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14th March 2020

Making the most of life
You two are such great travelers. We should all learn something new and you're a super model for that! Speaking of models... no more black hair? How cool is that?
15th March 2020

Making the Most of Life
Super models . . . Well, I will definitely pass that on to Stan, and get him to sharpen up on a few poses ☺️ Yes, the black hair was a good time, in its time, but the silver now is so delightfully freeing. I am quite enjoying becoming a platinum blonde, seemingly overnight. And I feel so much wiser now πŸ˜‰ Thank you as always for taking a moment to share a comment. It is always appreciated. πŸ’œ
10th March 2020

Admiration (and a bit of envy) for your energy, your dedication and your willingness to share with us. I loved the song for the King on youtube. Big hug!
11th March 2020

Koh Phangan 2020
Oh Penthes! So nice to hear from you and thank you for such kind words, especially coming from someone who has been an inspiration to me for all the work you do helping new arrivals to Canada learn the incredibly challenging English language with its sixteen tenses - at least that is what my Bahasa Indonesian teacher shared with me in class today when describing her ten year journey through English grammar. I am so pleased to know you are following the blog and finding it has some merit. Your comments are very encouraging and much appreciated. Thank you πŸ™πŸ’œ
7th March 2020

loving your posts
just laying low in Regina, recovering from a long trip home and gradually re-entering life here after 3 months away. Your joy is infectious Bev - what a great infusion of it I had reading your post on this grey day! Wishing you continued happy travels :)
8th March 2020

Koh Phangan 2020
Thank you Brenda! It is always nice to hear back from those who read the blog, as I otherwise really have no idea. Delighted you are enjoying it, and appreciate your kind words. In these days of fears over catching undesirable viruses , it is wonderful to be attributed with spreading infectious joy. May I continue to uphold that mission πŸ‘ I look forward to hearing about your recent travel adventures when we see each other this spring. Take good care, πŸ™
28th February 2020

Thai Luanguage BLOG
Bev, love the BLOG on Thai language! You have captured all that I feel studying Thai so eloquently! Can I send a link to this BLOG to our Facebook friends? I will give you the fullest of credit! Safe travels to you and Stan! Hugs - Bruce
28th February 2020

Thai Language Blog
Thanks for the kind words Bruce! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, of course you can share the blog link. I look forward to reading your blog soon as well. Safe travels πŸ™
20th January 2020

you? Monkey Brain?
What a truly delightful report!! I can almost taste it. Thanks for that little bit of tropical wonder for those of us you’ve left behind in the cold.
19th January 2020

Stan’s Search for the Elusive Coconut in Koh Phangan
Thank you, Bev and Stan. . . Not just for having great adventures, but for sharing them. They make my heart sing. ❀️
20th January 2020

Stan’s Search for the Elusive Coconut
Thank you for the lovely comment Robin! Making hearts sing is strong motivation to continue sharing, without doubt, and I shall remember your comment each time we post. It is a pleasure having you travel vicariously with us. Take care. πŸ’œπŸ™
7th January 2020

We wish you a great adventure with safety and good health!
7th January 2020

Mother Universe is Preparing Us
Thank you Vic and Chris! We wish you the same, where ever your travels take you this year. We miss you! πŸ’œπŸ™
7th January 2020

Living Through Your Adventures
I love to follow your travels and live vicariously as I continue to work. One day....
7th January 2020

Living Through Your Adventures
Thank you! So nice to hear from you Terri! Wherever you are working, they are lucky to have you! And I know your life is full of adventure, even though you may not be as far from home. Enjoy! Its delightful to know you are traveling with us. Welcome πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ™
6th January 2020

Hey Bev and Stan - Always great to read about your adventures. Happy to hear that the Universe is taking care of you both on your winter of warmth!
7th January 2020

Fellow Travelling Yogi
Hello Chris! How delightful to hear from you! Hope all is well in your world and your are continuing to brighten the lives of those around you as you did for us when Stan and I met you. Lovely to know you are travelling vicariously with us. Take good care πŸ’œπŸ™
6th January 2020

Happy to hear your ups and downs ended UP up and away in first class. I don't believe I've ever splurged on it myself. Perhaps one of these days!
7th January 2020

Up, Up and Away!
Well Susan, I would highly recommend you try it! You need to do something with all your hard earned money and it is a truly worthwhile healthy splurge that will have your body and spirit thanking you. Much love to you 😘
6th January 2020

Love your adventures
Bev & Stan - I wish you the best life has to offer in 2020! I am excited to learn of the adventures that bestow you. The jest of life you share give me encouragement to be the best person I can be with showing kindness wherever I go. My motto is β€œKindness” I painted a sign this fall and it is the profile of my Facebook - β€œIf There is Anything in the World You Can Be- Be Kind” Luv Dar
6th January 2020

Thank you Darlene!
Thank you for your kind words. You too are an inspiration, for the many kindnesses you always share with others. Glad you liked the post. It is nice having you travel vicariously with us! Take care πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ™
19th February 2019

what an adventure...
You are fearless, Bev! I can't imagine learning a language so different from English, but your story sure illustrates the benefits of doing so. My friend and neighbour Betty Ann Donison was over when I opened up your email and she was so happy to see pics of you both - she and Stan grew up together! Meanwhile, I have a totally unrelated question: I can't open the poppyseed cake recipe you sent me for the community cookbook. Dang I wish I'd of tried before you left. I guess it's not likely on your laptop, but if it is maybe try sending again. If it's not, I'll hope you can resend once you're back. I think we'll still have time. Happy travels!
19th February 2019

The Joys of Learning a Language
Thanks Brenda! Lovely to hear from you and have you travel vicariously with us. Look forward to seeing you in the spring!

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