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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket December 20th 2017

Day 15 - So here we are, on our way to the beach! In daylight our 1 night airport hotel looked a lot less dodgy. The gardens and pool area were actually really beautiful, but given how far it was from the beach and the fact that there is bugger all happening around it, even on a main road, I have no idea why anyone would stay there more than a night! So we ended up having a sleep in (my family is always keen on this! Never thought I'd be the 'early riser' in a group!) and then we got up and checked out at around 10ish. I had downloaded an app called "GrabTaxi" which I had read was the best way to get cars in Phuket. You know how much you have to pay ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 19th 2017

Ok so in the unlikely event that anyone was waiting with bated breath for the rest of my blog entries I do apologise. When we got to Phuket the laptop got stolen by the kids and plugged into the television so that they could watch movies in the evenings, which didn't give me any blogging time. But I did make lots of notes and I was determined to finish this thing, so although we are long since home, I am going to try and finish out our last 2 weeks and add all our photos in so that this remains a good record of our trip. I have just been reading some of the posts and I really wish I had done this while things were still fresher, but here it goes, I shall do my ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 18th 2017

Day 13 - ok so it's all catching up with me a bit! I woke up when the alarm went off feeling really crusty. In no way up for a full day tour with a group of other tourists, so Todd went and saw reception to cancel. It cost us 30% of the tour cost, but it was worth it for the sleep in. Todd came back to bed and we crashed back out until 10:30. It was great! I woke up feeling better, but not wonderful, so we lazed around for a while longer then got all our laundry and stuff together from the past 2 weeks. We discovered that we can send the laundry out for 50 baht a kilo.....yes......this is amazing! We bagged it all up and Todd and Kalyb dropped it off ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 17th 2017

Day 12 - Ok so this day didn't start out too well for me. 12 days in and I have had to say hello to my first hangover, courtesy of all the riverside cocktails last night! I was not in the best way. I laid in bed while Todd was in the shower wishing for death.....or if not death, at least for the panadol and berocca to kick in quickly! Todd took the boys down to breakky while I tried to get ready and compose myself lol. I came down for breakky and Todd had ordered me an omelette......I sooooo wasn't keen for eggs! I nibbled on my toast and chugged down some water and then it was time to get going! Today we were heading to the Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, the Hin Dat Hot ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi December 16th 2017

Day 11 - So today we are heading to Kanchanaburi, which is home to the River Kwai and the famous bridge that crosses it. I had planned on us taking the train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, which uses sections of the original death railway itself, but for some reason everyone we meet in Thailand strongly discourages using the trains......this is proably because they are trying to get our business for himself or his brother or his Auntie's Cousin's half sister Pete, and taking the train doesn't get our baht into the driver economy. Regardless of this, the people we have spoken too have generally made good arguments against the train, it's slow and uncomfortable and often late/delayed. Anyway, we got up and packed our stuff, ready to leave the Shanghai Mansion and upon checkout, the porter ... read more

Asia December 15th 2017

Day 10 - I am so super keen on this day. Today we explore the archaeological ruins of Ayutthaya, the second capital of Siam. I love this shit, I have always been more keen on ancient history than I am for more modern history. Helena Monaghan taught me Ancient History in both year 11 and 12 and I loved it. At one point I considered studying archaeology, but so few people are actually able to make a career out of this, and we live a million miles from most of the ancient world (our Indigenous people didn't leave much in the way of cities for us to dig up!) Anyway, we got up early and got our shit packed up and ready to go, after our tour today Anand and the driver will take us back ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya December 14th 2017

So this morning was a bit hectic, running around packing up last minute items and checking under beds, in cupboards and behind doors for any lost items......I don't think we managed to leave too much behind! Whilst I was showering I could hear the phone ringing and when I got out Todd mentioned that Anand had called and that he was calling back. So he calls back, and says - 'Hey what happened to you? I am here at your hotel in Ayutthaya and you are not here!!' Holy fuckballs, I booked the tour for the wrong freaking date. OMG. I apologised profusely to Anand for wasting his time and the driver's time and we tried to work out what best to do. He suggested that they just come and get us now, but we had ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya December 13th 2017

Day 8 So again, after a late night we found ourselves feeling stupid for organising an early start.......but today is Cartoon Network Day. Corey has asked for this since the moment we touched down in Bangkok. We got our shit together and went down for a bite of breakky, feeling VERY late......and then Pui calls confused because he is at the wrong hotel lol. All good for us, we have time to snarf down the breakfast buffet and he gets to figure out where the hell we are. He arrives and off we go. Basically we paid this driver 2500 baht, about $100 to drive us to Pattaya, 2 hours away, sit and wait for us while we ride slides, and then drive us back to the hotel. Like I said earlier, some people may say ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 12th 2017

Day 7 - Safari World! Ok, so whoever came up with the idea to drink all night at the boxing and then get up for a 7am tour pick up is a fucking idiot.......oh hang on.......that was me lol!!!!! Family hating me at this point, everyone cranky, but I was like,hey, we are going to feed giraffes!! So we drag our tired (hungover) arses up and race down for a bit of breakky before the bus comes to get us. It was an unfortunate tour booking, all I really wanted was a driver to take us to the friggen zoo and back, instead we got an officious woman trying to dictate every moment of our visit there. None of us like her lol, she was a pain in the arse, at 10am we do this, at ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 11th 2017

Day 6 - So we had a slight mishap yesterday, that we confirmed today. So you may not notice it because it is just so familiar to you, but when you withdraw money from an ATM in Australia it always gives your card back to you before it gives you your cash. This does not happen in also doesn't happen in Bali, which is where we first discovered the phenomenon! So I love my husband very much........but twice now, he has walked away and left our ATM card in an international cash machine. We turned our room upside down, it isn't here. All is well, this is why Kristal is a paranoid planner, always with a backup plan! Commonwealth is about the worst bank in the world to do business with overseas, with the withdrawal ... read more

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