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Africa » Namibia » Caprivi August 14th 2018

Slow morning, we decided to miss the birdwatching boat trip this morning. Thought we might be the only ones, but soon found out that there were at least 4 or 5 others couples who had a slow start as well. Nice to wake up easy and do breakfast at our own pace, even if I was distracted by the hippo outside the ship walking to the shore. Lots of exposure at long last, but guess where the camera was..... Did some washing as well, so no more swapping jocks from front to back and inside out......... Plan today is to visit a local community village. Off in the boats again, and find out that our boat driver comes form this village. He is very proud to be taking us there. On the way we pass a ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Caprivi August 13th 2018

We move on from an interesting time in Johannesburg to our next destination, the Chobe river. This is an interesting sort of the trip as we leave South Africa, passport control, enter Botswana, passport controlmfor all of our 15 minutes in Botswana then on a safari boat down the river and into the Namibian waters to do, passsport control. This time, much more interesting, boat nudges into the river bank, we have to climb off into soft sand then up to the passport office. We have a few people less mobile than others, so I help a few, then our badge lady (91 year old Marion) climbs down. The boat person is panicing a bit. I hold her hand and she is down. Easy Peasy. Others get steps but Marion shows them all up. Queue at ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 12th 2018

Another early start as this is our last Safari drive in Kruger. We actually get away before 0545 - yes that early. We were on the hunt for cheetah that had been seen yesterday so we could round off our animal list. As we had to be back for 0800 to get ours bags out to be picked up at 0900, the early start was a must. Fast trip meant we drove down the guts of the airstrip and onto the bush tracks after that. On the way we saw a Rhino with her 2 week old calf - too dark for pics but a nice sighting. Then into the area where the cheetah were sighted yesterday. Bush bashing through the scrub when we get a call. One of the other trucks had found them. Vroom ... read more

Yesterday was amazing, how can we beat that. Easy.... Up at 0530, yes, before the sun rises and the birds start chirping. quick coffee/tea for some and a cookie and OJ for others. Not the truck to be first away, yes, Barnie (our driver) loves to be first, and when he is carrying that bloody big gun, he is boss... Our requests for today’s drive were elephants, water buffalo, leopards and whatever comes after that. We had been out for about 15 minutes, spotting the usual Impala, zebra and giraffe (ho hum) with a few pics of the sunrise when we started to go faster. All of a sudden, Barnie says we are now going to see a leopard that others have spotted. No complaints from us. Arrive and one other truck is there. The leopard ... read more

Early early start without a safari drive. Heading to Kruger via Johannesburg and Hoedspruit. Pouring rain as we leave the hotel in Port Elizabeth. Arrive at the airport and have to say farewell to Nando (can you bea the drums Fernando) as he has to drive back to Cape Town empty after this. Lovely guy and a great driver - never felt in danger at all, and he could get the coach up and ripping pretty easily. Into the airport and check in - what a debacle. Supposedly all organised, but the tour director is flustered. Searching through his bag for the tickets, etc. finally it starts to happen. Eventually all checked in and through security to the departure lounge. Get on messenger and have a quick chat with Jessica and the kids. Nice to see ... read more

Another leisurely start to the day. Bags out and on the bus by 0930. Heading to Port Elizabeth via a few other stops on the way. First stop is at a beach resort called Plettenburg Bay. Steep drive down to the beach where they have a hotel on the waters edge that is in th shape if a ship - sort of. As the tour guide said, it looks like it should be in a James Bond movie. As we watch a whale watching boat is coming into the shore. Big catamaran with lots on board. Flying to the beach, we all say the same thing. He must be going to beach it. Sure enough, straight up into the sand. A guy wheels a stairway out, like a plane and the people climb down. A tractor ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Knysna August 8th 2018

Aah, a slow day at last. We get to sleep in until 0700. Today we have a 1000 start so a very causal breakfast and then a very short drive to the waterfront for a boat trip on the Knysna Lagoon. Dropped off at the start of a mini shopping strip. Almost like some of the crew hadn’t been near shops for an eternity. Some had to buy and buy they did. We looked, but not inclined to buy like some of the others. One bought new shoes (as her husband said, she is a shoeaholis), another had a table cloth, new hat (of the tourist and bowl variety) and a puffer vest, another a new frock and a ring, and others with general touristy bits. These shops must love coach tours. Anyway, we finally do ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Knysna August 7th 2018

Standard start, up at 0600 - wait, I should be sleeping in today, it’s Chris who has the early start. Bugger me, never mind, awake now so up as well. Today Chris is doing a meerkat adventure and I am doing an elephant encounter. Whatever that means. Time will tell. Breakfast was very nice as we had the pace to ourselves. And better still, I could double up as the meerkat group left at 0745 and the elephants left at 0945. As if I need extra buffet breakfast.............. Wandered the grounds taking pics. Really nice establishment - main building was an old farm house with exposed beams and old style floor tiles that they polish with candle and bees wax every 6 months. Look magnificent. Then the sun turned grey. Our driver appeared looking very glum, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn August 6th 2018

Had to leave our really nice accomodation in Cape Town to start our road trip. We were going to try to do the cable car to Table Mountain this morning but the clouds were dirty and the winds even worse. The web site said closed and we knew we weren’t going to get there. Correct, so off he headed into the direction of Outdshoorn. Route 62, major highway but before long we were stopped by roadworks. The traffic coming into Cape Town was just like home, Monash car park material, but for 20 kms. Finally out into the bush and open roads, oops, stopped again for road works. This time 40+ vehicles in front of us. Waited about 10 minutes then the line started moving. Understand now why the hold up. Had to travel about 2 ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope August 5th 2018

Another early start as we are trying to beat the other tourist buses to our places this morning. We are off the the Cape of Good Hope. Along the way we stop at Chapman’s Peak. The road is windy but the views are great. We see all the rich beach suburbs, and some not so rich. At one point we pass a beautiful beach, then just up the road is a shanty town. Finally into the Cape Reserve where we see some Elands and Babboons. Then turn the corner and our guide is elated. We are the first bus to the car park. He ushers us to Cape of Good Hope sign boards for photos just before other buses turn up. Lucky as they swarm to the spot. The water is flat so he says we ... read more

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