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This morning looks like each previous morning this trip, beautiful sunrise and already getting warm. At the very empty breakfast buffet for the last bacon and omelette breakfast for awhile. It will be back to the normal cookies in the car on the drive to work. Couldn’t online check-in for the flight, even though booked through Delta, the originating flight from here is on Korean Air. I’ll need to make sure I leave for the airport a little earlier. Kind of mixed emotions right now. I’m anxious to get to the last training and give it everything I have, but I’m also ready to get back to the US. although I’m not exactly excited about the length of the flying. I won’t be surprised if I sleep the entire 6 hour flight from here to Seoul. ... read more
So true....
Jomhod after training
Ajahn Len

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Today will be the last two-a-day workout for the trip. Finishing today will leave me with only one tomorrow morning. I’m hoping the weather is not as hot, but the forecast is hot and steamy again today. Maybe the extra time off yesterday afternoon will help. I’ve got just enough room left on the video card for maybe one more session, so I’m going to try and record the last one tomorrow. I finished mostly all of the shopping last night. The morning went very well again. I was the only one training. Running was still 11 laps and the temperature was 94F with the heat index at 105 and climbing. The last 3 laps were hard to get through, but I was just counting in my head in Thai and it seemed to distract from ... read more
local transport
Hotel fish tank
BTS ride back to Nana

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 23rd 2019

The morning looks the same as yesterday, clear sky. The close of training is rapidly approaching. Three more morning sessions and only one afternoon left. Today’s temperature was 94, and the heat index was a nice, balmy 107. It’s no wonder I was feeling exhausted during the run. Quiet mornings continue at the gym. Its nice to have the relaxed atmosphere, but there is also feeding on the energy of other boxers, fighters and trainers banging away on the pads and bags. I was visited by my friend this morning, looking for a handout. I’ve only seen two of the 3 dogs from previous, although there are at least two cats who show up and kneed away with their claws on the mats. There was a possible thunderstorm brewing, but it never materialized. Could have used ... read more
Gym friend
New gym pet

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 22nd 2019

For the first time this trip, I was awoken by my alarm at 5am. I did wake up at 3:30 but was able to go back to sleep. Looks like that workout yesterday really wore me out. The challenge for today will be to see if the intensity level I had yesterday continues through today. I’m still planning for Wednesday afternoon off for a little sightseeing and shopping. I’ve not really done much of either. The sellers, maybe not as many as years ago, still set up stands each night (some even from the early morning) along the street with just about everything imaginable. Just out of curiosity, I checked the Fitbit and yesterday it was 14.81 miles (28000+ steps) and 3477 calories, and today nearly the exact same. That doesn’t include the 20-30 minutes with ... read more
Liniment of Motivation
Lunch break
Jomhod training

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Rested as much as ever yesterday and slept pretty good too. Even for an easy day off, I still logged 8.5 miles, mostly from the biking, assuming it was logging that correctly. Now to blast through this week and see what improvements can be made. So far, the running has increased, and who knows what today will start off with. It will also be interesting to see who is at the gym. I heard that the other fighter, Satanfaa was in Cambia over the weekend fighting, and I think he went by himself.. hopefully he did well. Lunch Break! Finished one more morning session. Today as I walked in I was amazed to see someone else running. I got to the gym and dropped my stuff and Ajahn was there bright and early to great me. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 20th 2019

I finally slept through the night, for nearly 7 hours too! Won’t it be ironic that this week will be problematic getting out of bed I. The morning. Even sleeping that long, I was still at breakfast by 6. I thought I had finished yesterday’s update and published but seems a technical error cut that short. Today was the Bangkok jungle bike ride. It’s one I’ve been on before, but like most things, it was different in many ways. The only thing similar was it was in the same pickup location. I recognized it from before, although the buildings around it are new and much improved. It was just a short BTS trip over 2 stations, and they recommend taking a taxi since it was about 1.6 km from the BTS. I had plenty of time ... read more
Boat ride
Waterfront property
Old Wat in Bang KaChou

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 19th 2019

Unfortunately this never published last night. For some reason it keeps clearing the locations and won’t publish without it, no matter how many times I enter and save it. The Elton John sings “Saturday night’s alright for fighting...”. Let’s hope so. Jomhod is fighting to reach the quarter finals of his boxing tournament today. I think I’m going to the fight although exact details are a bit sketchy. Just getting packed to go train this morning. Hopefully I’ll know more when I get to the gym. I’m going to start early so i‘ll have time to come back and change and shower depending on where and when the fight is. Off to the jogging! 10 nice and relaxing laps and 10000 steps by the time I finished running. 10 minutes of jumpRope and and it’s right ... read more
Preflight hand wrap
And the winner is .......

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 18th 2019

This week seems to have passed quickly. Already Friday, and planning on two sessions today. I’ll probably only do the morning training tomorrow and see if there is a plan to go watch Jomhod fight tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to the break this weekend to try and rest a little and maybe do some sightseeing and shopping. Trying to do more than just working out, and take advantage of seeing other things, since you never know if or when trips like this will come around again. Weekend planning should be on the lunch break agenda assuming I stay awake. Still awake, but I did book a bike trip at breakfast while I had some time, and I still got to the gym a little to early. I would really like a nap now, but I’m ... read more
Monks on the way back to the Wat
Flea Market everyday
what do you do with even more electric lines?

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Thursday already. This feels like a good hump day for me. I think if I can get through both sessions today, with my little foot injury, I’ll be able to start making some progress on my endurance in the ring. I can feel the power in the kicks and punches, and I know exactly when I don’t have it and why. The running hasn’t been a problem so far, and neither has the jumping rope. I checked the Fitbit log, and yesterday was 13.6 miles, and 3290 calories. I need to make sure I eat better. I was really feeling worn out and exhausted. I sort of skipped lunch yesterday for a needed nap, and appears that wasn’t the best choice. I made sure to have breakfast this morning, and I’m having a light lunch now ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 16th 2019

Another excellent looking morning, although the forecast is not encouraging for most of the day. Rain chances are pretty high as the morning progresses and through the evening too. It may be a real-time call if I go up this afternoon. A second training is one thing, but getting there and being totally soaked is another. Starting to sleep a little better, but lots of texts and emails from work about significant layoffs yesterday. I wasn’t one of them, but I know a lot of the people who were let go. It’s going to be a very different environment when I get back to work. I arrived a bit late to Breakfast this morning, and found I was only the second one here. It sure has the makings of a weird day. Since I’m still anticipating ... read more
Post running and jumprope
New bag day !

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