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July 5th 2014
Published: July 6th 2014
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We did not get a picture of the room, but the size of the elevator might give you some idea of how much we had to stuff ourselves in. It was fine.. we actually enjoyed being so close after 2 lodgings that were so separate.
Day 19 - Hurry up and wait
Concerned about the cancelled flights, and their affect on our travel, we headed off a bit early to the Orly Airport and were pleasantly surprised to find a light security line and empty gates. We found our flight just fine in Orly with only the expected number of security measures, but our connecting flight in Heathrow was a bit of a nightmare. We took a 20 min tram, went through the border at least twice, had biometrics taken, stopped at customs, walked for 15 more minutes, biometrics one more time, then walked for a final 10 minutes before reaching our gate, to find the plane was delayed. This was fortunate after all the lines we stood and Tony was able to read some more to Michelle. Once we finally made it to Dublin, we got in line behind a vacationing Italian clan of at least 20 trying to rent several cars. We finally left the car hire lot almost 2 hours after we landed. When we were picking up the keys we did find a fellow traveler in need of a ride to the town next to the one we were headed to. We
Hamster PodHamster PodHamster Pod

Hamster checking out the iPod on our flight. Plants vs. Zombies anyone?
gave her a ride to her mother's house and found our way to the B&B on the coast where we are staying tonight. The lovely seaside town of Blackrock has a very shallow beach that grows very long with the outgoing tide. Where, in California, the water would be 15 feet deep with surfers, in Blackrock there was about 15 inches with frolickers. We ate at the Rock House pub and had our first Irish food (very delicious), and then headed to an award winning park/playground around the corner. Rain and wind chased us back indoors and Michelle got some kid time with the host's youngest daughter (which means hours of Disney programming, Ice Cream and popcorn). Tomorrow we head for some Neolithic ruins and then south to our cottage in County Clare.

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Leaving FranceLeaving France
Leaving France

They said this was a place to kiss!

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