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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo May 22nd 2019

Hey, sorry its been a while since I've done an update. Been on the job hunt since arriving in Australia. Anyway thought I'd add an entry and loads of pictures from our stay over in Singapore. Had 4 days there as a layover so we didn't have to do over 20 hours on the plane in one hit with the kids. We stayed at hotel boss which was fairly central. Did a little bit of exploring of the city as a day a Singapore zoo. The zoo is probably the best one I've ever been too and you definitely need the full day as its huge. So huge in fact I had to hire a cart to pull the kids around in all day. Anyway I hope this finds everyone well and i'll add another entry ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo August 15th 2018

I decided today to visit Singapore Zoo and do the bird park tomorrow l, primarily because one of my top targets for the zoo was not captive, but I wanted to see one of the wild colugos that live there and I didn't know whether I might need to visit again later of I missed that. There seemed to be lots of ways to get to the zoo, including various direct buses on MRT and then bus options (but no nearby MRT) and the easiest seemed to go to the Khatib MRT station from where there was a direct shuttle bus. The latter part of the MRT ride was above ground and through the apartment-filled suburbs. Although I had been warned that this was not advisable, I decided that I would do the zoo, night safari, ... read more
Small Babirusa Enclosure
Red River Hog
Wild Black-naped Oriole

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo September 23rd 2015

We have tickets today for Singapore Zoo and its River Safari. We have bought bulk tickets through the internet before we left Tenerife which covered these plus the Jurong Bird Park. Also includes the tram within the Zoo and the River Cruise and Amazon River Quest within the River Safari. Think we got 10% discount by buying in advance. We had heard nightmares about the journey up to the zoo, so were pleasantly surprised when all went according to plan. About an hour and a half after leaving the hotel we were walking into the River Safari. It was a short ride on the metro and a 40 minute local bus ride. The route through the various animals is well laid out so that you do not miss anything. At the top of the walk is ... read more
River Safari entrance
Amazon river quest

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo July 17th 2015

Michelle got her Singapore wish as we went for breakfast with the orangutans at the zoo. After a 45 minute bus ride to the zoo, you have a buffet style brekky and they drop the branch so the monkeys can get from their enclosure to the breakfast area. You don't get to hold them, but can get up close for photos. It's not for me, but Michelle enjoyed it. We then had a few hours strolling around the famous zoo and saw the white polar bear, the white rhinoceros, the white tigers and the white zebras with black stripes. It is fairly disappointing as most animals are sheltering from the heat of the day. Returning back after lunch, we head over the bridge to discover the man made Garden of Trees. The area was created in ... read more
Mum and baby
Michelle with the orangutan in the green shirt
Going home

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo July 11th 2015

Saturday, 13th July 2015 We were supposed to utilise daddy's and mummy's complimentary admission to the Singapore Zoo as part of their Senior Citizen's Package. In the end, I managed to obtain the corporate pass from the company where I worked with for our free admission to the Singapore Zoo (UP: $32 per person). The entire journey was relatively fuss free. After our mee siam breakfast at AMK, we were soon on our way to the zoo via bus 138 from AMK Bus Interchange. The whole commute took about 30 minutes as the bus was travelling in good speed. We arrived at the zoo at 11 plus in the morning. A short walk from the gantries was the Frozen Tundra where Inuka, the last survivor of the polar bear family greeted us. He had the huge ... read more
But my all time favourites
Baby Inuka
Inuka soft toys

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo May 24th 2015

Well today we started with a healthy breakfast at the Whitau's, then went into the city and did the hop on hop off bus tour, the rest of the day was spent at the Singapore zoo, river safari and night safari We saw the pandas so Lexie is over the moon and she spent all of her money on panda memorabilia... read more
Singapore Flyer
Singapore city
Hop on hop off

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo September 18th 2014

Right these are Rachel's exact words.... We've had too many sangsoms so she can't type shes got a toad in her lug off a street hawker so Lisa's writing her crack doon. Where we starting from lis?? Erm hod on....right hod on we gets of wor plane gets a taxi driver to tEk wA to the hotel in little India....wasn't even in little India.... Turns out its a chain and we ..... Hod on me dress is stuck in the chair don't write that....right so it's a chain and we trip advisors the wrong cunt......but was canny anywaz bit like premiere inn. Went for a wesh n went on the open top bus for a bit round the city...loadsa tall buildings their man I think it's called business side where business.thennnnn wa seen ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo May 24th 2014

Singapore… I think we spent most of our time here with our mouths open as we gazed up at the ridiculous engineering feats that crowd the skyline. It seemed the most contrasting place we could have finished our trip with. There is so much wealth on display in Singapore, with mega-malls and gravity-defying skyscrapers all through the CBD. We were told that in some of the malls (actually pretty much all of them given the last 3 months of holidaying) we would only be able to afford to shop in the basement levels. Prices rise as the building does, so seeing street level Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace shops made us feel pretty intimidated! I prefer Aberconbie and Friche or Procshe, same same but different. Singapore is also a very well planned city and there ... read more
Singapore financial district at night
Panda! Her name is Jia Jia
Red Panda! No name but super cool

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo March 21st 2014

Night Safari In the morning, the 10 year old came back from one of his friends houses. We went out for lunch at a nice little restaurant by their house. It was really good food, chicken Chinese broccoli, rice and soup, all really good. We then went to the mall to pick up some stuff and get sherbet. That night, me and Dad went to the night safari. We were there till 11:00pm. We first arrived and were just at the start of the fire pirates show, 2 men spitting gas out and holding out a torch making long spurts, shor spurts and making circles of fire. They would have to back up not to get burnt. It is so amazing how they do it and not getting burnt. The gas was in a bottle. Nearly ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo March 21st 2014

The River Safari We went to the Singapore river safari the next day, to see the four largest river animals live and learn all about the rivers. The first was the Mississippi River right near our home in Canada. We sortof skipped over it, but we did look at some of the fish and turtles that were new to me, like snapping turtles. I have seen them on TV, but not live so it was different. There were also Gars, a fish that is a lot like an alligator and a major predator in the Mississippi River. There were smaller fish too, and a beaver. I've seen many in the wild. We had a reservation at 1:00 pm for the mini Amazon river cruise. The boat went way too fast and we couldn't get any really ... read more

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