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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ringwood September 27th 2016

Flight was full, but no problems. Pippa slept pretty much all the way. Charlie watched a movie then after about an hour and a bit crashed for the rest of the flight. Chris C went to sleep early. I think I was out soon after. Woke up to the best sunrise I have seen. Colours were spectacular. Stephanie had woken a bit earlier so we were able to chat about the sunrise for a while. Breakfast was served as we flew over Adelaide. Finally down at Tulla with a super smooth landing. Can't fault Garudas service and pilots - both very effortless and smooth. Eventually have to wake Pippa up and change her into warmer clothes. Into terminal, through customs, bags out quickly and then quarantine. Declared wooden objects we had bought, no problems and onto ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Denpasar September 26th 2016

Last day in Bali. Oh dear. Organised last night to have a slightly later check out. This morning went over to organise cars for 1030 this morning to the airport - booked a room by the hour at the Hilton beside the airport - super cheap. No problems. Cooked breakfast using up all the fresh eggs left for us - maybe not me or Jessica in that order..... Kids have been n the pool most of the morning making the most of the water before we leave. Bags packed and eventually the cars arrive. Bloody spiral staircase is a pain for bags moving up and down. Never mind, one at the bottom starting the lift and one at the top to grab them up to the top Seemed to work. Went over to say thanks to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 25th 2016

Lazy day after the big day yesterday (prelim final, etc.). Chris Mc and Charlie up early for thei ATV tour today. Picked up at 0845 and just a little excited. We spend the morning in the pool and doing not a lot. I wander up the street to see the neighbourhood. Eventually get organised enough and head into town. Decided to just walk up to the road and hail a taxi - plenty moving along this road. Sure enough, 3rd car stops and we are off. Heading to a bar/restaurant called The Bridge. Looks interesting as we have passed it a few times. Arrive and find our way in. Looks a bit flash but bigger it. Get a table and our drinks arrive, then Chris and Charlie turn up just as we are about to order ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 24th 2016

Early early start today. Booked the breakfast with ourangutangs at Bali zoo today. Pick up is 0700, but be ready by 0645. Sure enough, van is here at 0645. Pack bags, water bottles, etc. and away we go. Arrive very early at the zoo, almost the first group into the zoo. Sat at our table and told we are next to where the ouranguatngs will be on show. Nice. Breakast served and not too bad. Go back as many times as you like, and the noodles were great. Eventually the ourangutangs arrived, followed by the elephants. We went to the elephants as we were told that we had to wait for our turn for the ourangutangs. they had lots of other animals out on display so we got a good look at lots of interesting breeds. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 23rd 2016

Last breakfast in our villa at Seminyak. Woken to the sounds of Stephanie, Charlie and Pippa hitting the pool. Lots of giggles and races happening around 0700. Hope the new neighbours don't mind the noise, guess they made enough last night - karma.... Ketut does her bit for breakfast, including dragon fruit juice today. Hmm, interesting colour - like Beetroot. Tasted a little earthy but not bad. Put that down to experience. Cars due at 1100, then Ketut gets a call at 0915 that they are here already. Bags almost packed and Chris still to have a shower. They are told they are early so they are happy to wait - no option really, as they wont be paid until we get to Ubud anyway. Doesn't seem an issue and we just get organised a bit ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak September 21st 2016

Lazy day today. Breakfast feast of fruit and home made pancakes then a swim. Decided today would be shopping then hopefully sunset at the beach. Chris C decided to stay at the villa while the rest eventually headed into town to wander the streets. The only one who knew why they wanted was Charlie. He was after some souvenirs for his school friends and wasn't stopping until they were bought. Stopped at the first souvenir stall, they had what he wanted and some bargaining had him down from 100000 to 40000 rupiah in no time. Wanted to look at other places so said no thanks, next second it was 30000. Wandered off anyway to look at others.street very busy with taksi's and motorbikes. And also very hot and humid today. After a while we decided to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak September 21st 2016

Early start for breakfast as we were headed to Waterbom Park today. Ketut arrived with goodies for breakfast and cooked up a storm for us before we left. Then our man in a van arrived. This time we got the real deal, Ketut. The man we should have got yesterday. At last a man Ketut. Off to our destination. Through the main roads then the back streets in morning traffic. Lots of motorbikes, some with ladder attached whic caused amusement for the kids and Chris Mc. No ladder rails here. Finally made it to Waterbom. Enter the car park. Security checks each vehicle for bombs with a mir on a stick. Pity they don't look at the mirror. Ketut even had a big giggle at that one. Out of the van and away we go. Package ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak September 20th 2016

Hears rain during the night but not much else. Woken up to the sounds of Pippa chatting. Thought she would sleep for ages but obviously not. Then heard our house maid, Ketut arrive so time to get up for breakfast that she is cooking for us. Luxury........ Walked out of our room and the day bed cushions were stacked on our balcony. The guard must have stacked them during the night before the rain came. Certainly didn't hear him at all, other than noticing the garden lights had been turned off. All great and breakfast is lovely - all sitting around the table being fed very nicely. This breakfast was included and if we want more we have to pay - tough decision but guess what - payment done..... Arranged a car and decided to head ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak September 19th 2016

Up super early for a 0900 flight (Charlie woke at 0330 for a 0500 departure from home - and just a little excited.....). Got away at 0515 which wasn't bad considering we had to get everyone up, cars packed and some toast as well. Made it to the airport in good time, caught a bus from the car park straight away and we were through the check in on under half an hour from the time we parked the car. Not bad.... Coffee and some fruit from home then to the departure gate. Watched a few planes moving around then onto our plane. Again, the queues were amazingly quick, not sure why but no complaints. We had the 7 of us across the back row area (2, 3, 2). All good and the kids were straight ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ringwood August 3rd 2016

Early wake up call - 0415. We have an 0500 car booked for an 0810 flight. Last night we got a notice that there was an emergency fix required to a pipe associated with the hot water. Down between 0100 and 0400. Huh, at 0430 the water was still a tinge above tepid. Ok awake now. Meet the driver before 0500 Nd away we go. Traffic is very good at this time and we see Bangkok waking up. Interesting. Arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Express check in and our own security and customs counters - another perk. Into the lounge and we have about 1.75 hours to kill. Food and drinks then waiting, waiting. Wander down to the gate. Lots of people in wheelchairs so they get priority boarding then we get on. ... read more

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