Steve Corin

Steve Corin

Steve Corin

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ringwood September 3rd 2018

Home at last, well, Australia for the moment. Landed in Perth on time. Slept for nearly 7 hours and Chris for over 8 so feeling quite normal. Flight was obviously smooth as it didn't wake us up, only the steward when he asked if I wanted breakfast. Through customs then the Border Control. We declared that we had some woodwork and had been in dirty areas. Asked if our boots had been cleaned - Yes, no issues here, didn't even want to look at them. Then the wooden bits etc. Showed them what we had. Mainly interested in some woven baskets we had bought from the cultural village near he gorillas. Sorry, they are made from grass reeds and might contain seeds so either pay $100 to have them de-contaminated or give them up. OK, give ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg September 2nd 2018

Slept pretty well considering the hour we got in here. There was no car for us at the airport but got a taxi which was cheaper than quoted by the hotel and got us here in no time. Woke up around 0830 so decided to stay up and do breakfast seeing it was included in the room price. Got down there just after 1000 as breakfast was due to finish at 1030. No sign of that end time, as more and more people filtered in after 1030 and the food kept on coming out. Good brekky, we filled up before the fight so we didn’t need to do lunch. Went back to the room and repacked the bags - again. This time we decided to “lose” some old jocks and socks rather than bring them home ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg September 1st 2018

Day started with a sleep in of sorts. We were being picked up at 1000 to go to a cultural village and his morning before heading back to Kigali and then onto Johannesburg. Bags packed and re-packed, then as we walk out of our house there are 2 of the staff waiting to take our bags to the reception area. We eat and chat to a few more of the staff then try to get wifi working. Turns out the internet is shot and they are waiting for the tech guys to come and fix it. We leave for our cultural visit. Back to the village where we turned off for the start of our walk yesterday. We have heard this is a bit commercial so a bit sceptical. We at greets at the gate by ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province du Nord August 31st 2018

Up early again. 0530 knock on the door wake up call. Quick shower, dressed and packed for our day out with Jason Dunstall.....The Silverbacks are calling us. Breakfast, pack a snack box and into the car for our exciting day. Still unsure what to expect but the day is clear and not too hot. What do you wear for such a day. Well ours started at the breakfast table where one of the staff fitted our long gaiters we had hired from the lodge. Lucky for us as it was a bit trickier that I thought. Strapped in and out to our waiting car. Back down the rocky road and off to the park headquarters where we have to register and be allocated to a group of 8 people all eager to see these mountain gorillas. ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province du Nord August 30th 2018

Today we left our Kigali hotel to head up into the mountains. But first we did a drive around Kigali looking at a few sights and onto the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre for an audio tour. Our driver (Yassin) had given us a few bits of information about the genocide of 1994 but said he would let us find out more from the centre itself. You get a map and audio guide and work through at your own pace. I won’t go into too much detail here, but the displays and commentary were pretty graphic. A little bit of history. Rwanda was made up of 3 tribes/clans, the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. The Hutu made up around 84%, Tutsi 15% and the Twa 1%. This split was also used to make up the ruling parties, etc. ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali August 29th 2018

Get a sleep in this morning as we don’t have to leave until 1200. Late breakfast and we get a late check out - 1100. Meet a couple who had wanted to go to the shops to but some Safari desert boots thatbthe guide and some of the drivers were wearing. Had been given instructions on where to go, hir an Uber and it should be easy. I made the mistake of asking when they were going. Oops. WW4. End result was they spoke to the concierge, and came back. All sorted they said, the bus is coming 20 minutes early as it goes past the shopping centre and they can drop in and get the boots. Hmm, was that a question or a statement. Chris gets the hackles up a little and asks a few ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi August 28th 2018

A sleep in today. Awake at 0730, finish packing bags and out of the tent by 0830 for a leisurely breakfast. We are meant to be leaving at 1000 for the flight to Nairobi. Get to breakfast and told the flight is delayed and we won’t leave until 1030. No problems, have time to shop a bit and catch up on blogs, etc. Go and pay the bills then we are told the plane is even later so we will leave soon and do a final game drive on the way to the airstrip. Good idea. Pack the bags into the trucks and away we go. Over the same territory as yesterday. We search for the lions we had seen. Get news that the lions are in the area. We search one way, others in different ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP August 27th 2018

Today we have an 0430 start for our wake up call. Wake up calls here are a Maasai warrior calling out at our door of the tent. Unfortunately they mixed up tents and woke our neighbours who weren’t going on the flight. Then they came to us and did their bit. Never mind. We are in the Balloon companies 4wd and off in the dark with rather slippery roads after last nights downpour. Nearly slip off the road early, but the driver saves it and we keep going. Pass the spot where the car got bogged last night. There as a school bus stopped there last night and that is still there. The driver says it is full of kids who slept there. Interesting. On we go, looking good, then bang and lean. Oh oh, in ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP August 26th 2018

Into the park today for a whole day expedition. Our aim is to get to the Mara river (where the wilderbeest cross in the National Geographic shows -and get eaten by the crocs and lions). Day started off ok, but not long after we leave, my patience is tested by the experts again - why o 4wd, no low gear, etc. I hold my tongue and eventually we get to where we are meant to be, safely, if not slipperyly - is that a real word - it is now..... Long day so sit down, belt up, shut up...... The park has lots of animals, we start with the standard Impala, gazelle, zebra and wilderbeest. Then we see lions eating a kill. Turns out the kill is only a Maasai cow, but this female lion is ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP August 25th 2018

The day started early as we had a flight to catch at 0900. We had about an hour from our lodge to the airport so we should have plenty of time. Unfortunately, it had rained all night, including a drip from the roof in our room. The rain meant slippery roads, and guess what. The lead truck - not ours slipped off the crown of the road and into a ditch. Stuck, bogged in our terminology. Forward, backward, no go. Our 4wd experts in or truck were giving their opinion, all offering the best advice but in the end, the truck was stuck. Masha and Moses got out to push and shove, but no way was it coming out easily. Got out of the ditch but not straight, then into the next ditch. This time it ... read more

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