World Cities Tour - Spring Break Edition - Day 18

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July 4th 2014
Published: July 6th 2014
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Day 18 - PARIS in the Rain
A bit of rain and a late start to the day had us missing breakfast all together this morning. We ventured into the city around lunchtime and found a cafe to eat at just as the next round of rain started. By the time we finished, so had the rain. We started toward Notre Dame Cathedral but by the time we got there the crowds were so big we just looked at the outside. There was a man who had coaxed a flock of sparrows to each from his hand and would set up tourists so that the birds would come to them too. We tried to get them to eat from us too but failed. From Notre Dame we tried to find the catacombs but got lost and found the Luxemburg Gardens instead. The huge central fountain had a bunch of kids floating toy sailboats across it. Michelle got her own and spent a happy half hour running from one side of the fountain to the other to launch her boat. Each boat had a different country flag on it so the kids could keep track of the one they were playing with. The American boat was already being used so Michelle chose Canada. We continued our walk and found a very interesting playground. It was fenced in and you had to pay a little bit to get in but it had some of the best play equipment we have ever seen. Michelle claims it's the best playground she's ever been to. This was due mainly to the circular zip line that seemed very popular. We spent another hour sitting in the shade with some cool treats while Michelle happily ran around with the other kids. From there we wandered around trying to find our way "off the map" just to see what was there. We found some interesting two story streets, an alley full of restaurants, a post office (more post cards sent off) and a little boulangerie. By the time 6 o'clock rolled around we were a bit foot sore and ready to call it a day. When we arrived at the hotel, there was a line of at least 40 people waiting to check in, vouchers in hand. The staff seemed to not be bothered by this, so it must be routine. Tomorrow is another day of travel as we leave Paris and head to Ireland.

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