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Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru January 23rd 2016

My main reason for sandwiching a few days in Johor Bahru in between visiting Singapore and returning to the US was to look at potential places to live. Malaysia has a very attractive program for expats where you can get a multiple-entry visa good for ten years. This is geared towards Singaporeans looking to escape the high cost of real estate in Singapore, but I figured it can’t hurt to look. My initial attraction to Johor Bahru (JB from now on) was its proximity to Singapore. That was before I found out first-hand what a pain in the ass it was to travel overland between the two countries. Once in JB, I found that most of the lovely condos were merely pretty renderings and small scale models of the buildings that a developer is planning to ... read more
door guardian
Guan Yin
incense burner

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru September 20th 2015

Sunday, 20th September 2015 After checking out from Belllo Hotel in the afternoon, we were back to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee to seek out new cafes before heading back to Singapore. There was a long line of diners waiting outside the attractive "Replacement Lodge & Kitchen" so we decided to check out the place some other time. We chanced upon "Table for Two" and were quickly drawn to its rustic, cosy and old-school interior. Service was slow but well-worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavourful chicken leg. This was a slow yet casual Sunday lunch in a great, atmospheric place. And we would certainly be back for more. Seek out the pictures in the meantime.... read more
Nice, cosy interior
How true

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru September 19th 2015

Saturday, 19th September 2015 This entry is about our weekend staycation @ Belllo Hotel in Johor Bahru. Decked in shades of black and white, the charming little hotel is nicely located along Meldrum Walk where it is within easy walking distance to City Square and the numerous cafes that dotted around Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. In fact, we had our breakfast at Restoran Hua Mui, a very popular Hainanese coffeeshop that have since gone upmarket. Housed in a vintage two-storey building, our delicious seafood fried bee hoon and egg sandwhiches took a while to arrive as it was full house on a Saturday morning. We loved the old school deco of this place which doubled as a living museum. In fact, the coffee shop have become a rather popular photography stop for newly weds. After breakfast ... read more
Prawn Pasta @ Maco Vintage, very fresh
Belllo Hotel, Nice homely interior

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru June 3rd 2015

The great thing about cycling around the World is crossing from one country into another and seeing the differences emerge as you leave behind the bureaucracy of the borders. This couldn't be more evident as you travel from Thailand into Malaysia, where you suddenly find yourself situated amongst predominantly Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnicities who each bring their separate cultures to this amazing country, and with it, a fusion of delicious foods which are absolutely to die for. My first main stop was George Town on the island of Penang, where the streets are adorned with the most amazing street art and old colonial buildings rise up in all 4 corners of the UNESCO Heritage site. This blog mainly features photos depicting street art which was absolutely amazing! After travelling in Thailand for nearly 4 months ... read more
Street Art
Street Art
Street art

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Pulau Rawa February 27th 2015

We left Kuala Lipis early on Wednesday morning and had a more than six hour drive in front of us. The road first took us through rain forest, afterwards we passed huge palm oil plantations. Finally we arrived at the coast just north of Pekan and drove south along the coastline all the way to Kampung Penyabong, a very small village just 30 kilometres north of Mersing. Mersing is the town that most ferries to the islands in the southeast of Malaysia depart from. However, we knew we would arrive in Mersing too late to catch a ferry, so we had decided to book a room on the mainland for one night. We did not want to stay in Mersing, but preferred a more quiet place with a beach, that’s why we booked a room at ... read more
Pulau Rawa II
Pulau Rawa III
Pulau Rawa IV

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru February 21st 2015

Saturday, 21st February 2015 Good morning Saturday. It was all well and nice as we welcomed our new day at Renaissance. We decided to skip the somewhat pricey breakfast buffet at the hotel and opted for some local fare nearby. It was Day 3 of the Lunar New Year and more eateries had already opened for business. Finally, breakfast was decided at Restoran Big Bowl where we ordered the traditional Mee Hoon Kuay, mine with added fried fish slices. This was a yummy and light choice as we headed back to our hotel for a swim after breakfast. After our check-out at 1pm, we headed to La Strada Coffee which served wholesome breakfast within its somewhat limited menu. The homely interior was nicely decorated and this was a cosy little spot for us to relax before ... read more
Mee Hoon Kuay @ Restoran Big Bowl
Nice menu board

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru February 20th 2015

Friday, 20th February 2015 Second day of Lunar New Year. We were on our way to Johor Bahru this morning to spend a short weekend staycation. The traffic at both sides of the Causeway was incredibly smooth as we took minimal efforts to clear the customs. Our bus ride to the url= Hotel at Permas Jaya took a little more than 30 minutes as it made its way across the waterfront along Berjaya Hotel. By 11.15am, we were greeted by the beautiful hotel lobby. Since our room could only be ready after 3pm, we popped over to a nearby coffeeshop for our brunch. Surprisingly, there were quite a number of Chinese eateries opened for business even though today was a very important festival observed by the Chinese. It ... read more
Sleek bedrooms
Nice pool view from the room
The welcoming lobby

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru February 8th 2015

Johor Bahru, usually just abbreviated as “JB”, is a city just north of Singapore, just across the causeway that connects Singapore and Malaysia. Everyone was telling me that there was not much to see and do, but I had wanted to go and get my own impression since I had arrived here in Singapore. Only so far I had always shied away from the hassle of crossing the border. In Europe we are so spoilt. We travel from one country to the other without even having to stop. But not until travelling in countries outside Europe you really start to appreciate the freedom we have in Europe. I thought I would outsmart everyone because I had planned to leave for JB on a Saturday (not on a Friday or on a Sunday when all the commuters ... read more
Old train station
Chinese temple
Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Batu Pahat January 21st 2015

Amazing food, thoughtful hosts, and great friends.. .a relaxing and fun weekend... Thanks to the Ho family for looking after us!... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru January 15th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! After a good (and long) nights rest me and Bruce kicked off our day with a brunch at a local Chinese restaurant. The food was amazing and they just kept it coming, tray after tray with deliciousness. I thought I was going to explode after a while, but it set me up for a good day of traversing Johor Bahru. Now, to be honest there isn't all that much to see here, it's mostly an industrial town these days even though it is an old Sultanate. The Sultan still holds immense power here and I've heard that their palaces (yes, plural) are wonderful. They are unfortunately not open to the public. There are a few things here though worth checking out, our first stop was not one of those places though, it ... read more
Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple
Angry Birds
Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

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