Day 8 - Johnny Bravo, Ben 10, Power Puff Girls and Waterslides!!!

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December 13th 2017
Published: December 17th 2017
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Day 8

So again, after a late night we found ourselves feeling stupid for organising an early start.......but today is Cartoon Network Day. Corey has asked for this since the moment we touched down in Bangkok. We got our shit together and went down for a bite of breakky, feeling VERY late......and then Pui calls confused because he is at the wrong hotel lol. All good for us, we have time to snarf down the breakfast buffet and he gets to figure out where the hell we are. He arrives and off we go. Basically we paid this driver 2500 baht, about $100 to drive us to Pattaya, 2 hours away, sit and wait for us while we ride slides, and then drive us back to the hotel. Like I said earlier, some people may say we got ripped off, I can confidently say I don't feel bad about the price we paid, Pui was awesome too, doesn't speak much English but tried to answer our questions and pointed out interesting bits and pieces along the way. SO it was a 2 hour drive to Pattaya where the waterpark was, Pui was seriously texting and fucking about on his phone getting us tickets from his friend and just basically scaring the shit out of me as we drove through the countryside. A lot of traffic in Bangkok and surrounds, then when there isn't traffic the drivers will drive as fast as the car will allow.....and there are rarely 4 seatbelts that work. I always make Corey have one, but it fries my brain and my anxiety level hits roof when I realise we are going without them. Each day anxiety levels get smaller though......until I realise the mum riding next to me on the scooter with the 4 year old and the baby never had an anxiety level, because this is just the normal bit .The safety bits are still doing my head in, but I am adjusting.

So we are driving to Pattaya, about 2 hours south from Bangkok. I thought this was a quiet place, but it isn't at all, as we drove through it is a big high rise city, the holiday destination for those in Bangkok apparently. Anyway we get to the Cartoon Network water park and decide to hire a private cabana for our stay. In retrospect I don't know that it was necessary or good value since we spent almost zero time in it, but it did give us a place to stash our gear near to the action, rather than by the entrance lockers.

Cartoon Network World was so insanely enjoyed by my boys, all 3 of them! This is not my sort of place, I can deal with crazy rollercoasters and upside down rides, but I am not keen on waterslides. Don't know why, I guess they feel uncontrolled or something. Anyway, kids and Todd started small, in the kiddy area, and they all became braver and braver as the day went on! I got under the buckets and took pics, but I was not feeling brave today. Kids will never let me forget it, they got Todd up on the crazy slides, all of them did the stupid arse scariest slide in the park. It was all so crazy. I had a great day anyway and got wet and had fun despite my non slide riding. We stayed for hours longer than I thought we would. My favourite bit, which we all hung out in until we had to go, was the crazy rave wave pool. Big Waves that you can ride right up to the front if you can swim hard enough (which I did dragging Corey along behind me in a tube.....ugh my shoulders are sore!), until I could teach him to swim DOWN the wave and not against it. Soooo much fun and with crazy rave techno music. It was a pool rave against the waves, so much fun!

We loved the water park, there is another one in Phuket and we are already looking forward to it. We felt pretty good having spent an entire day in the sun in the would not actually believe how many incredibly RED white people we saw. Not even joking any more, we saw some kids that won't be able to lay down for a week they were so insanely sunburnt, and some adults 'tanning' that had clearly never seen the sun before in their lives because they were trying for an even scarlet red shade by rolling over every little while! For reals, these guys are cancer waiting to happen, and our family with my tedious sunscreen applying had not a bit of burn!

Finally we decided we'd better go home. Pui came and got us and we reluctantly travelled back to Bangkok. It was a big day, with pics of the characters and slides and craziness.

On the way home Pui suggested stopping at a Maccas......we hadn't even thought of it thus far in our trip, but Corey was keen, and we were all hungry, so we stopped at a McDonalds in between Pattaya and Bangkok. It was actually the most beautiful Maccas you ever would have seen! The toilets were outdoors and upstairs with a view to the balcony over the road, hard to explain, great though!

Anyhoo, we had to come home, pack up and be ready to travel to Ayutthaya tomorrow. A week in the hotel meant shit was everywhere, but we packed it all up and we were reay for the train in the morning 😊

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