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My soulmate husband and I have always been captivated by foreign cultures, and what we can learn from them. This passion has fuelled our global travels, as well as my study of foreign languages - French, Spanish, and now Indonesian. I continue to chase lifelong dreams, whether I am at home songwriting, performing, recording another CD, or backpacking around the world, taking adventurous risks while learning and doing as much as possible. And always my guitar is with me, as I use music to connect with people of all cultures and am repeatedly convinced that music is indeed a universal language. I have been very privileged, as I have had both the desire and the ability to pursue my dreams, chasing them with my soulmate by my side, forever grateful for this life.

"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples. No need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples. My philosophy is kindness." Dalai Lama

In addition to following the call of travel, and completing a career as a French and English language teacher, I have also followed a calling for music, recording two complete albums and four EP's as a singer/songwriter. My latest album "Standing on a Platform of Kindness" released in 2016, is an eclectic collection of life stories and travel experiences drawn musically from a diverse background of delta blues, folk rock, world rhythm, jazz, and roots.

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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Johnston Canyon September 14th 2017

We have been here before, at this particular Castle Mountain overflow campsite, many times. It is our favourite hangout destination in the Rockies, although we have certainly ventured to other areas in Alberta and British Columbia over the decades. We have travelled to the mountains before children, with children, and now return, full circle, just the two of us again. We have cycled through the mountains, climbing the daunting Roger's Pass not once, but twice. We have motorbiked from Saskatchewan through the Rockies to the west coast; we have hiked Banff’s Sulphur Mountain at least a dozen times, as well as taken on the far more ominous challenge of hiking Castle Mountain. We have canoed the mountain lakes and attempted to kayak the swift flowing streams :) We have not been short on adventures. But the ... read more
Castle Mountain
The foothills
Follow that bike

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina May 4th 2017

It is always strange to leave one side of the planet, in the southern hemisphere, on a particular date, travel for eighteen hours, and arrive on the other side on the planet, in the northern hemisphere, relatively early in the day on the same date that we departed. It is also still a little shocking every year to adjust to the cooler climate upon arrival. And it is always a delight to rediscover that daylight hours here don't end at 6:30 p.m., but go on long into the evening, delivering the dramatic beautiful prairie sunsets for which my home province, Saskatchewan, whose vehicle license plate reads "Land of the Living Skies", is renowned. All things come and go, and the Dreamchasers adventures are no exception. Another season of global travel is over. After a few days ... read more
We are The Dreamchasers
Vancouver Sunset Rider
Cherry Blossom Beauty: Springtime in Vancouver

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei April 24th 2017

Given that our flight back from Denpasar Bali to Canada typically involves around thirty hours of being in transit, we have begun the practice of breaking up the long haul flight with a stopover en route home, generally determined by where the overseas carrier stops. When flying with Cathay Pacific Airlines, we took the opportunity one year to explore Hong Kong for a couple of days. Very worthwhile - both for breaking up the flight and lessening the effects of jet lag - but also because it enabled us to experience the culture of another international cosmopolitan city. This year we flew EVA Airlines, based out of Taipei, Taiwan, and finally got to visit this interesting city. Unfortunately Stan picked up a bit of sinus congestion from the five hour flight to Taipei from Denpasar, so ... read more
Sweet Thank You Card
My Music Buddies @  Dandy Hotel, Taipei
Dandy Hotel Lobby Tribute

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 21st 2017

As a final assignment for this year's Bahasa Language study, my teacher asked me to write a composition which applied all of the concepts we have studied to date.. After pondering what meaningful subject I might write about, I decided to complete my latest travel blog "The Inexplicable Magic of Being Here" in two languages - English and Bahasa Indonesia, as this topic is very close to my heart. It was challenging, but I like challenges, and I learned a great deal in the process. Here, for my Bahasa Indonesia speaking friends, is the Bahasa Indonesia version of my previous travel blog entry "The Inexplicable Magic of Being Here". As well, this post will be a good refresher assignment for me when I return to my Bahasa language study next February, after an eight month absence, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 21st 2017

