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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 5th 2019

I was asked to join a banking project in Bangkok, Thailand which seemed like a great opportunity to visit a county that I’d never been to before. While the majority of my time would be spent working, having weekends and evening free to explore the city with local colleagues from my company seemed like a great opportunity – especially when my employer was picking up the cost of travel and lodging. I left out of Tampa airport headed to Bangkok via Detroit and South Korea on a Delta / Korean Air flight (like maximizing my Delta miles). I was honestly quite surprised how large and modern the Seoul, South Korea airport was! I felt like I was in a giant high-end mall that was made of glass and filled with large ornamental trees. The airport was ... read more
View of the city from my office

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 4th 2019

Forty hours is a bit extreme, but this is the reality that comes with living in a relatively small city in cental Canada, one which is definitely not a hub for any airlines. Anyone who lives here knows that direct flights to anywhere are rather limited. Consequently, it takes us about the same amount of time to get from Regina to our overseas connecting flight in Vancouver, as it does to complete the overseas leg of the journey from Vancouver to Bangkok. But the ten hour stopover in Vancouver allowed us a short family visit, and as the overseas flight was smooth, uneventful, and leaving just after midnight, our biological clocks and now exhausted energy levels provided the perfect conditions for sleeping most of the flight. We arrived Bangkok mid-afternoon, safe, sound, and well rested, and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 3rd 2019

Donnerstag, den 27. Dezember, sind Arielle, Hannah und ich um 4h morgens in Thaïland angekommen wo wir glatt 1 Stunde brauchten um durch die Immigration zu kommen ! Im Flughafen wartete dann Polina aus Russland auf uns, Arielle’s Freundin die die nächsten Tage in Bangkok mit uns verbringen würde. Als wir dann endlich aus dem Flughafen raus waren haben wir uns ein Grab (wie Uber) zu unserem Hostel im Stadtzentrum genommen, dem iSanook Hostel. Als wir endlich dort ankamen war es bereits 6h30, aber die Rezeption war noch geschlossen und im iSanook Hotel nebenan sagte man uns wir müssten bis 7h warten um ins Hostel reinzukommen. Glücklicherweise verlies jemand das Hostel gegen 6h40 und er hat uns reingelassen. Wir haben es uns dann auf den Sofas in der Lobby bequem gemacht und haben noch ein paar ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 3rd 2019

On Thursday, December 27th, Arielle, Hannah and I arrived at 4AM in Thaïland where it took us an hour to get through immigration! In the airport, Arielle's friend Polina from Russia was waiting for us and once we all were ready, we shared a Grab (something like Uber) to our hostel in Bangkok, the iSanook hostel. When we arrived it was already 6:30AM but the reception was still closed and in the hotel next door (iSanook hotel, they belong together), they told us that we would had to wait until 7AM before they could let us in. Fortunately some guy left the hostel when we arrived and he let us in. They have some very comfortable sofas in the lobby and so we lay down and slept another 2 hours there. :-) We were totally exhausted ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 21st 2018

Cez noc furt lialo. Rano uz len prskalo ale pre istotu nahadzujem prsiplat. Na ranajky kupujem trs maly bananov. Listky na vlak zacinaju predavat 15.min pred prichodom supravy, i ked tam mali vypisane, ze 30min. Co ma nepotesilo bola vyvesena cena 100b a pri nej poznamka pre cudzincov. Ktovie zakolko idu domaci. Baba predemnu platila 25b ale neviem aka bola jej destinacia. V sobotu a nedelu chodi aj specialny vlak z centra bangkoku. Cenuneviem ale casi mi nevyhovovali. Vlak prazdny ale potesilo viacej ludi co predavali jedlo. Nuz ja nemam prachy tak som len na bananoch. V niektorych staniciach davame prednost vyssie radenim vlakom. Tym padom do ciela prichadzame s viac ako hodinovy meskanim. Na jedlo idem tam kde pred odchodom. Chcel som si dat kura s ryzu ale tetula ma zavrete, tak koncim zas na ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 17th 2018

