Wilson Palokkaran


Wilson Palokkaran

Was born in Kerala, India just after WW II (in 1946), studied at St.Joseph's College Devagiri Calicut. Initial jobs varied from teacher to fisheries inspector in the Laccadive Islands, Automobile and Aeronautical Enginner, Coconut plantation Manager and Engineering Foreman in a spinning mill. Unhappy with the lot, took up studies again, this time as Polymer Technologist (Rubber) and worked in Northern Ireland as Rubber Chemist in Arntz Belting, and Technical Manager/Director in Enbi Seals Ireland in the Republic. Retired from full-time employment in 2012.
I'm finally off on the trip of my life and looking forward to sharing whatever adventures lie ahead! After two legs (that is South America and Oceania) I still have both my legs intact. Might have lost just a pair of sunglasses so far. I have seen things that I had only dreamed about. The un-ticked on the bucket-list can now be counted on the fingers. Where to next I do not know. Should try to do more journeys overland.
The third was driving trip (2013) was with my wife, as it was more civilised for her. We travelled across the southern states of USA, From Dallas to Tucson, Arizona, then on Route 66 to Las Vagas, taking in Sidona, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley. Then on to California's capital (Sacramanto) and finally returning from San Francisco.
In the fourth (2015) flying to Beijing, train to Xi'an for the Terracotta Warriors, to Lhasa on the highest Railway in the World. Organised tour overland to Kathmandu through EBC did not happen due to continued earth quakes.
Currently on the Fifth covering Myanmar, Thailand (north),Laos and Vietnam (south).

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak November 30th 2018

The Bali Temple Tour and the return As a solo traveller i preferred a join in group tour. In addition to reducing the cost it also facilitated companionship on the tour. But I was in poor luck for the. “Temples Tour” as most people had already have made their arrangements. So,I had to take the expensive option of hiring a car myself for the day. Then I reasoned that it was a price worth paying as a Bali visit will not be complete if I left without seeing some of the temples. Temples are such n integral part of Balian culture. There are thousands of temples on the island graded according to their importance and location. Nearly every house of any value has a temple on ite grounds and then there are ones shared by a ... read more
Kehen steps to inner temple
a stone carving in kehen temple
Large BAnyan Tree

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud November 28th 2018

Downhill Cycle Tour.. I have just returned from one of the exhilarating and enjoyable activities. Again it was the drive to the activity area that was a problem with 1.5 hrs and 2 hrs getting back. However this time it was better than on Monday with a better car and driver. I was collected from the hotel around 0745 hrs. There were 6 other people in the car, all Aussies. A mum and dad with their young adult sons, and another couple. We reached the start point of the activity by 1100 hrs. On the way we stopped for breakfast. Then there was a visit to a coffee plantation. This was a beautiful location as if in the middle of the rain forest overlooking a deep valley. Here they showed us how they make Luwak coffee. ... read more
Ready to roll
A temple gate en route
Start rice field cycling

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu Valley November 27th 2018

The Sunderjal Chisapani Nagarcott trek. I had knowingly let things a bit loose on this trip. My intention was always to go with more than one other person in addition to the guide. This would have given encouragement from fellow travellers and made the exercise to come within the budget. Unfortunately Bimal (the manager at the hotel) dragged on the issue too long and there were no others to go with me. To compound that our guide did not turn up till 10AM and it was 11 AM before started the drive to Sunnderijal. With traffic and road conditions it took longer than 1 hour. So it was well over mid day when we started on the trek. Our estimate was that it will take approximately 6 hours for the trek and we will be in ... read more
at Sunderijal with Kumar
Steps on the trek
Narrow slope up

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak November 26th 2018

The night flight from Kathmandu's Tribhuvan Airport landed in Kualalampur by day break. This time there was a special route for transit passengers ( flight from Kochi for some reason did not have that option) and one did not have to go through customs formalities. With a window seat it was nice to see all the landmarks below though there was fair bit of cloud cover at times. We landed in Bali on time. Got a taxi to Grandma's hotel. Escaping the grime, dust and chaos of Kathmandu Bali was more than living up to the expectations. The roads were clean and less crowded. Except a couple of dual carriageways most roads were single carriage. However the dirt and dust were absent. It was hard to find any potholes on most roads. In the cities and ... read more
Live music at dining-bar
Mount Agung at sunrise
Mount Agung before sunrise