My husband and I are often asked by friends at home "What is the favorite place that we have travelled to?" It is a question for which we have only one response: "There is no one special place; every place we have travelled to, particularly in Southeast Asia, has offered something unique, something interesting, something memorable." We frequently return to this question in conversation, and have yet to find an answer, always responding instead with our own question "How do you explain this to someone who has never been here?" This has, in fact, become somewhat of a daily meditation that presents itself every time we are gazing upon, or experiencing, another small miracle or more evidence of the beauty that surrounds us. So, even though it is inexplicable, I will attempt to offer a few ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi April 20th 2017

So here is another of the two hundred reasons why we keep returning to Asia. I have elaborated many other reasons that I will soon be posting on my next travel blog. But here is a little story I would like to share. In February, when we were in the airport in Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia, looking for a cup of Espresso, we came across a coffee shop that had a guitar, but alas, no espresso machine. One of the staff escorted me to another shop where we bought our espresso. (Where does that happen?) I promised to return to their shop later and sing a song with them. When I did, the entire staff was waiting, stood up and cheered, and then brought out the guitar and we shared songs. Today, two months later, once again ... read more
Moments of Pure Kindness and Joy

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi April 20th 2017

A few short years ago, if someone had told me I'd be dropping into a black ocean armed with only a flashlight for illumination, I'd have said "Not likely"! But then again, that is pretty much what I said only days before jumping off a cliff to go paragliding in the Himalayas three years ago. My proclamations are obviously not trustworthy, as I definitely jumped off those cliffs in Nepal - not once, but twice - and I completed two night dives earlier this week on our second trip to the Bunaken Marine Park in Northern Sulawesi this year. I am not sure what I was expecting - I think I was hoping mostly not to be too terrified - but I know that I was not expecting the world of spectacular colour that I discovered. ... read more
No, This is Not a Plant
Underwater Colorburst
Giant Scalloped Clam

Asia » Indonesia February 17th 2017

One year ago, in February 2016, we arrived on Gillie Trawangan at our usual pre-booked guest house, but were disappointed to find it was no longer acceptable, and had to seek new accommodation. The initial disappointment turned out to be the best thing ever, as it led us to discover Genius Beach Bistro and Bungalows, where we found not only very clean, spacious, bungalows set in a beautiful garden in front of the beach, but more importantly we met the delightful Austrian born management team of Gaby and Gerhardt, whose kind hearts and delightful senses of humour were equally matched by their profound passion for music - particularly live music. It was only hours after arriving that they invited us to attend a jazz festival with them on the nearby island of Lombok. We had to ... read more
Sweet Music Comes From Within
Jamming with Abu and Gerhardt
Fun Times with Gerhardt

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi February 11th 2017

As I reported in my last post, getting to this remote destination on the planet was not easy, and I suppose if it were, the atmosphere might not be the same. We enjoyed the quiet, the calmness, and the island mentality still predominant even though there are a few dive resorts on the island. Really there is nothing else to do here. People come here to dive. Period. But what a stunning experience it is to dive the Bunaken Marine Park - and we barely scratched the surface, as there are about fifty dive sights spread around three islands, and we only dived nine of them. We have dived several locations in Indonesia, including the outstanding Komodo Marine Park near Flores where we swam last year with the oceanic giant manta rays, but never before have ... read more
Massive Hard Coral Formations
Our Trumpet Fish Friend Arrives
You are so much fun to play with

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi February 4th 2017

Our mission was to get from Ko Tao, a small island in southern Thailand, to Bunaken Island, a tiny remote island off the Northeast coast of Sulawesi, in Northern Indonesia. We had already invested one day of travel getting from the island of Ko Tao to Chumphon, on the mainland, and knew that the last leg of travel would involve a short boat transfer from Sulawesi to Bunaken island. We weighed out the pros and cons of getting the largest segment of the journey - which involved connecting with an international flight and going through both exit and entry customs - completed with one gruelling day of travel, and decided to do the full meal deal and get it all done in one long day. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and we ... read more
Air Asia Flight Crew Welcome to Bali

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