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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 6th 2015

Ketenquiz Doe mee met de ketenquiz en win fantastische prijzen! Als afsluiting van de Filipijnen organiseren weer een quiz. De Filipinos zijn dol op mierzoet eten en kip, als ze uit eten gaan doen ze dat vaak in malls die vervolgens volgestopt zijn met ketens. Sommige ketens hadden we nog nooit gezien, andere kennen we allemaal wel. Test je ketenkennis en win! Wat moet je doen? De genummerde foto's laten een detail zien van het logo of mascotte van een keten, raad de keten, of beter nog, weet de keten. Hoe doe je mee? Plaats een comment op deze blog met fotonnummer en jouw antwoord. Wat kun je winnen? Een prijs uit Azië, deze wordt thuis opgestuurd. Wie winnen er? Diegene met de meeste goede antwoorden, bij gelijkspel winnen de twee eerste reacties. Wat kost mee ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 1st 2015

We had a great sleep on the overnight train from Chang Mai and arrived refreshed. Now we are seasoned travellers, we knew to wear plenty of clothes as the air conditioning is so cold, and to take measures against the corridoor light (which shines through the flimsy curtain and stays on all night.) Unable to source eye shades locally, we fixed 2 socks around our heads to block the light....which worked well! We are not staying at the lovely Riverside Guesthouse this time, but a hotel almost nextdoor to the station. This part of Bangkok has lots of heavy traffic as well as being very crowded with street food stalls. Lots of people here wear masks to go about their daily business....either because they have a cough to protect others, or to protect themselves from the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 1st 2015

Among all the 'wats' or Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand the Temple of the Emerald Buddha on the grounds of the Grand Palace is the most well known, and is always packed with tourists from all over the world. However, the Golden Mount at Wat Saket which was built on a man-made hill during the Ayutthya period is definitely worth a visit. There is no entrance fee and it is not as crowded as the Emerald Buddha temple. I lived in Bangkok for five years and have been to Wat Saket many times, mainly to show my friends from overseas when they came to visit me during my tenure as a teacher in a school. For most foreigners Wat Saket is known as the Golden Mount which is actually a 'chedi' or pagoda on the summit ... read more
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 19th 2014

We flew overnight from Perth to Singapore, and then a connecting flight onto Bangkok. Arrived exhausted, and very glad of the pre arranged airport taxi who met us and drove us to our guesthouse. The Riverview Guesthouse is down a maze of small alleys in Chinatown, and would have been hard to find on our own. The guesthouse certainly lives up to its name....having a splendid view over the Chao Phraya river from its rooftop restuarant on the 8th floor, and also from our bedroom balcony on the 7th floor. The first day we did very little except eat, sleep and explore the immediate vicinity on foot.Chinatown is extremely busy. The narrow streets are shared by cars, motorbikes, bikes, pedestrians and lots of streetside traders. Shopping and babies are carried on the motorbikes, and nobody bothers ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 16th 2014

Hi Everyone, The over night sleeper train arrived into Hua Lamphong, Bangkok about 6.30am. As usual it’s not the best night sleep on a train because it’s quite noisy, this one as well was FREEZING, even Neil thought the AC was ridiculously cold. We caught a tuk tuk to Khao San Road, for 100 baht (slight rip off) but never mind. When we were there a guy asked if we were buying onward transport (which we were to the NP) so he advised us to get in a tuk tuk to the place where we could buy a bus ticket. He was overly pushy, which made me feel uncomfortable, I said to Neil we could just walk away to walk about our options as the bus ticket area isn’t going anywhere, but Neil argued that we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 11th 2014

Bangkok Wenn man an einem Wochenende in Bangkok ankommt, kann das Vor- und Nachteile haben. . . Als ich zum Beispiel Heike fragte: "...und - was machen wir zuerst??" sagte sie mit funkelnden Augen "Jatujak... das hat doch schon Tradition". Dazu muss man wissen, dass Jatujak mit seinen 35ha der größte Straßenmarkt in Thailand ist, und dass dieser nur am Wochenende geöffnet hat. Ich denke noch so "dass macht ja wenig Sinn... am Anfang einer Reise alles einkaufen und dann 5 Wochen lang alles im Rucksack mit zu schleppen", sage dann aber: "gute Idee mein Schatz". Und weil der Markt so riesig groß ist, haben wir für die ca. 10'000 Stände dann also den ganzen ersten Tag auf Jatujak verbracht. Hinterher musste ich meiner Frau dann doch noch danken. So bin ich dann wenigstens für schlappe ... read more
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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 8th 2014

Bangkok's Got Her Now (Hangover II, anyone? Movie makes a lot more sense now...) **more of a personal entry than a travel blog post, fair warning*** I hesitate to write this because I already feel the bad memories swirling up to my throat as my insides clench to try to keep them in the pit of my belly. They hurt less down there. But here goes. Cameron leaves early am, and I have a long sleep and an AMAZING breakfast at the hotel. I even make myself a little sandwich for later. I check out if the hotel and leave my bag at the desk and check out Khoa San Road (the backpackers spot, intentionally avoided for the nights unless drunken 20 year old debauchery is your thing, but fine in the day). I'm looking for ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 2nd 2014

Température: 35 degrés Humidité: maximale Monnaie: le baht ( 100 baht valent 2,50€) Nous pourrions parler de Bangkok, cette ville de plus de 10 millions d’habitants, de frénésie urbaine, de trafic insensé ! Nous pourrions raconter nos délicieuses découvertes culinaires à Kao San road, le tour de la ville en tuk-tuk, la visite du majestueux Wat Pho et du marché des amulettes. Nous pourrions enfin détailler nos expériences tout à fait locales chez un tailleur de la ville pour la commande de vêtements sur-mesure, puis dans l’oppressant mais fascinant quartier de China Town et dans l’agitation de la ville en fête et des habitants tout de jaune vêtus pour la préparation de l’anniversaire du Roi le 5 décembre ! Mais nous n’en ferons rien. Notre escale à Bangkok nous a démontré que même après presque 6 ... read more
Wat Pho
China Town

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 2nd 2014

Hi everyone. We arrived to our hostel ok last night, really cheap taxis here (think is was about £6 for an hour from airport to hostel). The hostel is a big dump!! It’s dark and smelly an has cats everywhere. The sheets don’t look like they have been changed-ever, so it’s a good thing we brought silk liners. Only here two nights so we can cope! First day in Bangkok-we didn’t stop! Firstly we went to Kho San road, I wanted to buy everything! Space in rucksack and the budget prevented me to just getting a dress, colourful baggy trousers, a hair braid and a bracelet (all for about £10). We also brought little flag badges of all the countries we’ve been to-including a few previous countries but all the ones we intend to visit this ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 1st 2014

This morning we leave paradise. It's sad, because we were just starting to know the names of several of the resort staff and a little bit about them. They are all incredibly cheerful and eager to help. In Thailand, people serving you put their two hands together as if praying and give you a little bow. And the staff here does this every single time they encounter you. Very sweet. I hope they do not think of us only as rich Americans. Bouncy 45-minute ride to the airport. We have a better chance to see the Koh Samui airport this morning. It's actually really interesting, because it's completely al fresco, a sprawling series of interconnected buildings with roofs but no walls. Once you pass security, you're divided from the non-secure outside by a small moat. The ... read more

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