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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya November 1st 2018

Don't get templed out Pattaya is an awful place and we can not recommend anyone to go there! The reason for this is the prostitution business. We were absolutely disgusted by what we saw, and still we saw less than the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Appologize for starting off like that. But now that we got that nasty piece out of the way we can continue with what we really want to write about in this blog entry – temples. There are thousands of temples in Thailand and many of them are worth visiting. In fact many tourists end up seeing so many temples that they get fed up. It is sometimes known as getting templed out. We knew about this so we made sure to skip many of the temples said to be interesting ... read more
Wat Traimit
Chao Mae Tuptim
Chao Mae Tuptim

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya January 5th 2018

We have been in Thailand for awhile now and while I don't usually do blogs in Thailand as I'm here all the time visiting family. But for the purposes of this big trip I will do a Thailand blog. My mum was already in Thailand visiting her family while we were travelling. After 12 and a half hours of driving and border crossings, the Intrepid crew were finally in Bangkok! Our mini van got there first and while we checked in my mum found us in the lobby! It was great seeing her again. So, after a quick refresh we were all off to the final Intrepid farewell dinner. So as it turns out our German ‘friends' Franca and Fabiana didn't want to join us for dinner. Which wasn't surprising considering they never really joined us ... read more
Wat Pho
Wat Pho
Wat Arun

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya December 13th 2017

Day 8 So again, after a late night we found ourselves feeling stupid for organising an early start.......but today is Cartoon Network Day. Corey has asked for this since the moment we touched down in Bangkok. We got our shit together and went down for a bite of breakky, feeling VERY late......and then Pui calls confused because he is at the wrong hotel lol. All good for us, we have time to snarf down the breakfast buffet and he gets to figure out where the hell we are. He arrives and off we go. Basically we paid this driver 2500 baht, about $100 to drive us to Pattaya, 2 hours away, sit and wait for us while we ride slides, and then drive us back to the hotel. Like I said earlier, some people may say ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya October 4th 2017

Das war ein Satz mit X. Wir wollten dem ungeliebten Touri-Ort eine faire Chance einräumen und uns selbst ein Bild machen - und hätten es uns sparen können... Der Pick-Up mit dem Mini-Van geht schon einmal gut los: mit Verspätung. Als wir dann im Van sitzen und in der Khao San Road noch Mitreisende aufnehmen, fängt es an Comedy zu werden: es wurden offensichtlich zu viele Tickets für den Van verkauft. Also kommen alle Reiseleiter im 1 Minuten Takt in den Bus und zählen erneut durch - immer voller Hoffnung, dass sich jemand von uns in Luft aufgelöst haben könnte... Die Fahrt ist dann rasant, was mir natürlich gar nicht gefällt und irgendwann auch ein Opfer fordert: den linken Vorderreifen. Wechselstop also. In Pattaya angekommen bestätigen sich leider alle Vorurteile und so ist für uns klar: ... read more
Ein Sturm zieht auf
Ausschnittsweise sieht es gut aus...

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya September 30th 2016

Pattaya : Beach Resort of the Locals Since I had taken nearly every tour out of Bangkok last time around, I had decided to take my day in Bangkok as a rest day. Walked a fair bit, did some web search on places ahead. Even though a well connected city served by both excellent road net work and suburban train systems one can very easily mislead into going to the wrong places. I showed the travel advisor at the Airport which hotel I wanted to get to and she clearly directed me to a far away place. Only google maps and satellite navigation let me get out of the situation, me getting off the train and taking a taxi to the correct hotel. Only later did I realize the hotel had another branch and that is ... read more
Sancuary of Truth
First Gateway
Out side Gate 3

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya April 2nd 2016

Rob writes: Today we leave Cambodia and I’m a bit sad. My last and only visit here to Siem Reap left me wanting to see more and I am happy to report that once you have explored the country a little further, outside of the international tourist destination that is Angkor Watt, the country does not disappoint. I have had an excellent time here and I dare say I will visit again in the future. So, what’s the itinerary for today? We have booked a VIP (yeah sure) minibus to the boarder, at which point we will need to switch to another bus once we are on the other (Thai) side. That bus will then take us to Pattaya in Thailand. The chap on the desk in the hotel who we booked the bus through advised ... read more
Only pics we have of Pattaya
Only pics we have of Pattaya
Only pics we have of Pattaya

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya December 2nd 2015

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 13th 2015

The third city on my Thailand tour was Pattaya. I had never heard of it, but apparently is a well known area for other Asian countries and especially Russia. Our driver is someone Jamie uses for work and it was a couple of hours spent in a pimped out van (apparently, a usual mode of transportation). With a little difficulty, we reached our hotel, the Rabbit Resort, which is right on the beach. We checked in pretty easily and were given a nice large, private room. After Jamie gave me a few options, I selected this resort as it seemed to have a private, tropical setting where all the rooms have their own entrances with trees all around. The receptionist set us up with our driver for the next day and so we went to our ... read more
Splashdown Water Park
Rabbit Resort
The Colosseum Cabaret Show

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya May 13th 2015

March 31, 2015 We got a ride in a taxi to the bus station and they told us the ticket for the bus to Pataya is 130 baht ($3). We bought the tickets and then a man led us to a van. Just like in Mexico, they started jamming everyone into the van and then they were going to cram all the luggage in the isle! John and I looked at each other and said, "HELL NO"". We got out of the van and went inside to the ticket lady. John explained to her that we want to ride on the big bus and not in the van. She ran out the back door, went to the van driver, and got the money back, then came back to the window and gave us the refund. Of ... read more
our luggage
Picture of the Princess

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya March 4th 2015

After a nice rested night in China Town sampling some delicious street food and a couple of beers , Ollie and I moved on from Bangkok and took the bus to Pattaya. The journey from the centre of Bangkok to the coast took us about 3 hours, thankfully we had air conditioning. Now to our surprise this fairly long bus ride cost around 119bht working out around £2.38, bargain! The sights from the bus window were a mix of, industry, housing and clearly a developing landscape. Once arriving around 3pm we needed a place to stay, as with most places we will be visiting it was a case of looking and seeing what we could fine. As I needed a wee badly the first decent enough accommodation seen was the choice for our first night (a ... read more
China Town
Street Food - Soup

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