Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 13th 2019

It’s finally here. After all the planning, booking, training at home, it’s time to see just where all that work has gotten me. The butterflies are with me this morning in excitement of getting back to training here. Breakfast is wide open at 0600, which is fine since I’ve been up since about 3:45. I’m not really hungry, it at least it gives me a chance to get out of the room and gather my thoughts for the day. Right now, I don’t feel tired, but let’s see how if feeling lasts in a couple of hours. On the way home from dinner last night, I got trapped by an epic thunderstorm with lightning crashing right overhead, so I have just enough money to get the train up and back this morning. Obviously it will be ... read more
End of the running for today
End of Day 1

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 13th 2019

Just to finish off yesterday’s travel bonanza, it wasn’t a 4 hour flight from Seoul to Bangkok, but 6 hours. I forgot about two more time zone changes. It didn’t matter to me, I was falling asleep walking onto the plane. Surprisingly, in the row of 4 seats, only me and the other end seat were occupied, so there was almost as much room as the business class people get. Korean Air still doesn’t have the best food for us westerners, but they did bring lots of “Coke Light” and even a double chocolate Dove bar. Flight was uneventful for me, but some of the reason for these two flights being so crowded is that there is a monster typhoon hitting Japan. The weather today was saying waves up to 8 meters, which is bigger than ... read more
Gym wall art
View from treadmill
Remodeled gym

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit October 11th 2019

Travel day at last. The itinerary is Savannah to Detroit which was a good flight. Now there’s a 4 hour layover which gives me time to think about what I’ve inevitably forgotten and see if I can think of any additional supplies that might be needed and are available at the super inflated airport prices. Next flight is Detroit to Seoul South Korea - a nice 13+ hour flight, which I’m still hoping that the middle seat is still unoccupied. I’ll be hoping against the Eastern European weight lifter with an asthmatic service animal who loves misses seats. Once there, the next flight is on to Bangkok. Not sure if it’s 4 or 6 hours, and at that point it really doesn’t matter. Local time in Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of East coast time. Added ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah October 10th 2019

Hello all. This is mainly a test message to make sure the auto generated email sends notice of updated entries. Travel starts tomorrow, with about 23 or 24 hours of enjoyment on various airplanes and airports.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah October 8th 2019

Travel preparations are in full swing. Of course, since I've not done any travel that I blogged about, now I'm testing myself to see if I can remember how everything works. Not off to the best start. Then again, maybe not so bad. Some research of the problems I was having has finally gotten the posts to line up with the new trip. There also seems to be better operation on the iPad rather than the desktop too. Hopefully, when I send this everyone will have no problem receiving. I’m still terrible at typing and really need to proofread before I send.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 24th 2017

Today was the last day of the shortened trip. It was a really good day. The dinner last night was great and I slept straight through the night for the first time. I got to the gym right at 7 so I could start my 12 laps. I kept thinking that these would be the last laps I'd be running at 7 in the morning for a long time, so that helped get through them. the normal routine held today, with jumprope next and then the pads for 5 rounds. First 3 were really strong with few breaks, but needed a little more time in the last two. Ajarn still kept pushing for everything I had. And I still had to do pushups between rounds. Three rounds of the limited weights and the 100 sit-ups rounded ... read more
Real kicking
Champion - Prakeipet
My trainers

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 23rd 2017

Looks like I forgot to save my earlier typing from lunchtime.... Save and save often. Overnight there were big thunderstorms. The lightning and thunder were close enough to wake me up at least 3 times last night. As has been the norm lately, the rain stopped and the morning cleared to make my way to the gym with no umbrella needed. Been having trouble eating and sleeping this trip. It's been causing me to have not enough energy to get through the sessions. And now with the new week, the morning was running 12laps today, and seemed to take forever. The heat and humidity are back and the sweat just runs off me in rain showers. Remind me not to complain about Savannah's weather. The jump rope was really tough to get through after that too. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 22nd 2017

Today was a busy day. No training today but a planned bike tour in the old city and to Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn. It was good to have a break today, but when I woke up and looked out the window at about 5:00am, It was overcast and rainy. That did not look good for a bike ride. Since I had nothing else planned, I pressed on. As the morning wore on, and I was ready to head down for a taxi, the clouds thinned out, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. The taxi ride was quick, making me wish I had told him to put on the meter instead of bargaining for a price. Live and learn... By the way, on the way back, I did use the meter and it ... read more
Blessing by a Monk
Wat Arun

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 21st 2017

A beautiful clear morning today, which means its gonna be hot on the run. And it was. The training schedule is really strange, any other foreigners seem to show up later, with 3 showing up today at almost 8:00. That was when I had been wrung out of sweat by the run and jumping. The rounds were only 4 today, and I was a little winded in them. Then weights, sit-ups and pushups. Still managed to leave at about 9:30. Starting to add up bruises and small injuries. Yesterday, I mis-hit on a kick to the pads and have a bit of a strain in my foot but it's better now than it was this morning when I woke up. Just getting ready to head back for the afternoon session and there was a torrential downpour ... read more
Jomhod and his belts

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 20th 2017

Friday here at last. A nice sunrise to start the day. Ended up at the gym a little early, so I had a few minutes to go find the gym dogs and give them their daily treat. The gym was very quiet this morning, dont know if its because its Friday, or the fighters injury yesterday or what. One of the trainers was setting up the water jugs, sweeping, and hosing everythin down, but no one else in sight. Jogging waits for no man, so onward. On the 8th lap there was a very light sprinkle, so it was time to jump rope. While jumping the gym started waking up. Themorning mist stoped, so the laps two laps were completed. Time for pads.... Four rounds of that, then it was 3 rounds of boxing with my ... read more
Spirit House at the gym
Lunchtime for me

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