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Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 24th 2018

Up very early for an early game drive. We are second to breakfast, yes, up earlier than most..... In the truck and away at 0701, not our fault for the “late” start this time. The rough drive starts slowly as there are animals all along the road out this morning. New ones we hadn’t seen closely before. Topi, Heatebeest and Impala (yes to those paying attention we have seen lots of Impala, but not here in Serengeti). The topi are from the antelope family, but have a back like a wilderbeast and have blue jean marks on the side of their flanks. The heartebeest have a 2 tone skin that makes them look like the old EH Holden with the 2 tone paint work. We drive on the rough road for a while, slowly while picking ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 23rd 2018

Today we get a sleep in of sorts as we don’t leave until 0800 for the Serengeti. Back up the road we covered yesterday to the Ngorongoro crater, but then past the turn off and onwards for quite a few kms. The morning is overcast and as we get to the gate it starts to drizzle rain, or is that just the fog.... Up we go again. Hard to see where we are going but Masha has it under control, that is until he swerves and a few of us see why. A bloody BIG elephant crashes through the bush and almost comes onto the road as we pass. I get a great view of him waving his trunk, ears and head by the side of the bushes and road. Way too close for comfort, and ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area August 22nd 2018

Today we head into the Ngorongoro crater, a highlight of our tour. This crater was formed millions of years ago when a volcanic mountain collapsed into itself and formed a perfect crater that has only one entrance road and a different exit road. The animals in this crater are known to be subtly different from others due to the fact they don’t always stray from this crater. We drive to the gate and eventually get into the park. Once past the gate, the bitumen finishes, and the African massage road starts. Corrugations, potholes and wonderful blind corners while climbing the mountain. We get to the lookout and there is nothing to see but cloud so keep on going. Eventually start to see some clear sky and after some time get to the second gate. This is ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area August 21st 2018

Today we packed up and headed towards Ngorongoro Crater. We head there tomorrow but will stay at Karatu in the foothills of the crater. We drive out of the Tarengire National Park and I give Masha (our driver) the task of finding Lions. We see the usual suspects, giraffe, Impala then we spot lots of vultures sitting on dead trees about 6ft off the ground. Taking pics when Masha says lion. Sure enough, over the river he has spotted a female lion. I pick it up in the lens of the camera and then another one appears. Paydirt, almost. Being such a long way away, we give him 7 out of ten. We drive on and there are more. Appears they are hunting in the area. These ones are closer and easier to see. OK, mission ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Tarangire National Park August 20th 2018

No breakfast details, just into the trucks and away by 0730 planned. We drive for a short time with our driver, Masha checking for tracks as we go. He seems to spot a few cat tracks but can’t be sure how old they are. Next thing, we stop. He points out a dead Impala in a tree. The only animal to do that is a leopard. Excitement builds. As we look around, a jackal comes down the track straight towards us. Pics, then the other car behind us (one of ours) spots the leopard. The jackal has brought her out of the bush. Then we spot a cub in a tree further out. Bingo. Action aplenty and only our 2 trucks to watch proceedings, bugger. Mum comes out and is almost beside the trucks and the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Tarangire National Park August 19th 2018

Wake early and see that our porters are waiting for our bags. We weren’t late, they just knew our bags had to go. It is amazing watching some of these people, some women, carry our bags. We feel embarrassed but they are happy to be helping us. Even had one woman throws a 22kg suitcase on her head and walks unassisted (not our bag....). Into the breakfast room, as we watch monkeys clambering all over the place. Even had one sneak through a side door to steal a muffin from the table. We sit with others who are grumbling about their breakfast. We order ours, comes as ordered and very nice. They must have ordered badly or got the dodgy wait staff. Settle our account for 1 beer (USD $3) - not bad for a bigger ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City August 18th 2018

Woken early by a knock on the door. Wake up call. Hmmm, phone didn’t go off, old style manual call. Found out at breakfast that others got a call. Must have knocked the phone so it didn’t work. Good service. Brekky then into the bus for our short trip back to the airport. Back through the check in routine and towards customs, etc. Farewelled our tour guide, Graham. He has been really good and keeps saying we have been the best group he has ever had. We vehemently say he is talking shit but he steadfastly says he has had loads of fun and hasn’t had to work hard at all. Anyway, more hugs and kisses - and handshakes for some. Then we head through his secret security entry which is much quicker than the first ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 17th 2018

Our last day in the luxurious Royal Livingstone Hotel. We farewelled 2 couples who weren’t on our bus today - one staying an extra night and going straight back to Oz the other going to Kenya for a walking tour. The start of sad farewells. To the airport arriving before the security people were ready. Through 3 levels of security, big bags x-rayed before check in, then little bags and us as usual. Check in and passport control, then another us and little bag security check. Find out later that there are at least 100 hundred people queued up to get through security so the extra wait time isn’t really an issue. Time to shop and have a bite to eat or drink. On our flight back to Joberg where we have an overnight stay befor ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 16th 2018

Slow morning before our helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Picked up by the standard 4wheel drive safari vehicle and driven about 3kms to the helipad. Signed up and then briefed on the safety, etc. We were on the second flight. Somehow I ended up in the middle back seat...... Never mind, could still see really well. Huge expanse of water and falls and we went round at least twice before exploring up the Zambezi for a while. Huge pod of Hippos, elephants and crocs. Was a really good flight, then back to the helipad before we were driven back to the hotel. We had until 1400 before our walking tour of the falls so had time for a bite to eat, shop and re-arrange the bags a bit. Onto the bus, given a bit of ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 15th 2018

There is a song somewhere in my head about 3 countries in one day, can’t get the tune though. Anyway, today we did 3 countries in one day...... Left the ship with heavy heart, what a great experience in such luxury. Then we had to do customs clearance from Namibia, enter into Botswana again. This is where things turned interesting. We had been warned that the immigration people in Botswana may want to do spot checks of some bags. Wrong, every bag had to be opened, do you have curios, how much did you spend, do you have receipts (bit hard when you buy from a village market). Took a while to clear this effort, especially as they only had a small table under a tree in the dust opening bags, asking what was in this ... read more

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