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Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 10th 2011

Well welcome to Shanghai. But first of course I had to get here, which involved the "torture" of 10 hours or so in Qantas business class, which of course I could only wish on myself on frequent flyer points (actually the only way to get up there, as economy was not available). Anyway I did my best to try three of the four wines available, along with a Para port and a sweet white wine. Not to mention a few hours in relatively total recline, and the strangely apposite movie, as it was a Chinese -- Australian coproduction, "33 postcards" - about a young female Chinese orphan who is in a choir but manages to visit out of the blue in Sydney her long-time sponsor, who despite a fancy postcard life of living in a beach ... read more
from flr 31
fl.31 vue
over the Bund to Pudong

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 12th 2011

Mijn eerste week in Shanghai zit erop! Afgelopen weekend was een extra lang weekend, aangezien gisteren een Chinese feestdag was, genaamd het Moon / Mid Autumn Festival. Het is een soort Chinese versie van het Amerikaanse Thanksgiving, waarbij iedereen met z'n familie gezellig gaat eten. Maar voor mij betekende het een extra dagje vrij! Prima! Daar was ik ook wel aan toe, want de eerste week was toch wel behoorlijk vermoeiend! Al die nieuwe mensen en indrukken en het wennen aan een enorm drukke stad! Aangezien ik in mijn eentje nieuw in Shanghai ben, ben ik bezig met het leren kennen van nieuwe mensen. Afgelopen donderdag ben ik naar een borrel van de Benelux kamer van koophandel geweest waar ik een aantal mensen heb leren kennen. Het is natuurlijk altijd een beetje ongemakkelijk om naar een ... read more
Appartement - woonkamer
Appartement - woonkamer
Appartement - keuken

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 6th 2011

Ni hao!, Hierbij mijn eerste berichtje vanuit Shanghai! Ik zal beginnen met een korte samenvatting van wat ik heb gedaan sinds ik vorige week dinsdag vanaf Schiphol ben vertrokken. Hong Kong Vorige week woensdagmiddag ben ik aangekomen in Hong Kong. Hier ben ik zo'n anderhalve dag geweest. Op donderdag heb ik een dag de toerist uitgehangen in HK! Ik ben naar de top van HK Island gegaan, de Peak. Het was een mistige dag, dus het uitzicht was niet heel goed maar een bezoek aan de Peak hoort er wel bij. Vervolgens een beetje rondgehobbeld door de stad. Je ziet voornamelijk heeeeeel veel mensen om je heen en heeeel veel shopping malls. Het is niet normaal hoeveel shopping malls er zijn. Aangezien ik net op het randje zat met het gewicht van mijn koffers, heb ik ... read more
Uitzicht vanaf de Peak
Uitzicht vanaf de Peak
Uitzicht vanaf de Peak

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu August 22nd 2011

Visiting Shanghai you realize that you are not the only tourist.... Actually, Shanghai is the center in a 400 million people area of China.... And all of these 400 million people wants to go to Shanghai, to see the sights and sounds. And to shop at Nanjing Rd. Or so it seems. There are some spectacular views in Shanghai though. Standing near the Huangpu, a tributary to the great Yangtze river, looking over to the skyscrapers at Pudong - you wonder if this vision of the future will be the dominant one in the coming years. Surely, the house of the bund (old colonial neighborhood) - just behind you - are the past. But the future - Well, we will have to wait and see! -Simon ... read more
Nanjing rd
Dystopian future
Ridley Scott dream

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu August 4th 2011

July 29th- We all had trouble paying attention in class because today head to Beijing. We boarded the train which was very old but had cabins with beds. We attempted to watch a movie but I feel asleep the entire 10hrs. We dropped off our stuff and the hotel and headed directly to Tiananmen Square. It started raining once we left the hotel but most of us had umbrellas. We didn’t mind because it made the areas less crowded and it wasn’t too hot. Tiananmen Square is where the Chinese Republic started 90 years ago. The Forbidden City is also located here. We learned so much about Chinese history from Wendy our tour guide. Here is my attempt to explain. The Forbidden City was a palace where the emperor’s lived. You must pass 9 gates with ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 28th 2011

July 22nd- It seems like the whole program has been passing around a bug. We haven’t traveled around the city much due to the heat and our sickness. We did manage to go shopping at a new mall on the other side of the city. We visited an apple store which was packed! There is shopping everywhere in Shanghai but all the clothes and shoes are too small to fit us. Sam bought me my first Frapacino at Starbucks, guess I’m city folk now. We tried to go out and hit the city but every bar we go to is filled with smoke. You’re allowed to smoke in the bars which are difficult for the group to handle. July 23rd- We visited the counter fit market again today. I picked up a lot of little trinkets ... read more
Yes that is a toliet

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 21st 2011

Hi everyone! I have been in China for almost two weeks now & it has been a great experience. We arrived two Saturdays ago at about seven in the morning. I share an apartment with one other girl, which is a completely different environment from Rome. We each have our own room with air conditioning and a maid service twice a week. There is also a TV that has channels in English! I slept almost the entire plane ride, so I wasn't too tired. We walked out of the hotel and found a great soup place to eat lunch. You pick what you want in your soup, put it in a basket & then they cook it up for you. It cost 7 yuan ($1 = 6.4 Yuan) so it was a great deal. You can ... read more
Another group lunch... with more chopsitcks
The bottle opener
Chinese coke!

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 16th 2011

July 16th- We visited the counter fit market today. I purchased a beautiful purse and clutch. I tried to get shoes but the lady informed us they didn’t have large sizes. I am on a size 8! July 17th- We took our second trip to the fabric market. There I bought two suits! I am so excited to get them back and see how they fit. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our SAP presentation. We spend 9 hours on it! July 18th- Monday was difficult. I found one of my bras missing. Spilled my cereal all over the floor and bought rotten milk. We also had to present our SAP projects which might have been the hardest assignment all semester. Luckily we nailed it! It was very hot in the room and ... read more
Start of my bad day

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 9th 2011

July 9th- We made it to Shanghai, China. We had breakfast at the airport and I had smoked salmon, YUM! Everyone is very tired. We took a bus to the New Harbor Apt Hotel. These apartments are spectacular, much better than Rome. Sam and I are sharing an apt together. I have two double beds to myself. We are also the only apt with a washing machine. The view outside our apt is fantastic. It reminds me of New York City only filled with Asian people. We walked to a little soup shop down the street and created our own soups. Our meal was $1 US dollar total. Everything is so cheap here. We had a walking tour of the city and visited peoples square, the subway and Nanjing Rd. Today is my father’s birthday but ... read more
Airplane pic for Brian

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu June 7th 2011

山竹: Shān Zhú The Garcinia Mangostana or the Purple Mangosteen, colloquially known simply as Mangosteen is virtually unseen and unheard of on the cold rainy shores of the British Isles. However here in Asia they line the streets, their deep purple skin shining like cobblestones in the rain. Their look is unassuming and perhaps slightly unpleasant, squat and round topped with an ugly collar of green. You want to know what I'm talking about, right? Sunday evening in Shanghai after a tiresome, miserable, rainy day and lots of walking exploration, we drudged back to the hostel when we stumbled across a bizzare looking fruit, Chris, Eric and Teresa have all tried it but none have any idea what it is. I am, as usual, completely oblivious! Back at the hostel we ask the women at ... read more

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