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu Valley November 23rd 2018

Thamel and Chandragiri Hills. I had no problem when I get back to the hotel. Just tired a bit, and after a shower decided to take a lie down and rest which was a mistake. I fell asleep and. When I got up after a couple of hours had to struggle even to get out of bed. Just severe aches mainly on the calf muscles. It was evident that I am paying for lack of training. In a way I was lucky that the pain was setting in only now. Had it hit earlier it would have been necessary to carry me down. Realizing the condition I decided to walk it off, starting very slowly. Within 15 minutes it eased a fair bit band I was able to manage to move more freely. I met Pat ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal November 19th 2018

First Days in Kathmandu After two hectic weeks of travelling to meet friends and family and the incessant political/religious turmoil going on in Kerala I was relieved to get back on the plane and leave it all to the locals to suffer. As a person who has escaped from the clutches of faith It is unbelievable what is going on in "Gods on Country" or indeed in the wider India. It appears that we are turning the clock around and instead of marching into the 21st century we are going back to the early 19th or even the 16th century. The Islamic ferver is now followed by militant Hinduism and devotional Christianity. The loser in all this is the Individual who has no status in the society except as a member of a religious or political ... read more
Patan reconstruction
Patan court
Pashupathinath temple

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City October 15th 2016

Ho Chi Minh Cityand Cu Chi Tunnels Flight from Vientiane was with Vietnam Airlines. From what I have seen it is an excellent airline. Unlike the budget airlines here there is a bit more legroom, very comfortable seats and you even get something to eat and drink without paying for it as an add on. There was a stop over in Phnom Penh with peculiar procedures. Even though the stopover was only for 30 minutes we were not allowed to stay on the aircraft, were asked to go to the terminal with all our belongings. The problem with that was we had to go through another security screen, take out all computers, wallets, belts etc..There is no reason they could not allow us to stay in the aircraft or at least leave our belongings on the ... read more
Reception in Rnification Palace
Official roon in Reunification Palace
War Remnants Museum

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane October 9th 2016

ToVientiane: The Laos Capital Vientiane was only meant to be a stop to get to Ho Chi Minh City from where I had the flight home on the 13th. Leaving Luang Prabang if anything I wished I could prolong the stay in LP. My hosts in LP, a young couple managing the guest house was so kind and helpful. He even loaned me 200,000 kips (that is unit in Laos, and is only about 15 USD) when I had no kips and had to wait for the next day to change money. But I had to stick to my itinerary. I had two options, the day bus or night bus. I picked the day bus as I could not cancel my hotel booking in Vientiane for the night. I had read that day trip, even though ... read more
view from bus2
Clearing path for bus
View from bus3

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang October 6th 2016

Luang Prabang The town is nestled among the mountains of West Central Laos, on the Mekong river. Just coming to the end of the monsoon season the river (and its tributaries) is full, fast and brownish in colour. When coming to land the pilot has to follow the gap in the hills and land probably in the only flat area around. The airport is small, mainly catering to the tourist trade. Since its classification as a world heritage site the tourism industry here have gone from strength to strength. There is an economic boom which has not touched other parts of Laos. Unfortunately this also made Luang Prabang comparatively expensive. . It was nearly dark by the time I got to the guest house, so after freshening up just went for a walk along the river. ... read more
Whisky village
Temple Whisky Village
Trip to the caves

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 3rd 2016

Chiang Mai : Back Packers World The first thing I did when I got to my Chiang Mai hotel was to look for a hiking tour one that would fit my health and endurance. I soon found a suitable one in a 2 day hiking tour with an elephant ride and a sedate bamboo rafting thrown in. Booked it and looked forward eagerly for a pickup in the morning around 0930hrs. Chiang Mai, contrary to my expectations, is quite a large city. The heart of the city was the city walls (which no longer exist) and a moat surrounding it. There was to be only two entries to inside the walls but, now have bridges over the moate wherever necessary. The Hotel was located inside the walls which made walking around the city visiting all the ... read more
Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chiang Man
chapel dedicated to a teacher

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