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7th October 2016
Swimmming in the lagoon

Laos visit
I have heard about Laos but were not familiar with the cities or topography. The blog gave me an idea what kind of country is Laos. In fact I had feeling that I was going through LIang Perang. Good. Keep writing.
28th September 2016

Nicely written. With the photos and the descriptive narration,I felt I did travel through Mandalay.
26th September 2016

Yangon visit
Your blog on Yangon is quite interesting, especially since Yangon was not accessible till 2014. Pics are very nice especially of Schwegadon Pagoda. Got a feeling of having visited Yangon. Keep going.
15th June 2013
Angkor Gopuras

Angkor Wat & Siem Reip blog
The blog was really interesting. You get a feeling that Cambodia was more like India than other neighbouring countries like Vietnam & Thailand with temples like in India. A lot of sculpture work has been done to make something like Angkor Gopuras. the early Cambodians must have been good in Architecture. Hope the new govt will give enough attention to protect these.
30th May 2013

Thanks for provide your newzealand trip experience
New Zealand is the country that can’t afford to be missed. It is flooded with exciting attractions that are worth every penny. thanks for nice post
27th May 2013

Hi Wilson, sounds as though you are having a great time.Enjoy the pampering the holiday has to offer. Tony
24th May 2013

Ha Long bay travel in Vietnam
Ha Long Bay , a bay of wonder, is one of the most impressive landscapes in the world with thousands of islets and islands scattered throughout an area of 1500 sq km, and located only 170km North East of Hanoi. The local people use their imagination to flow the spirit into those mindless, timeless limestone and rocky islands, and make them lovelier, livelier and attractive with names such as: fighting cock islet, human head islet, golden tortoise and Ha Long itself, means “descending dragon”. Ha Long also has many grottoes that are worthy of visiting such as: Dau Go grotto, Thien Cung grotto and Tam Cung grotto. Amazing Ha Long is a must destination
From Blog: Halong Bay
8th May 2013

well done wilson. keep on going
4th May 2013

fantastic pictures.keep going
3rd May 2013

The Hindu temples and statues are an example of religious tolerance which is likely to be crushed sooner than later,
Dear Wilson Uncle, I wonder when the retarded nincompoops destroy the beautiful Murugan Statue and other Hindu structures just as they did the Buddha statues at the caves in Afghanistan.
14th March 2013

Sound good wilson,take care.
2nd March 2013

Hey dad!
Good grammar and spelling on last blog :) Now for some pictures please! (just so we know it is you!)
2nd March 2013

Dad Your Blogs
Hi Dad, Love reading your blogs!. It gives us all an experience of what you are doing. Sorry i missed your call last nite but i was out with my new work crew. I'll give you a phone on viber tomorrow. Love Devas
25th February 2013

Hey dad! Just wanted to say well done on writing some stuff ! Maybe use a spellcheck though yeah?? And photos please !

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