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The Wedding Night Over the weekend, I was invited a wedding in Bangkok, so on Friday a few friends and I flew in from Chiang Mai. These friends are colleagues whom I work with, and we were due to have a meeting with some clients of mine in the Sukhumvit area. First, though, we checked into our hotel in Silom and after quickly getting changed we raced over to our friend’s wedding, which was a truly lavish affair, with lots of traditional Thai food and a huge amount of dessert. My favourite part was when I get to see and talk to friends from University. What a moment! Work and Play in Sukhumvit The next morning we had our meeting at E88 Bangkok, an office space for rent in Sukhumvit. I have to say, I was ... read more
E88 Meeting Room Rental in Bangkok
China Town
At Siam

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 13th 2019

Ik wil vandaag beginnen met iedereen thuis te bedanken. Ik heb in de laatste weken echt heel veel liefde van alle kanten gevoeld. Die is er altijd al geweest, maar komt op een of andere manier echt naar boven als je zo'n beslissing als ik maak. Het daadwerkelijke afscheid op Schiphol ging dan ook niet zonder traan, maar toen mn ouders uit het zicht verdwenen waren, was het tijd om vooruit te kijken naar de leuke dingen die er allemaal te wachten stonden. Het was verrassend druk op Schiphol, dus toen ik eindelijk door de doane was had ik niet veel tijd om nog in de winkels rond te kijken, ik haalde enkel een flesje water en een koekje en toen het vliegtuig in. De vlucht was goed verzorgd, we kregen 2 keer een maaltijd, een ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 6th 2019

So in true Frye Fashion, We up and decided to go to Thailand instead of dealing with a more expensive Hong Kong to process Blake’s Visa paperwork (seriously, two flights to Thailand + Housing = hundreds cheaper than HK). So with assistance from the employer and recruiter, I was able to book us on an over night flight to Thailand. Perfecto! Or So We Thought. Upon booking, I mucked things up. Royally. I’m pretty sure it was equivalent for grounds of divorce. Thank God my hubby is understanding. Thinking we were leaving Friday evening, We are packing and getting excited...we get ready for bed And my phone alarms: Flight from Bangkok to Phuket is delayed. HUH? So of Course I check our tickets, and the dates, and my calendar......and realize we were to fly from Hong ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 19th 2019

I had left Siem Reap early in the morning and reached Bangkok in the evening. It had been an entire day of traveling. The que at the border between Cambodia and Thailand was so long! I think it took at least an hour. Once I finally reached the apartment of my host, dinner was waiting. Again such a lovely welcome! I was supposed to stay with my last host Joice, but she had another couchsurfer staying with her. Now I'm staying with Puru. The next day Puru was off, so we met up with Joice and her friends at a place next to the river. It had a really nice view and the food was good! We had such a good time that it was already dark when we left. We had to catch the ferry ... read more
Channel boat
Food market (look closely)
Food market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 13th 2019

Safari World is another zoo but had different shows throughout the day. The first show was with dolphins and was a good start. Then there was a cowboy show full of slapstick and bad American imitation. The most entertaining part of this show was watching the audience. Then we headed to the elephants and they put on quite a show. We ate lunch, buffet lunch, making that the 2nd questionable meal of the trip since most of the food was cold. I had time to walk around and saw a lot of the other animals including the largest herd of giraffes I've ever seen, over 200. Then I headed to the sea lion show booked as the best and only American sea lion show. It started out great and then the sea lions revolted, barking at ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 10th 2019

After recovering from 19 hours of travel and not being able to sleep on the plane I sat down for a meal on the waterfront with a spectacular view of the Rama VIII bridge. Had to start it the trip with some Pad Thai and a few Singhas.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 26th 2019

As I approached the tenth anniversary of my Travelblog membership, I thought I should commemorate the occasion. After much thought I decided to write a Travelblog re-living my travels. As I've written 244 blogs, this being 245, with about 286,000 words (the equivalent of four novels) and 7000 pictures covering the years from 1949 to the present, I knew that summarizing my life of travel would be a daunting task. I figured that a picture was worth a thousand words, so I decided to write a pictorial blog summarizing these years. Little did I know how difficult it would be to cull down 7000 pictures to the 121 pictures in this blog. By the time I arrived at our move to Germany in August 1977, I knew I had reached the limit of what my dear ... read more
My first Round the World Trip
My first Round the World Trip
My first Round the World Trip

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 21st 2019

I arrived early in the morning and my host, Joice, was at work. She told me to go to a shopping mall called Rama XI. I went to the Starbucks, because I know there's free WiFi, so I could let her know I made it. She told me she could be there around 14:00. It was nice actually to have some time. I could write my diary and I called my sister and Pien. It's always nice to see them. I told them I was so happy when I arrived here. Delhi was such a dirty city in compare to Bangkok. Also the traffic is ok. To be honest, I didn't know they drove on the left side here as well. When Joice picked me up, we went to her condo first. It's a really nice ... read more
Coconut and coconut
Evening market
Evening market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 18th 2019

We spent our last two nights in Thailand in the city of Bangkok, resting after a long day of travel from Koh Phangan involving boats, buses, planes, and cars, in preparation for another full day travelling from Thailand to Indonesia. We have been to Bangkok many times before, to the point where we were getting a bit complacent about our visits to this quite amazing, diverse, culturally rich city. So we decided to change it up a bit, and switched hotels - a little upgrade from a tired hotel in the same neighborhood that we like. Its really quite amazing how a little change can create such a shift in attitude. We were inspired to venture out again, and quickly became absorbed in the Saturday night vibrancy of the Koa San Road area. There we experienced ... read more
“Me and My Friends”, says Stan
The Joy Luck Club Restaurant Wall of Witches
The Joy Luck Club Restaurant

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