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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 27th 2023

Landed in Bangkok at about 0630, and then had to walk over 300 meters to the next connecting area. The lounge is also in the same area. Originally we had over 2 hours stopover but now we are down to about 1. All of a sudden bad memories come flashing back to us. Same area we had to deal with when we flew in 53 days ago. Up the escalator to a passport and boarding pass check, then through another security screening. Same results - battery out and check it is compliant. All good then by the time we have done all this we really don’t have time to go to the lounge. Bugger. Looking forward to a shower to freshen up. Off to the gate, another 250 meter walk. Get there and there is a ... read more
Champagne at 0830. Well it was really 0330 in Stockholm so that works for me…..
View from planes camera. Note the baggage door still open. Reason for our delay.
Coming in to land at Tulla.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 19th 2023

Rob Writes Day 4 Hang on to your tits people. I don't remember Tina actually wanting to buy the Aliens watch because it wasn't quite the right one. I didn't stop her from buying anything. She can buy what she liked. She's a lair. OK, it's Wednesday now. I had to lookup my pictures to remind me what we did, because it's already becoming a blur, or my brain has turned to mush. I suspect the latter. So, Wednesday we had planned to go to the Maeklong Railway Market, a market basically situated on a railway line, the highlight being, the market stall owners have to dismantle their shops every time a train comes past. I don't know why, but that's the way it is, and that's the pull. There are three or four trains passing ... read more
Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 17th 2023

Tina Writes Day One I think it was 2019 the last time we came to Thailand. I remember saying to Rob it was the last time. I think I felt we had done it enough times now and I have always said I wouldn't travel places more than once while I had other places to see first and we had been to Thailand three times already. Over the past 4 years though my love of Thailand has gone through the roof. I watch YouTube after YouTube of Thailand vloggers everyday and my longing to come back is rather strong. Last year I forced myself to go to Mexico rather than Thailand again and as much as we enjoyed it, I couldn't shake regretting it a bit because I so desperately wanted to come to Thailand again ... read more
Dead Bat
Chatuchak Maket

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 3rd 2023

We have travelled 38,253 km on this Dreamchasers adventure. That is only 1,822 km short of the distance it takes to circumnavigate the globe. Accordingly, we have spent a lot of time in the air, in airports, and in taxis of various forms. We have decided hands down that this Dreamchasers adventure has been one of the most rewarding we have experienced in years. This in spite of the many more travellers we encountered everywhere we went; the longer line ups at airports; the busy-ness of our island paradise in Koh Phangan; and the highly congested traffic conditions and extreme busy-ness of Ubud. We believe it has been so primarily because of our attitude to make it so. Happiness is a choice. This attitude is reinforced by the people we meet here, and why we return ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 28th 2023

According to Corrie Cooks (MSN): Thai- Ah, the spicy heat of a great curry or the bursting flavor of peanut sauce. These delights are only part of the delectable options you can find in an authentic dish from Thailand. Often served with rice and vegetables, Thai food is a major hit with many families no matter where you call home. However, much like Chinese food in the United States, what you get for takeout might not be as authentic as knowing how to make these culturally rich dishes from scratch. If you're in the mood for curry but don't like the intense heat that comes with Green Curry -- which is the spiciest -- you can take a shot at Penang or Thai Curry. Food in Thailand is both interesting and quite affordable. Yellow curry is ... read more
Chawan mushi
Penang curry

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 31st 2023

We finally made it back to Bangkok. We had wondered how things would be after covid, after three long years we were pleased to see there was still plenty of life there. Much quieter than we had got used to but not such a bad thing. A few bars and restaurants had completely closed down and worst of all the two 7-11 mini markets local to the tourist area had gone completely. By all accounts, as you would expect, no tourists were allowed to come so businesses failed. It seems to be picking up again now so let's hope things will gradually get back to normal. The hotel we were staying in had many empty rooms and a whole wing completely shut off and it seemed the same for most others. We had two pleasant evenings ... read more
The cocktail bar outside our hotel
Wat Arun
On the river boat to Wat Arun

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 20th 2022

Bangkok has been amazing- we have used the metro, boats, tuk tuks ,2 types of bus, trains and walked 9.5 miles on average over 3 days 😉 Our hotel was perfect for exploring, the room was quiet with a fridge and kettle 👍, the staff all very friendly and the breakfast delicious 😋 On Saturday we walked to the Grand Palace to suss out the strict dress code, visited Wat Pho with the reclining Buddha, got a boat across the river, found the main train station to work out Mondays timings before getting the Metro across town to the Sky Bar! A cocktail with fantastic views over the city then found a small family run restaurant for some dinner and a fun tuk tuk journey back to the hotel. On Sunday we got a tuk tuk ... read more
The reclining Buddha in Wat Pho is 46 metres linb
At the Sky Bar enjoying cocktails
Delicious authentic Thai dinner 👍

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 17th 2022

Two 6 hour flights with Emirates punctuated by a stopover of about 6 hours in Dubai which was spent in one of the many lounges 😉 Choice of entertainment on the A380 is mind blowing, the crew were lovely on both legs and the food, surprisingly good 👍 ( Not difficult to say when offered a salted caramel brownie for dessert plus a chocolate chip cookie to have with tea then a Galaxy flute chocolate bar on the second flight as a snack! ) Pre arranged pick up upon arrival was a god send as we were both wilting after 24 hours of travelling 😉 Checked in, then a walk around to suss out the local area and stretch our legs before a much needed sleep in preparation for the sightseeing 😴zzzzz... read more
Twin seat upstairs,sadly not First  Class 😂
Leaving Dubai
Sunset going East

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 15th 2022

Just a quick blog to say hello and welcome new blog readers 👍 A lovely golfing buddy of Steph’s dropped us at the Premier Inn yesterday as we are on a 9:40 flight this morning. In hindsight it was a good idea to book at an airport hotel the night before as it led to a less stressful sleep as there was no worry about bad traffic due to the train strike or the weather 🥶 A very early night after dinner and watching the end of the ⚽️. Slept relatively well aided by Chocolate Baileys and Rioja ( not both together I hasten to add 😂) Awoke an hour before the 6:30 alarm - excitement maybe or hunger 😉 Very smooth and speedy check in; followed by fairly swift security and then breakfast, last 🥓roll ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 29th 2022

Travelling from Phetchaburi to Bangkok isn't too difficult by bus or by minibus, but when there is something you want to see along the way, your options are limited. We came across Thailand Taxi Transfer and were quite happy with the price they quoted us to bring our plan to fruition. It was a bit of a damp and drizzly morning when we were collected from our hotel and the weather didn't really improve at all on the almost two-hour journey to Wat Sam Phran. We had seen pictures of this huge red cylindrical temple with a dragon wrapped around its outside and really wanted to visit. Despite the weather, it did not disappoint. We were dropped off in the car park and walked over a wooden bridge shaped like two enormous tree trunks. On the ... read more
Albatross at the Navy Museum
Hua Lumphong Station
Chinese Heritage

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