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Suzan Hogan Taylor

I have traveled almost 50 countries so far and the more I see the more I want to see! Every country is so different than the last. I hope to see as much of the world as I possibly can before I die. It is a goal and a passion.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya May 13th 2015

March 31, 2015 We got a ride in a taxi to the bus station and they told us the ticket for the bus to Pataya is 130 baht ($3). We bought the tickets and then a man led us to a van. Just like in Mexico, they started jamming everyone into the van and then they were going to cram all the luggage in the isle! John and I looked at each other and said, "HELL NO"". We got out of the van and went inside to the ticket lady. John explained to her that we want to ride on the big bus and not in the van. She ran out the back door, went to the van driver, and got the money back, then came back to the window and gave us the refund. Of ... read more
our luggage
Picture of the Princess

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 11th 2015

Da and I went in a taxi to the floating market outside of Bangkok. Don't ask me why we didn't go to the one in Bangkok. I think the reason was because Da had never been there, but I don't think she had been to the one in Bangkok either. Anyway, Da has a friend from her village that is a taxi driver and they rode with him to Bangkok. Da's village is 6 hours away! They hired this guy to drive them to Bangkok and then around town and then sent him home. He drove us around all day and waited for us in-between stops and only charged $35. or 1050 baht. I filled his tank for $15 so he was happy! Of course, I think he got some of the money we ended up ... read more
driver of long tail boat
pulling up to Buddist Temple at the floating market.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 9th 2015

I woke up this morning and it is the day I leave Kathmandu and head back to Bangkok. Last night Sos showed up at my hotel, in the middle of the night. It was around 2am and she is banging on my door. I had left Hooters, her restaurant, about midnight , on foot and ended up getting lost. When the shops are closed and the metal doors rolled down it is hard to recognize where you are ! The streets here are not in blocks! They go every which way and it is very easy to get lost! I went back to the restaurant and Sos, Sagar, and Depok walked me to my hotel. The gates on the hotel were locked and we had to get securities attention to come and unlock them. They left ... read more
King on Billboard
King on Building
King on another building

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 7th 2015

March 26, 2015 There are only 2 days left before I fly back to Bangkok and I want to make the most of the rest of my stay. I went downstairs to breakfast, in the hotel, and saw the tables were all full. I spotted a table with 2 guys and 2 empty chairs so I asked if I could sit there. One guy was from Russia and one was from Japan. I could not help myself, and asked the guy from Russia how he felt about Putin. At first he looked a little confused like he thought it might be a trick question. Then he said, "I like him some days and I don't like him on other days." SAFE ANSWER! I proclaimed my distaste for the American Government and our entire voting system and ... read more
clothing factory seamstresses
cutting room clothing factory

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 7th 2015

The hotel is very nice to me and in the morning there is a wonderful breakfast that is included. Again, it is called Samsara Resort. But don't go running to get reservations just yet! Read the rest of the is in the blog I wrote on the hotel. I had breakfast then started to walk over to the restaurant/bar. It was very early and I knew my friends would still be asleep, so I past my turn and walked around town. I watched as the women carried plates with lit candles , flowers, and some kind of red wax , over to the prayer houses that were set up on almost every block. These prayer houses were different than the ones in Thailand. These are big enough to go inside to pray and most do. ... read more
walking in front door
going in to the kitchen area before construction
dinner the boys made me

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal May 6th 2015

In case you didn't read my other blog that started this story, I am staying in the Samsara Resort hotel because a friend of mine arranged with her friend for me to be there. Her friend, is very close with the owner and have known each other all their lives. Upon arriving the first day I tried to pay but they said it was taken care of. Now it is the second day and after I woke up I went down to the lobby where there is an area for breakfast. It was a full breakfast with lots of choices. It is included with the room. I had pancakes, sausage, potatoes, ham, cereal, toast, juice and coffee. I went about my day and stayed there the second night too. The following morning I came down for ... read more

MISSING May 4th 2015

The following day I was fed up with Sos and her continuous complaining so I decided to venture off alone. She wouldn't hear of it though and when I said I was angry with her and stormed down the street, she followed me quietly on the other side of the street. After walking several blocks I noticed her and crossed the street to where she was standing. She wanted to have coffee and talk. I told her I was done with all this and want to act like a tourist now but she insisted. I told her she had 30 minutes. We sat down with coffee at a street cafe and she pulled out a typed letter. It was a letter to Micheal in Australia, complaining about everything and asking for more money. I got through ... read more
town of Patan
shops in Patan

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 4th 2015

Sos halted a taxi and we both jumped in and it was off to the Monkey Temple. I had asked what was the most popular thing to see in Kathmandu other than Thamel and this was it. By the time we got there it was around 4:30 and all the vendors were packing up to leave. Right away I spotted a monkey in the street and when we got to the entrance they were sitting on the buildings, the stairs, etc...many of them just running around and not bothering anyone. I had to pay $2 to get in because I am a tourist and the people from Nepal get in free. When we walked in I noticed right away the prayer flags hanging in the air above the temple. Nepal is famous for pictures with the ... read more
view from stairs
walking in

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 30th 2015

The plane landed in Nepal 3 hours late and we had to stay out on the runway for an extra 20 minutes for who knows why! We finally got off the plane and into the airport where there was a huge mass of people all waiting to get temporary visas. This just meant, you are not getting in until you pay them some money! I had to get in line and wait for another 1 1/2 hours only to be told I needed to have a picture with me for the visa. In the back of the room is a place to get your picture taken and I was sent there. My luggage is waiting somewhere for me because I bought a huge suitcase in Krabi, to bring to Kathmandu, so I could buy clothes. This ... read more
view from my hotel
hotel view

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi April 30th 2015

Woke up and packed. Today I separate from the group and head out on my own. I left both pairs of sandals and my cowboy hat in the hotel room. The shoes have torn my feet up with blisters and I don't think I need the hat in Nepal. All I have left to wear is my Levi tennis shoes that require socks and it is too hot for socks! Plus I have too much to carry and need to keep it simple! We all met for breakfast then took the boat across to Abnang. The girls got in a cab to the airport and I took a truck cab back into Krabi (a taxi that is set up on a small pick up truck. There are benches lining the back of the pickup and a ... read more
City Hotel
Night Market
pizza in Krabi!

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