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Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Probably the 6th time we have stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. I love being festooned with jasmine and orchids when you arrive, the smiling helpful staff and the feeling that you have stepped back into the time of Hemingway. The rooms are very comfortable with everything you could need and a butler, who comes in every time you leave the room and tidies up,cleans shoes, hangs up clothes and leaves fresh fruit and little fruit drinks. We arrived in the mid afternoon so plenty of time to settle in and pop down to the terrace overlooking the river and have a drink. It is the end of the monsoon season so it is a bit cloudy and very hot but did not rain. We couldn't stay for long as the Manager's cocktail ... read more
view from the river boat
view from the river boat
Phrasumane Fort

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 10th 2016

I can honestly say that I never thought my answer to the question, "Where do you live?" would be Bangkok. And yet, here we are, almost a year to the day since we fled the 2015 "haze crisis" in Malaysia and dropped a few roots in neighboring Thailand. I've been a real slacker about blogging, and I apologize for that. Maybe it's a creative dry spell, maybe it's the relentless tropical heat melting my brain, or maybe it's the fact that we don't really feel like we're "traveling" anymore because, for us, Bangkok IS home now. It sounds all foreign and exotic and exciting, and it is. Living in a country like Thailand sounds foreign and exotic and exciting, and in many ways, it is. But notice the first word in the previous sentence: LIVING. No ... read more
Roof With a View
Backpacker Heaven - Khao San Road
Infamous Bangkok Traffic

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 3rd 2016

This is how it ends. The door closes and the lock clicks on apartment 4J, 251 Seaman Avenue. We take the elevator downstairs, catch a cab to JFK, and fly away with a baby, a black cat, and three bulging suitcases of the wrong things. Though we’ve done this before, the baby is a fairly significant new wrinkle. Twenty-two hours later, we land in Bangkok, retrieve the cat and the suitcases, take a cab to the aparthotel, pour two very stiff drinks, look out the window, and start trying to figure out our new life. This is how it begins. "It's like the future," she whispers. Eight million, two hundred eighty thousand points of blinking light pierce Bangkok's night. The sky train, silver and sleek, gleaming in the ambient light, snakes through the thicket of skyscrapers ... read more
tuk tuk and child
looking down from rapunzel's tower
mall escaltors: fun for all ages

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 3rd 2016

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521There have been too many of these 'goodbye' days over the last couple of years but here we go with another one.Wake at 05:00 with the alarm for an early cuppa in bed. Get some breakfast before a last check of bags and paperwork.My leaving seems to have turned into a family excursion as when my 'taxi' arrives Jai's nephew is driving with his wife Boo and daughter Kanom along for the ride. Then Jai's sister Begat comes to ask if she can come as well and the six of us set off out of Khamnadie about 06:40.We arrive at Roi Et airport about 07:40 just in time for Kanom to enjoy watching the NokAir departure for Bangkok take off. She wants to stay and watch me go but I have another hour before ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 26th 2016

There wasn't a great deal of time until the train to Ayutthaya, definitely not enough to do the Chinatown area around Yaowarat road justice. I had spent an afternoon getting lost in the street markets there last summer but didn't realise at the time that the shiny new white temple on the start of Yaowarat road was Wat Traimit, home of the Golden Buddha statue. With two hours before my train and with the rain bucketing down it was the perfect time to go and pay this temple a visit. The temple also contains the Chinatown heritage centre and a ticket for this and the golden Buddha costs 140 baht. The heritage centre covers the first floor of the temple and tells of the history of the Chinese immigration to Bangkok and the influence they had ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 25th 2016

J'adore mon quartier ! je ne sais pas quelle bonne étoile m'a envoyé ici, mais je la remercie. Loin très loin de la fameuse Khao San Road ( que je n'ai vu que de loin). Il y règne une atmosphère paisible, sans touristes, je dois pas être loin d'être un des seuls blancs du coin. Il faut dire que les bidonvilles ne sont pas très loin et le centre ville est à 1h30 de transport et de marche. Un moine a béni hier mon voyage en m'offrant un nouveau bracelet, allons de l'avant découvrir le monde, en apprenant à se poser plus souvent ;) Mon séjour à Bangkok riche en émotions se termine demain pour découvrir ma terre d'accueil pour la prochaine année à venir!! :)... read more
Maison de Jim Thompson
Interview avec des moines à Wat Arun
Mon nouveau compagnon de route

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 23rd 2016

Suite à mon depart de Lyon et la visite de mes deux ptites Babos préférées :))) qui m'ont mis un boost sensationnel ! Je débarque dans la moiteur de Bangkok apres deux vols paisibles dans des avions à moitié vides. Programme du séjour : visite, problème du séjour : pluie tropicale !!!! Je suis aux antipodes de mon futur chemin de backpacker pr cette escapade citadine : bel hôtel, lit king size ;) jeje. Dernier challenge : réussir à lire le thai sur les panneaux parce que ma carte est en anglais :)) Ps : Par nos expériences passés, mes fidèles compagnons de voyage (vous vous reconnaîtrez); promis j'ai acheté de l'eau et promis je mangerai pas de fruits comme ça dans la rue ;)... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 23rd 2016

I arrived at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport after a sleepless night flight from Manchester, exhausted but knowing the only plan for the day was to get the train up to Ayutthaya. First up I had to get to Hua lamphong, Bangkok's main train station. It's pretty straightforward getting there from the airport.....first you go from arrivals down to B floor where the rail link station is, you then purchase a ticket to Makkasan for 35 baht, at Makkasan you follow the signs for Phetchaburi MRT station that is just around the corner and buy a ticket here to Hua lamphong, the end of the line for 30 baht. You leave the MRT via the exit that says train station and around the corner you will see the facade of the station in front of you, also on ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 23rd 2016

Bangkok c'est un concentré de bcp trop d'élément : - c'est 2h de péage de câble pour s'acclimater au bazar ambiant et trouver le premier temple que je voulais voir. - c'est une journée non stop avec une quinzaine de bornes dans les pattes. - c'est beaucoup d'or et de dorures partout - c'est des varans qui nagent dans les eaux pourpres des canaux, et des rats qui me courent dans les pattes qd je traverse des petites rues des quartiers sans touristes... - c'est les tuktuks et se faire prendre pour un touriste de base en se faisant emmener pas au bon endroit, en passant par un shop de costumes, mais en mettant tellement de temps dans les temples, que son chauffeur est reparti en laissant son "client" sans se faire payer. ;) - c'est ... read more
Sage du Wat Pho
Wat Saket
Jolie statue Wat Saket

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 7th 2016

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521I watch a couple of short TV programs on the TV before we eat then settle down with an audio book to pass the time. A brief flirtation with Harper Lee's 'Set A Watchman' leads to about 3 ½ hours of Flaubert's ‘Madame Bovary' which is very restful and I think I doze off a few times. The flight seems to pass quite quickly and we land at Bangkok about 10:00 local time (GMT +6).Clear immigration through the Thai passport desk which skips all the queues and get a stay till 6 October which just covers me till my 4 October flight back to UK. Take a taxi to our guest house at New Siam arriving about midday. We are given a room on the third floor and I start to complain about having ... read more
Noodles at our favourite shop
Dont remember ordering the whole cow ?!
Great noodle broth

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