundAnother Playground
Another Playground

this one was near a Mosque and we could hear the chanting as we walked by.
Serious selfieSerious selfie
Serious selfie

It takes lots of concentration to take selfies as good as this one.
Keep on smilingKeep on smiling
Keep on smiling

No really, that's the name of this rose. Anne really liked the color, and the scent.
Nice jobNice job
Nice job

A memorial to the gardeners that keep all these parks fabulous.
Roman historyRoman history
Roman history

Tony and Michelle enjoyed talking to the presenter.
The British MuseumThe British Museum
The British Museum

too big for just one visit. Pretty neat that it is mostly free.
Rosetta stoneRosetta stone
Rosetta stone

unfortunately it's not the level 1 disc.
3, 2, 1...Scoot!3, 2, 1...Scoot!
3, 2, 1...Scoot!

Anne and Michelle ready to scoot off into the sunset. It's only 9 PM so they still have time.

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