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It is better to regret the things you did do than to regret the things you did not do. Mark Twain

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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya December 2nd 2015

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai November 30th 2015

Geo: 18.8, 98.98Firstly a post Myanmar reflection… It is unfortunate that Overlanders are forced to travel through the country in a tour group. Our trip was for 12 days and all but 3 days were spent racing down the road to the next Hotel.Oh you poor soul I hear you all say, well I suppose being able to take a shower at night and the morning was definitely a good thing considering the normal gap of 3 to 7 days since Tajikistan.However it was somewhat sad to rush by fantastic riverside camp spots which would have been perfect.The 2 Australian motorcyclists we travelled with were fantastic, Luke and Dan. They had been travelling together for 7 months and were good fun.So back to Myanmar, relatively quiet roads reasonable tarmac allowed us to hit some very fast ... read more
Offering Day
Carpark Camp

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis November 19th 2015

Geo: 21.1726, 94.8615Myanmar is a country with many puppys and pagodas. We are travelling in a group, four bikers from Jindabyne and us. We have a driver, a government assigned minder and our Tour Guide who is Burmese but speaks English just like Forest Gump. He is hilarious, very knowledgeable and a heck of a nice guy. We are staying in hotels pre booked for us, we follow the support minibus, our guide gives us tips like take sunscreen and flyspray and don't have to put in too much of anything really.The country is very beautiful and a pleasant change to what we experienced in India.... read more
Lisa, Thei & Dan
Classic Tourist Shot

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis November 17th 2015

Geo: 21.9759, 96.0842For me (Darren) it was a day of mixed emotions as we headed towards the immigration post to exit India, for some unknown reason I have defended India's reputation as it being a great place to go. By exiting meant to me that it would probably be the very last time I would be there.. Why the last time I hear you say… well its complicated. I think the India of old heldsome mystical magic that seems to have just gone now days… gone where I don't know its just gone.However in saying the above we were extremely fortunate to have travelled most of India and Nepal with Sarah and Thomas. As a group we were able to travel a more adventurous route and camp away from the towns and cities in a relaxed ... read more
Girl selling postcards
Lisa with her new local skin care on
Wood carver

Asia » India » Manipur November 12th 2015

Geo: 24.4975, 93.7779We decided that we would like to see the living root bridges and they were just down the road a bit, so off we went. Parked then walked down the path of 50 million steps.. well at least 600steps. Ant it was great, fantastic to see and climb on although a little springy. Then the 50 millions steps back up to the car. My butt looks great now.Back into the car and off towards Shilong to then head out East towards Imphal for an easy 400km drive….. 3 days later we arrived in Imphal. I thought we had already driven some really crap road until we started on National Highway 44 and 37. I guess the area was in conflict for a long time so the roads suffered… or should I say the pot ... read more
nice river
National Highway 44
Camp random

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Shillong November 8th 2015

Geo: 25.5689, 91.8831I should have known better, yep silly me. I was all excited to get to Shillong the famous East India Hill Station. I had visions of old British buildings in a peaceful hilly environ. Yep silly me. Its sad when you can see the old stuff which hasn't changed since the Brits left swamped by the typical Indian concrete nightmare. Couple that with too many people and what do you get a shit hole. Now you may think I am fussy, well maybe I am… and maybe I have a romantic view of how India used to be.The most frustrating part is when drivers just do stupid things, it's a constant in India. Things like oh there is a gap there so lets get into it without thinking if I go there then all ... read more
Indian Sweets
Unhappy Indian Sweets Face
Bush Camp

Asia » India » West Bengal November 6th 2015

Geo: 26.6952, 89.2815We stayed the night at Madari Hutin a guest house, we took a room only for a shower and slept in the roof toptent. Whilst there a Brit and aNepalese arrived and, the Brit was filming a walking expedition starting inAfghanistan and ending in Bhutan for the Discovery Channel. They also were in the same exit of Nepal convoy, so it would seem that when the show airs this footage may make it into the final edit.Lev (the Brit) hada few good tails and the one about a car crash in Nepal was particularly scary.Lisa brought the topic up of how dangerous some of the road were and Lev thentold the story of how during a filming scoping activity the vehicle they werein suffered brake failure on a downhill section in upper Eastern Nepal…. ... read more
Church Camp Ground
Lady cooking Nepali Roti???

Asia » Nepal November 4th 2015

Geo: 26.6692, 88.1219The drive out of Kathmandu had been slow as queues of heavy vehicles lined the road verges either side of petrol stations causing serious traffic jams. We had been told there was a new road heading towards the eastern border that was a very nice drive so we headed for it. The afternoons drive was uneventful and we camped next to a small river complete with a couple of pigs. The next day was a wonderful trip up to lunchtime anyway. Just after lunch we were stopped by police for our own safety. About 15 kms up the road there were some not so peaceful conflicts and uncontrolled road blocks. The local villagers are unhappy about the Constitution and it is their way of raising this issue. Any vehicles passing are stoned, smashed or ... read more
Police Blockade
Locals doing their stuff
3 little pigs

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu November 1st 2015

Geo: 27.7029, 85.3182It would be nice to start off this blog with it's the same old Kathmandu but it is just not the case. For some reason many of the old cultural icons have been destroyed and the new ugly concrete monstrosities were untouched. I guess that speaks volumes for reinforcing rods and concrete. We have been wandering around for two days whilst waiting for our Myanmar visas and the mood is very different. The Nepalese people are famous for being very friendly, warm and welcoming. Sadly, this just is not the case this time. This is probably not helped by the fact that the fuel crisis is making the country quite miserable for the locals and the occasional tourists. The Bandas (politically motivated road blocks) cease the movement of all other goods. Everything is getting ... read more
KTM crowds
Lisa and
Boudinath Temple.. well whats left of it anyway

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini October 30th 2015

Geo: 27.4778, 83.3121After Bardia we headed due east to Bhairawa a border town we used to live in. We knew the border here was quite porous so we figured some of our friends could help get fuel. Fortunately this worked and we topped up everything and headed for Kathmandu. The trip inland could not been further from India as the roads were just deserted. No one other than us had any fuel. Vehicles were parked all over the roads and the road verges waiting for fuel. Fuel stations were surrounded by vehicles parked in queues, for kilometers in every direction around them. Nepal has a demand for 250 tankers of fuel per day, a total of 100 tankers had crossed the border in the last 12days. Most restaurants are now closed as they have no gas ... read more
Bjaya and Lisa
Car Blessed
Buying Black Market Fuel

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