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The above was meant to be a pun about Nightbus to Cairo but I realised when writing it that no-one would know but I’ve stuck with it because I’m stubborn. We woke and were out a lot earlier this time, purely on the basis that we had to meet the checkout time. We used a Grab (Thai Uber) to get a lift to the train station where our night train would be travelling from. We had booked through a travel company, who organise the transfers from Bangkok right to Koh Tao (Our next stop) which is really the only way to do it as these companies buy all the tickets for these journeys months in advance. We paid for a Left Luggage to hold our luggage for us and then got to work on the tube. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 7th 2018

It's been a few days since I last posted a blog, primarily because I haven't been doing anything particularly blogable. I've mainly been getting a few jobs done where I'm staying at my aunt's house. There are a couple of things I would do in Bangkok, namely the snake farm and insect park, but the issue is that I'm staying quite far from the city and in an area that makes it difficult and time consuming to get in to the city. I've got no immidiate access to public transport and getting a taxi in Bangkok is cheap enough but getting in to the city takes literally hours and sitting in traffic for hours is extremely slow and frustrating. If I was really bothered, what I would have to do is actually go and stay in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 1st 2018

PIECE DE RESISTANCE THAILAND When I extended my vacation I knew two weeks was not enough time to do two dive locations, so I decided to spend my last four days in Thailand, on land. I’ve been there before, once in Pataya and once in Phuket; the diving was great. This time I wanted to embrace the tourist in me. Searching for a place to stay, I was intrigued by the reviews of the Phranakorn Nornlen Hotel…a hard name to remember, but I will never forget the charm of this boutique hotel. The entrance to the hotel is less than appealing. It looks like a hole in the wall off a narrow side road. But it took me fifteen minutes to move to the reception desk, I was so busy taking photos of the charming little ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 23rd 2018

Ich bin zurück in Bangkok… und es fühlt sich gut an. Alles ist so vertraut, die Wärme, die Gerüche, die Stadt… Nachdem ich 2008 für einige Monate hier gearbeitet habe, kenne ich mich hier ganz gut aus, was zur Entscheidung beigetragen hat, hier einige Tage länger zu bleiben. Hier ist es wichtig, mich wieder umzustellen, dass es jetzt wieder allein mit der Reise weiter geht, und nach den erlebnisreichen letzten Monaten mal länger an einem Ort zu sein. So habe ich hier Zeit, Dinge zu erledigen, die noch offen sind (Fotos hochladen, Blog schreiben etc.) und auch meine Planungen für die nächsten Reiseziele zu machen (Visa beantragen, Flüge und Unterkünfte buchen etc.). Da ich auch noch Freunde und Kollegen treffen werde, bleibe ich voraussichtlich bis zum 27.08. hier in Bangkok und werde dann für ca. 2-3 ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 25th 2018

“One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster" If we are going to write a blog entry about Bangkok we just have to somewhere quote “One Night in Bangkok”. We might as well do it in the beginning to get it over with. Our vacation trip in Southeast Asia took us to four countries. We have so far written about three of these, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. In this and the next two blog entries we are going to write about the last of the four - Thailand. Here we will focus on Bangkok. Grand Palace Grand Palace is the most important royal palace in Thailand. The royal family doesn’t live there so on most days it is open for visitors. The royal family has a status which royalties elsewhere don’t have. That in combination ... read more
Grand Palace
Grand Palace

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 12th 2018

N’y allons pas par quatre chemins, disons-le sans ambages, disons-le tout net, ne coupons pas les cheveux en quatre et sans se fendre d’un demi sourire, ne tournons pas autour du pot, osons le dire, Khon Kaen est très moche, triste, sale et puante. L’hôtel, le KK Guesthouse, 750 THB (20 €) veut se donner des allures de grand avec les moyens du bricolage, grande chambre et literie correctes et sans chichi, le type à l’accueil, auquel je demande s’il n’a pas une petite carte du centre pour que je me repère, me répond, certes pas méchamment, qu’il y a Google Maps pour ça, il va m’aider à aimer sa ville cet indien-là, petit déjeuner absurde, à ma demande de beurre, la nana me sort une petite micro-boîte déjà entamée, il n’y a pas de petites ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 11th 2018

On our first full day in Bangkok, we woke at the crack of dawn. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the café associated with our hotel. The breakfast was pretty standard western style eggs and toast with “sausage” that turned out to be more hot dog than anything else. Tara Place offers free scheduled tuk-tuk service to a few locations. We took the 8:00 am to the Grand Palace . The Palace does not open until 8:30, but we waited in line. Getting there early was definitely the right call. We enjoyed a relatively peaceful and serene tour of the grounds. The temples and structures of the Grand Palace are exquisite. The amount of detailed craftsmanship that went into constructing and maintaining these buildings over the centuries is awe-inspiring. There are millions of tiny tiles that ... read more
Kristy at Grand Palace
Reclining Buddha
Kristy at Wat Arun

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 11th 2018

Wieder mal in Thailand, dem Land des Lächelns, obwohl ich dies für jedes bereiste Land in Asien behaupten könnte. Ich fahre mit dem Bus von Bangkok 4 Stunden südlich nach Hua Hin. Diese Stadt bietet Ruhe und Erholung und ist dank Ihrer Lage das auch gleich das Erholungsgebiet vieler Thais die in Bangkok leben. Auch die Königsfamilie hat hier eine Sommerresidenz. Ich blieb 5 Tage in Hua Hin und konnte neben dem touristischen Süden und der Megametropole Bangkok so zum ersten Mal auch etwas anderes Thailand geniessen. Dies gab mir die Möglichkeit Zeit für mich zu haben, kleinere Roller Touren in die benachbarten Nationalparks zu unternehmen oder einfach mal wieder irgendwo gemütlich in einem Restaurant sitzen oder am weiten, flachen Strand zu entspannen. Tagsüber war dieser Strand meistens menschenleer. Ebbe und Flut waren hier ausserordentlich prägnant, ... read more
Die Wälder in Chiang Mai
Nettes Cafe
Ayutthaia der Wat Chai Watthanaram

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 26th 2018

Bangkok: img= 1:09:02 2018, 5 Thailand, Laos, Macau, HongKong DVD ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 25th 2018

I was going to title this post with the word ‘chilling’ rather than ‘relaxing’ but given the heat and humidity of Bangkok, I decided that would not be appropriate. I managed to sleep surprisingly well last night given the jet lag, and I’ve managed to make the 5-hour time zone adjustment quite quickly. I’ll be going forward another hour tomorrow in Malaysia but that shouldn’t be a problem. Today though, I got up early this morning to go for a walk along some Khlongs, or canals, around the same area as my aunt’s house where I’m staying but a short drive away. These are artificial waterways that are flanked with vegetation of different sorts including trees, reeds, and paddyfields, so they attract quite a bit of interesting birdlife for a city. There are also ... read more
Khlong Scenery
Khlong Scenery
Yellow Bittern

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