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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 23rd 2014

This morning we get a much-appreciated chance to sleep in a bit. We have breakfast at the hotel and leave at 9:30 for the airport, which is no more than 20 minutes away. A second look at Siem Reap's relatively new airport: it's small and completely modern but has clever traces of ancient building styles incorporated into the design. We say our goodbyes to Sinat and enter the bureaucratic labyrinth. In the case of both Laos and Cambodia, there are arrival and departure cards that one fills in on arrival. You must keep the departure card and present it on exiting the country. The departure card asks for your entrance visa number, which of course we didn't have on arrival and so left blank. Today there is one over-zealous custom agent who sends everyone of our ... read more
The Grand Palace, Bangkok
Detail of filigree on one of the buildings of the Grand Palace, Bangkok
One of the courtyards of the Grand Palace, Bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 11th 2014

On s'attendait a une journee de fou dans les plus grands monuments de Bangkok donc comme Versailles, Le Louvre...Et bien non, malgre une foule de Chinois/Japonais se battant a qui aurait la meilleure photo, ca a etait plus ou moins vite fait. Grande preference pour Wat Pho et le Bouddha allonge!!! J'ai tente pour la seconde fois d'avoir le coucher de soleil au Wat Arun mais on a eu encore un soucis de timing :( Well I through it would be a long day but around 1pm we had finished the mains temples in Bangkok...Wat Pho and the reclining Buddha is amazing! On my mind the best temple in BKK :)... read more
gp me

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 10th 2014

Finally arrived in Bangkok after 2 nights in transit. I left Toronto 2 days earlier than Ted, flying Air Canada east to London and then Jet Airways to Mumbai India. After a night in the Mumbai airport I departed for Bangkok via Jet Airways at 7:50 AM...only 4 and a half hours!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 8th 2014

Day 2 of Bangkok and the Jet Lagg is definitely getting worse so my beautiful, intelligent mother gave me this brilliant idea of doing a blog so in years to come when I have my mid life crisis or menopause, have loads of babies screaming about the place and Emma nipping in my ear this will just remind me of how amazing my life used to be, haha!! Anyway less of the future and more on now. When we first arrived here I was very very apprehensive of what I was letting myself in for, as my best pally Hasler (who btw for those who don't know her is extremely blunt and is not scared of holding back, she'll call a spade a spade and a dog a dog but I love her dearly) she told ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 7th 2014

Arriving in Bangkok Door to door, that is, our house to Holiday Inn Express, Bangkok, took us about 21 hours of travelling. I would like to say it was great, but it wasn’t. I detest travelling on airplanes a lot. Most people I know have something which really gets up their nose, causes an unjustifiable rage like no other. Tina for example, hates ironing and when she does rarely have to do it, you could mistake the steam coming out of her ears for that coming out of the iron itself. Well, mine is flying. The second I set foot into the departing airport I want to start throwing shit about, right up until the second I leave the arriving one. Anyway, I might as well write a bit about it. We flew with Emirates, which ... read more
Tuk Tuk
Long Boat
Floating Market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 7th 2014

So, on the night of my arrival at the hotel, I venture down to the dining room and sit outside by the pool ... it is still in the higher 20's and humid as hell. As I'm unsure of the portion sizes, I opt for the Chicken and Cashew nut stir-fry with Jasmine rice and a further course of Pad Thai which come out after about 15 minutes. Hmmm ... think I over did it on the Pad Thai .... it is enormous! Definitely enough to satisfy a quartet of ladyboys! Anyway, I'm hungry and manage to get through about half of it before waving the white flag. The food is delicious and I leave well satisfied before retiring to bed; falling asleep to sound of the TV which is on to mask the sound of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 5th 2014

And so the adventure begins! After a night out drinking champagne with the Bestie, it was a struggle to get up early (when I say early, I had become accustomed to post 9 AM starts since quitting work 3 weeks earlier). At least I had done most of my packing the day before - the reason for the early start was for a journey to the Travel Clinic to get my second Hepatitis B inoculation. Now, following on from seeing the lovely Claire at the clinic last week, I was looking forward to renewing our acquaintance despite my fear of needles. However, I was soon to be disappointed as a male nurse was on duty that day who was probably more feminine than Claire although this didn't extend to the use of a needle ... shit ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 5th 2014

SCOTLAND to QATAR Leaving bonny Scotland after devouring a splendid early Christmas dinner with all the trimmings was a treat and to then enjoy the great food in Poland and soak up the lovely autumn time heat. Packing a backpack of essentials was easy, as once we leave the UK its sunny weather everywhere and no need for trousers, big socks or our previous worries. Poland was a great family life and the best food i think this world has to offer, the weather turned just as we landed and from a warm 18 degree autumn it started its first show of harsh weather on the horizon. Temperatures dropped to 1 degrees in the night and the day barely reach 7 degrees when you were out of sight from the very bright but powerless sun. I ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 4th 2014

Our holiday begins! Pleasant flight on Singapore Airlines. With a stop in Singapore, Singapore Airlines give you $40 Changi dollars to spend in the airport. Jules and i used ours to buy booze at the duty free desk. 1ltr Johnny black & 1ltr Gentleman Jack. Difference in price for us to pay? $6. Bargain!!! Glad we paid the little bit extra for preferred seating. Leg room to spare, however we were right behind the toilets. You have no idea how much action those little suckers get! People start as soon as they get on the plane, and there is absolutely no empty sign the entire trip. We were in dire need of a cool beverage when we arrived at our hotel, so sussed out a pub nearby. We battled the crowds on the streets, the very ... read more
Changi airport
Changi airport
Bully's Pub

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