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Living in Chiang Maiin north Thailand is a treat. With that said, Chiang Mai is the ideal jumping off place to take a lively, jammed-pack trip to Bangkok. I was fortunate to be able to make the trip with one of my best friends and we shared a trip we'll remember forever. In looking back, the whole experience was the perfect mix of the old and the new. Friday Night After we finished work in Chiang Mai around 5:00 pm, we caught a plane at Chiang Mai International Airport, leaving on the 7:00 pm flight. The flight is a short 70 minutes. We were on time and landed at Donmuang Airport in Bangkok right at 8.10 pm. Bangkok is everything that Chaing Mai is not. Even though Chaing Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand ... read more
The Museum Siam
The Museum Siam
The Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 18th 2019

We awake around 10am - really good for me as a jet lag sufferer! I am assuming it had something to do with being up at 5am on the day of travel but not actually flying till gone 9pm! We had a lot to do - this must be the most disorganised trip ever, leaving making sure we had passports, air tickets, driving licences and clean underwear - everything else is anyone’s guess! We pack a small bag for tonight’s overnight train and swimming cossies for the pool - everything else goes into our wheeled holdalls. It is 12 noon and we check out, leaving our luggage in storage. We go out in search of breakfast. In the daylight we realise that we walked the long way round last night but at least we know for ... read more
Relaxing in the pool
Sleeper train to Laos
Sleeper train to Laos

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 12th 2019

Tonight, we decided to visit Thipsamai, which is often listed as one of the best Pad Thai restaurants in Bangkok (i.e. like how Pat’s is often sited at the best cheesesteak in Philly). It’s located closer towards the Grand Palace from my hotel (on Maha Chai Road). We had spent the earlier part of the day shopping at Terminal 21 as well as another mall that contains smaller individual owned stands, so we took a taxi there. The first thing I noticed was the long line that snaked down the block from the restaurant. Pom had arrived a few minutes before us and saved us a spot in line. The line contained a wide range of customers – tourists to expats to locals. There were also little stands along the street to provide snacks to people ... read more
Chefs Cooking Out Front
Our Dinner

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 11th 2019

A Festive Season in Thailand December 2018 Spending a major western holiday in a country which doesn’t recognize it in their culture, is always an interesting experience. Picture a fully-decorated Christmas tree, complete with angel perched on the top, and surrounded by gaily-wrapped presents, slap in the middle of the hot and humid chaos of Bangkok – evokes a weird mental image doesn’t it? My latest adventure to Southeast Asia begins with an early morning Delta breakfast flight to Seattle, connecting with Korean Air enroute to Seoul, South Korea - finally landing in Bangkok some 23 hours later, just after midnight. This trip I’m trying out another Hilton – the Sukhumvit Bangkok – one of their limo drivers was waiting just outside baggage claim for my transfer across town. At this time of night and after ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 11th 2019

It’s Friday night and my coworkers and I were off for Bangkok’s famous Chinatown for dinner. The four of us decided to take a tuk tuk (i.e. essentially a motorbike pulling a carriage) so I could get a better roadside view of the city. It was only about a 15-minute ride, but a bit harrowing as the drivers in Bangkok like to swerve in and out of cars. Bangkok’s Chinatown was similar to the Chinatown’s in most cities – just a bit more crowed. Like everywhere in the city there were food stands set up everywhere. All of the “famous” places had lines (i.e. called ques here) that took a bit to understand since the staff would tell you to stand to the side and then call you over when seats opened up (often at a ... read more
Road Side Cooking
Variety of Noodles

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 9th 2019

There sheer number of different culinary dishes in Thailand is hard to describe – and most cost close to nothing. The range of tastes and textures and the mixing of hot / sweet / sour makes for every meal being an adventure. I’m fortunate enough to have coworkers that were born and raised in Bangkok to show me around and insist that I try all of the different regional specialties. Regardless of how busy the office is, the staff try to do lunch together out every day (i.e. I’ve learned that few in the office cook regularly as dining out is cheap here). This has allowed me to try lots of different restaurants with my average lunch bill running around $5 USD. My one coworker, also brought in lots of delicious “treats” for everyone to munch ... read more
Cotton candy Tasting Snack
Work in Progress
Egg Plant

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 6th 2019

Weary from my travels I managed to find my way down to the free hotel breakfast which was quite good and as in most Asian countries included items generally viewed as lunch/dinner items in the United States. After breakfast I set out to explore the area and navigate the public transit system. I wondered down to “Sri Maha Mariaman Temple” which was only a few kilometers walk and was a great representative of Indian influence within Bangkok’s temples. This is a temple of the goddess Uma, consort of Shiva, built around 1879 and also included other Hindu gods and goddesses. While not occurring while I was there, the ancient festival of Dushera or Navaratri is held at the temple annually and consists of worship for 10 days / nights with conclusion involving the carrying the image ... read more
Hindu Temple
Chong Nonsi Train Station

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I was asked to join a banking project in Bangkok, Thailand which seemed like a great opportunity to visit a county that I’d never been to before. While the majority of my time would be spent working, having weekends and evening free to explore the city with local colleagues from my company seemed like a great opportunity – especially when my employer was picking up the cost of travel and lodging. I left out of Tampa airport headed to Bangkok via Detroit and South Korea on a Delta / Korean Air flight (like maximizing my Delta miles). I was honestly quite surprised how large and modern the Seoul, South Korea airport was! I felt like I was in a giant high-end mall that was made of glass and filled with large ornamental trees. The airport was ... read more
View of the city from my office

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 4th 2019

Forty hours is a bit extreme, but this is the reality that comes with living in a relatively small city in cental Canada, one which is definitely not a hub for any airlines. Anyone who lives here knows that direct flights to anywhere are rather limited. Consequently, it takes us about the same amount of time to get from Regina to our overseas connecting flight in Vancouver, as it does to complete the overseas leg of the journey from Vancouver to Bangkok. But the ten hour stopover in Vancouver allowed us a short family visit, and as the overseas flight was smooth, uneventful, and leaving just after midnight, our biological clocks and now exhausted energy levels provided the perfect conditions for sleeping most of the flight. We arrived Bangkok mid-afternoon, safe, sound, and well rested, and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 3rd 2019

Donnerstag, den 27. Dezember, sind Arielle, Hannah und ich um 4h morgens in Thaïland angekommen wo wir glatt 1 Stunde brauchten um durch die Immigration zu kommen ! Im Flughafen wartete dann Polina aus Russland auf uns, Arielle’s Freundin die die nächsten Tage in Bangkok mit uns verbringen würde. Als wir dann endlich aus dem Flughafen raus waren haben wir uns ein Grab (wie Uber) zu unserem Hostel im Stadtzentrum genommen, dem iSanook Hostel. Als wir endlich dort ankamen war es bereits 6h30, aber die Rezeption war noch geschlossen und im iSanook Hotel nebenan sagte man uns wir müssten bis 7h warten um ins Hostel reinzukommen. Glücklicherweise verlies jemand das Hostel gegen 6h40 und er hat uns reingelassen. Wir haben es uns dann auf den Sofas in der Lobby bequem gemacht und haben noch ein paar ... read more

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