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Tina and Rob from Glasgow. We love to travel (in short bursts) as much as we can. We love our home comforts and we love travel, its a difficult combination but we try to make it work as well as possible.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”Mark Twain

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang August 28th 2023

Rob Writes Day 10 We decided that the day following the scuba dive would be a day off. We had as long of a lie-in as we could without missing breakfast and then just hung around the hotel and watched a bit of TV until mid-afternoon. Apart from the stroll up and down the beach front I don't think we left the hotel all day actually, as we ended up in the hotel's restaurant for dinner too. The dinner was memorable because it was the most expensive meal we've had since we left, a couple of drinks, a beef massaman and a pad thai came to about £40. Ouch. Day 11 The following day (now Wednesday) was a great day. We hired the motorbike again and rode all the way around to the other side of ... read more
Koh Ngam

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang August 22nd 2023

Tina Writes Day 7 I'd like to apologise for Robs blog. He is all up for bringing the terrible ancient notebook and writing a blog because we have regretted the times when we haven't but when its time for him to write it he complains endlessly and then writes a terrible blog, which he sits sniggering at as he writes it. I think I will be firing him soon. Please place your vote in the comments. Yes for firing, No for keeping his shit blogs. It was time to leave Bangkok and head for Koh Chang. Our flight was at 11.40am and we decided to get the MRT/Airport train. It takes a bit more travel time but is way cheaper and doesn't put me in a bad mood dealing with the taxi drivers. Plus it is ... read more
Koh Chang Ferry
KC Grande Paradise Villa
Sunset Koh Chang

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 19th 2023

Rob Writes Day 4 Hang on to your tits people. I don't remember Tina actually wanting to buy the Aliens watch because it wasn't quite the right one. I didn't stop her from buying anything. She can buy what she liked. She's a lair. OK, it's Wednesday now. I had to lookup my pictures to remind me what we did, because it's already becoming a blur, or my brain has turned to mush. I suspect the latter. So, Wednesday we had planned to go to the Maeklong Railway Market, a market basically situated on a railway line, the highlight being, the market stall owners have to dismantle their shops every time a train comes past. I don't know why, but that's the way it is, and that's the pull. There are three or four trains passing ... read more
Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 17th 2023

Tina Writes Day One I think it was 2019 the last time we came to Thailand. I remember saying to Rob it was the last time. I think I felt we had done it enough times now and I have always said I wouldn't travel places more than once while I had other places to see first and we had been to Thailand three times already. Over the past 4 years though my love of Thailand has gone through the roof. I watch YouTube after YouTube of Thailand vloggers everyday and my longing to come back is rather strong. Last year I forced myself to go to Mexico rather than Thailand again and as much as we enjoyed it, I couldn't shake regretting it a bit because I so desperately wanted to come to Thailand again ... read more
Dead Bat
Chatuchak Maket

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen September 12th 2022

Tina Writes Once again I am writing this blog because Rob is once again threading the eye of the needle with perfection. We are home now. 24 hours after getting home and Rob has developed yet more food poisoning. It has to be delayed from Mexico cause the chances it was from our local Thai restaurant is too much of a coincidence, plus we had the same thing from the Thai place and so far, I am fine. So he must have gotten it from something he ate at the Platinum Yucantan Princess 5 star hotel. So yes. It was time to drive to our 5 star, adults only resort in Playa del Carmen. I had been looking forward to this for literally years. For the past 4 or so years I have considered Mexico as ... read more
Platinum Yucatan Princess (34)
Platinum Yucatan Princess (19)
Platinum Yucatan Princess (17)

North America September 8th 2022

Tina Writes There's nothing more annoying than being at an amazing place such as Chichen Itza and the thing I'm dying to get to is the car for the air con. It was the same at Ankor Wat. These are places I've dreamed of seeing and ended up fairly quickly saying 'I don't care about these stupid monument's, get me to the air conditioning'. So the lovely air conditioned drive to Merida was easy enough until we got into the large town and the roads became pretty chaotic. Our hotel was right in the centre too. When we finally found it, we discovered the on-site parking was in fact off-site, so Rob went with the reception guy to the parking lot (car park – Rob) about three blocks away while I checked in. I asked them ... read more
Merida (5)
On my tod
Celestun (4)

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Valladolid September 6th 2022

Wham, Bam, Ek' Balam Rob writes We arrived back in Cancun and picked up our bags. The next stop was to collect the hire car. My booking confirmation advised that the car rental company had a stand opposite the baggage claim among all the other car hire companies, so it should be easy to find. It was, only our car hire company was the only one who's stand was closed and instead presented us with a mobile number to call in place of a representative. 'Call the phone number and our representative with advise you further'. I waited on hold for about fifteen minutes before giving up and we decided to leave the airport to see what the crack was outside. Fortunately for us, in the distance, beyond the small army of taxi drivers and across ... read more
Ek Balam (7)
Vallidolid (34)
Vallidolid (8)

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca September 2nd 2022

Tina writes Well I am writing this blog as Rob is pretty unwell going through exactly what I went through in Puebla! Two nights in Oaxaca. Originally this should have been 3 nights which I didn't think was enough for this town. I think 4 would have been better but here we are with only 2 nights due to me being unwell and delaying us. The first thing we did after checking into the Hotel Real Alma was look for a local laundrette. I had ran out of clean pants and was quickly running out of the rest of our clean clothes. Luckily there was one less than 2 minutes walk from our hotel so that's that sorted. We then went for a walk around Centro with plans to get something to eat and a tour ... read more
Oaxaca (2)
Oaxaca (13)
Oaxaca (9)

North America » Mexico August 29th 2022

Tina Writes Its been 6 years since I wrote a blog! I think i've forgotten how but I realised i've still got it when I came up with this most excellent title. Soooo up we got ready to travel to Puebla on the bus. We had our most successful breakfast yet as we were getting the hang of it now. I had looked into getting a public bus to the big bus station but we didn't have any coins and it looked like it would take just as long to walk, so we walked the 30 minutes or so with our packs on, phew! When we arrived it looked as though the station was closed for refurbishment or something. We couldn't find a way in and the places that looked like entrances has signs saying things ... read more

North America » Mexico August 28th 2022

Rob Writes Three hours sleep. We got three hours sleep the night before we were due to fly out. This was less then than ideal. More sleep is required to comfortably get us through the next 20+ hours, door-to-door. Just sleep on the plane? Yea, right. So we leave the house at 6:30am and off to Glasgow airport we go using an Uber taxi this time. Nothing untoward happened in Glasgow airport, although we did get a free upgrade to extra legroom seats (emergency exit) and we were soon on the plane. Unfortunately however, the flight to Cancun was delayed. Someone had blocked the toilet which was situated in front of our seats, so the Plunger Engineer had to be called to try and fix it. He couldn't fix it. So now the flight was forty ... read more
Mexico City
Mexico City
Mexico City

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