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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc April 15th 2018

Tam Coc, located in Ninh Bình provence, is a small town with similar scenery to Halong Bay. We took a river boat through Tam Coc which went through a few caves, revealing picturesque landscapes of the clear lake and magnificent rock formations on the other side. The ladies paddle the boat using their feet; it’s an impressive technique which saves them a lot of energy! We came to a little floating market on boats where the ladies would hassle us to buy fruit and other merchandise. Like I’ve said before, they have inventive ways of selling us crap. The weather has been disappointing so we couldn’t rent mopeds due to slipery road conditions, so we did what we do best and drank beer through the day instead. We witnessed an insane thunderstorm on the night; we ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc January 23rd 2018

We took the public bus from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, which took us about 2.30 hours. The bus was very full. Shaun ended up at the very front while Victor and I were at the very back. There was music and videos on a small screen... We were surprised (to say the least) to see that, on the screen were displayed pictures of naked women... We had never seen anything looking a lot like porn in a PUBLIC bus before and it was pretty disturbing! We arrived in Ninh Binh, where we took a taxi to Tam Coc, where we had decided to stay. We stayed in the first hostel we saw, which was cheap but not very clean and were the owner's son was interestingly rude... It was still quite early so we had a ... read more
Grey skies but amazing background!
On the boat
Having fun on the boat!

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh November 28th 2017

Another brilliant day. Mixed views on sleep, me good, Ruth not so good. Thankfully started the day with a short drive out from our homestay back out of the valley up a massive hill to be greeted by a line of bikes at the top ready for a steady 10 km downhill run before turning into a single lane path for a further 40 kms through the valley past paddy fields and intense agriculture, water buffalo at work and surrounded by towering limestone mountains. The paddy fields have been harvested so browned off & not at their best. After lunch we had another 25 km flat along the access paths connecting villages to the main roads. These paths are mostly level but raised well above the surrounding paddy fields & make perfect cycle paths with photo ... read more
Homestay garden

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh » Tam Coc May 4th 2017

Arriving from Haiphong into Ninh Binh after a two hour minibus ride I found a nice little hotel for the nicer price of $100,000VND and set out to wander this pleasant little city. It was the official "Liberation Day" here in Vietnam and many families were outside in the parks or on their patios eating and drinking and enjoying their time off. It was nice to see a little bit of daily life going by in front of me as I strolled. I made it to the market where all manner of produce, meats, and fish were on offer as well. Markets are always an interesting place to walk around. It seems that thier is always something someone is willing to buy and eat and I usually have no idea what it is. My reason for ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh March 7th 2016

Our guide for today’s tour was a bit late. It was a big group today. Like last week, we were hustled onto a small shuttle and driven a few blocks to a full sized tour bus. The driver was practically pushing me aboard with worried words about police. What else is new in this city of six million. All aboard, we inched our way through traffic to the edge of town to pick up the autoroute south. Once across the river, we passed miles and miles of rice paddies on this vast plain. Our first stop was in Hoag Lu, the first capital of Vietnam, circa 1010. All that remains is a temple. The other buildings, including the palace, had been floated down the river to Ha Noi. This temple was restored in the 18th century ... read more
Hanoi Apartment building
Hanoi Temple Figure
Hanoi Temple Carving

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh March 4th 2016

To write these notes I am lying on my bed in the Park’s Guest House inside a mosquito net. Inevitably I am reminded of my long-ago days in Yola in Nigeria, where large insects beat against the netting. So far I haven’t seen a mosquito here. Thuy warned us this is a “basic” hotel, although it is about the same as last night’s hotel - without the pretentiousness. This morning Thuy was so uncertain that the Duc Tai Hotel staff could prepare a western breakfast that she was planning to cook eggs for each of us to our taste. Carol said that was ridiculous – the western way was that if a lot of people had to eat breakfast at the same time, they all ate the same food, in this case scrambled eggs. She even ... read more
Ho Chi Minh Road
Rice fields near Minh Son
Rice farmer and villagers

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh January 16th 2016

Tam Coc to Cuc Phuong, première journée tous seul sur le vélo avec un petit 45 kilomètres les adieux sont fait la carrière solo peu commencer ! (45 Km ) Journée dans le parc national de Cuc Phuong, première halte devant la production d'un film pour le cinéma vietnamien sur l'occupation française, le rôle du Français jouée par un anglais et celui des Guyanés par des Keyen, rigolo est sympathique. Par la suite petit trek dans le parc naturel ainsi qu'une quarantaine de kilomètres à vélo ! ( 40km ) Cuc Phuong to citadelle dinasty Ho, une petite journée de vélo prévu qui va ce r'allonger un peu pour cause je me suis quelques peu perdu mais cela n'ajoute qu'une vingtaine de kilomètres il faut faire avec ^^ ! Arriver dans la ville puis direction la ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh January 14th 2016

Nim Binh et une ville situé à environs 100 Km au Sud de la capital rien en faire en soit dans cette ville mais à quelques kilomètres de là ont y trouve de magnifique paysage ainsi que de quoi ce loger ! Nous voilà donc rendu à Tam coc une petite ville qui n'existe que de part le tourisme, rien de fantastique ! Mais après une nuit bien reposante ont prend les vélo et ont part tous d'abord pour Trang An pour un jolie tour de barque d'environs 3 heures proposer par l'industrie touristique, malgré cela c'est magnifique comme endroit, au programme de l'aprem ce sera la plus grande pagode du Vietnam (Bai Dinh) qui est très ressente puis du vélo encore du vélo... Le lendemain c'est le jours ou nos chemin ce sépare Arthur part ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Ninh Binh April 9th 2015

Next stop, we are now 100km South of Hanoi. We took the night train from Lao Cai to Hanoi...dropped the bags at the hotel by 6am, took a shower, took a nice breakfast...and by 7.30am, we were back on a mini-bus, for a 12 hours excursions. I may never run 100 meters fast....but for the long run, we are trained for it...seriously! This is a first for Tiffany and Leslie. I did the boat ride back in 1998. Back than, it was just a 2-3 hours drive by car down to the boat landing, 90 minutes on the boat, and back to Hanoi...a good half day on not amazing roads. Even, I still keep great souvenirs of this place. Today, we do the grand tour! We started by visiting the grounds of the former Imperial City. ... read more
And one more little boat ride for our little family..
We are always taker for a little bicycle ride...
King Dinh Temple

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