Asistencna sluzba allianz uplne k nicomu, tak idem teda do vytipovanej zubnej kliniky Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic Sukhumvit 21. Na ranajky sa zastavujem v rovnakom stanku kde som jedaval pocas minulej cesty. No uz i tu je turisticka prirazka, ono to je v ulicke ako sa ide od central gh dolava, uplne posledne jedlo na rohu. Najedeny k demokratic monumentu, odtialto ide bus k mojej destinacii avsak nie az priamo, musel by som este slapat asi 15.min. No ako pozeram tie zapchy, idem k dalsej zastavke pri Giant Swing. Odtialto ide bus prakticky az priamo k zubarovy. No tu su zapchy este horsie. Tak sa rozhodujem to dat pesi. Podla google cca 1 a stvrt hodiny. Slnko uz pekne pecie ale idem po chladku. Cestou nic nezvycajne. Ako sa dostavam do casti siam, tak sa objavuju ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 16th 2018

Po sprche, v restike ranajky. Jablkovy dzus a ryzova polievka. Dali sa vybrat este dalsie 3moznosti. Moja moznost zrejme aj mala tu hodnotu dolar. Dosol aj rakusan, ten ide dnes robit velky okruh, vcera mal maly. Posledny den planuje pobehat male chramy na bicykli. Zistene, ze je vegetarian. Ah, kam ta doba speje. Pick up prichadza 7.30. Malicke auticko kde uz 2 turistky. Na vtip neraagovali. Som sa pytal ci smer saigon. Auticko nas vyhadzuje pri backpackars hosteli. Tu uz dost turistov, postupne prichadzali dalsi. Bus prichadza 8.20, realne startujeme 8.40 miesto 8.00. Na buse napisane direct bus. Inak stara rachotina, klima isla ale ne moc. Sadam si vedla uk baby, na otazku ci ma volne nereagovala, hlava v mobile kde sledovala film. Bola tu aj s 3 kamoskami, vsetky sedeli za sebou, nechapem preco nie ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 8th 2018

Awesome flight with plenty of food, drinks and laughs. Steve’s normal gas issues didn’t affect us to much💨 Although leaving my mobile at the hotel, gave us some nerve racking moments. Landed at Bangkok International airport at 4.11pm Bangkok time. Whoa the humidity and duty free smokes for Steve 33.10 AUD for a carton. Our customs and immigration check in was uneventful, however exchanging my aus cash for baht gave a funny moment when Simone thought she had seen my twin, to the point of coming to take a photo( I had taken one of my layers off to cool down) Eye opening trip to our motel The Grand China Hotel, no helmets on scooters. Checked in and rooms are clean and air conditioning so awesome. Ready for dinner and head to level 25 for the ... read more
Leaving time
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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 8th 2018

Wow Thailand is not disappointing, apologies for the inconsistency of the dates, I woke up early for the other ones. As such our day started at 5.00 and the decision to have breakfast early and walk around the area. Very nom nom nom. A pair of sunnies found for 2.00 Australian which were needed . We had a trip to the floating markets and the temples today, incredible, gifts for the girls gotten and my obligatory magnet. Beautiful sunny weather. Bankoky had rain and was only an hour and a half away. Working on my haggling. Brilliant experience and the trip back with KFC for lunch lol, those 11 herbs and spices do not match the Australian flavours.🍗🍗🍗🍗🍟🍟🍟 Then back for a walk around China town, a very sensory experience, challenging for some of us. Swim ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 30th 2018

Just a quick catchup from day 19. We landed in Bangkok safe and sound, obviously or you wouldn’t be reading this. We got ourselves to the hostel about 5 minutes before it shut. Lucky. The Luck Yimm Hostel is situated right next to the big swing and about half an hours walk away from the river and the Grand Palace. Guess what you’ll be reading about later on… We had a double room just below the hostel type area and it was large. The colour scheme was charcoal meets grey (I’m aware) which we felt would be better for us being able to get some sleep. We had a lap around the immediate area and didn’t find anything. I’d skipped the meal on the flight but could not source any food so sulked off to bed. ... read more

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