World Cities Tour 2014 Summer Edition - Day 27

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July 13th 2014
Published: July 13th 2014
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Another ParkAnother ParkAnother Park

we got them out of the house but they are still talking about Minecraft.
Day 27 - Who needs a map?

After breakfast and checking out of our hotel we headed west to Ruislip, a community that Tony found that is within easy travel to the offices in London. Unfortunately we found out that Anne's Phone stopped receiving Data some time in the last few days and the map didn't work anymore. We had to navigate the old fashioned way, using road signs. Tony's good memory and Anne's sharp eye got us in the right direction and we found Ruislip without too much difficulty. It's a nice town with some interesting areas, definitely a possibility. Next it was on to Reading for lunch very Kindly hosted by Ben and Katie. Tony had worked with Ben last time he was in Windsor. They have two children Michelle's age that are just as much into Minecraft as she is so they had lots in common to talk about. She also managed to break the Minecraft ban a few days early and played on Minecraft with William and Sophie for most of the time we were there. Anne and Tony really enjoyed talked about daily life in the UK with Ben and Katie. Tony and Ben talked
A short walk down the roadA short walk down the roadA short walk down the road

we took a walk by the local school and down to the park and fed some ducks and fish.
a bit about their different teams and Amazon and Anne and Katie compared school systems. Katie teaches French in the upper grade levels at a nearby school. A little help from Ben's WiFi connection and we had directions to our lodgings in Cambridge, about 2 hours away. We got there in time for Tony to catch the second half (and the overtime) of the World Cup. Tomorrow is our last chance to check out the area and then our trip will be over.


14th July 2014

Mine Candy
"We got them out of the house but they are still talking about Minecraft" - so funny and so true! I'm pretty sure that William is actually playing Minecraft ALL the time. 5% of his time he's on a device; 95% of his time he's playing Minecraft in his mind :-D Both our kids had a great time yesterday and loved meeting Michelle. Despite being in a boy-buddies-only phase, William went off to sleep saying "Michelle was really nice". And Sophie continues to perfect her own US accent :-)

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