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Free accommodation, food and Chinese learning, come to Chatfun

Free accommodation, food and Chinese learning, come to Chatfun
13 years ago, September 11th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #118972  
Free accommodation, food and Chinese learning, come to Chatfun

ChatFun Language - China’s Services for Foreigners

CFL-China is a company with a new concept, a global brand, and a global chain. Our slogan is “Learn languages while eating and drinking!” We not only spread Chinese culture to the world, but at the same time provide a readily available, ideal atmosphere for language interface. We believe in the new dream of China..

We proudly offer the following services in China.
1. Storage Service
Unique to Chatfun, CFL-China offers a storage service to members for the stowage of belongings within our modern and well-maintained warehouse. In addition, we provide 24-hour security to ensure the safety of your belongings. Storage facilities may be required during a short or extended visit to China, whether for business or pleasure, we can accommodate your possessions.

If you prefer to get away by yourself and want to travel light but have too much luggage or equipment, we can store it for you. If rental accommodation has been found but there is a waiting period before moving-in to fixed accommodation, we can store it. Extended stay: Business Trips away from base, Stowage of goods or equipment, unexpected delays, Holiday or back-packing trip.

2. Notice board + 2nd hand market place
Through CFL-China’s secondhand trade service, we provide a market to sell your furniture and appliances e.g. when your stay in the locality has ended. When items are required for furnishing accommodation you will find valuable previously owned merchandise to save on your budget. Living in China can sometimes be an expensive experience, but buying secondhand merchandise saves up to 90%!o(MISSING)n purchases. Once you start browsing, you will be amazed at what you can pick up. The reality is that if it is available new, it is available secondhand. Items can be posted on the website by submitting a photograph with your application.
When your stay in the locality has ended, bikes, scooters and household items can be sold before leaving; household pets can be passed on; and remaining items can be collected by a local non-profit organization which will distribute usable items to charitable institutions and disaster areas throughout China. You can even find your Ayie a new post.

3. Host Family Experiences
The CFL-China host family experiences are designed for young people who would like to come to China to broaden their personal and professional horizons. Whether your interest lies in cultural exchange or just improving your résumé, CFL-China can help. Host family experiences offer visitors a rare opportunity to truly immerse them in Chinese culture in a relaxed environment and to take part in .day-to-day activities by living, eating, and interacting with Chinese people in a host family setting. Chinese families look for males or females for a homestays or as au pairs, and nannies. Au pair and nannying jobs can be sourced from CFL

Job opportunities.
China is in some respects a developing country but in many others, it is a leader. The number and scope of job opportunities are rapidly expanding. Allied with over 50 companies in our Enterprise Alliance, our database is up-dated regularly and can be searched for the best job opportunities. Internships are now an excellent way to gain valuable extra experience and many returnees find their stay in China has been of great benefit to them for job opportunities upon returning home; besides being able to command a higher salary, a stay in China often accelerates promotion. Whether a student or part of an adult education program, you can keep your resume competitive.

4. Learning Mandarin
According to an official report on April 09, 2010, English is no longer the most spoken language in the world; indeed it is Mandarin. About 932,132,000 people speak and write Mandarin, whilst only 332,000,000 speak and write English. This is why it is important to learn how to speak even a little mandarin. The following are reasons to learn it:

1. The world is changing swiftly; communication, ideas, and goods are travelling faster and faster between countries. Learning Mandarin gives you the ability to take advantage of this change and expand your business opportunities.
2. Learning Mandarin will put you ahead of the competition. Speaking Mandarin is a real advantage because it will open up unique opportunities for you.
3. Chinese culture is over 5,000 years old. By learning the language, you will be able to expand your understanding of Chinese culture and gain new perspective on the world.
4. Whilst here learning Mandarin will provide opportunities to communicate with Chinese people.

Chatfun Mandarin Education Centre
Chatfun Mandarin Education Centre is particularly designed for foreigners who are willing to learn mandarin and experience the unique Chinese culture. CMEC is under the authority system of Bureau of Education of Zhongshan. After finishing the CMEC education courses, the student can achieve a certification through passing the mandarin examination organized by CMEC; learning mandarin is becoming more and more important. Learning even a little Mandarin not only gives you the ability to take advantage of the changing world but also puts you ahead of the competition from your peers. So, don’t hesitate – learn
Mandarin today! Come to CMEC.

5. CFL-China Concierge and Travel information
CFL-China travel affiliates can help gather travel information using experienced and professional teams. You can be offered individual travel services tailored to your specific needs.

You don’t need to be here in person but you can find all the information on CFL. CFL does all the work for you e.g. train and bus travel can be sourced though CFL Get accesses to local services like dry cleaners and hairdressers. It’s like having your own personal assistant.

Visitors’ Assistance
Having visitors during a busy work schedule can be a real headache. How can you act as a great host during a busy work schedule without interrupting your work? There is no necessity to leave your loved ones home alone waiting for you whilst you are at work or away on business in another province. Members of your family left behind may be in need of valuable information about the locality or in need of assistance for their own travel experiences, and we will act as their host in your absence with due care and attention.

Local travel options can be tricky to fathom - family members can visit Chatfun and ask us to provide services including travel information, and from the members’ centre, office facilities, and internet café. Examples are presented below. Pick-up Services (including from the airport, railway station, bus stop and the hotel)

Personal Office
In our members’ internet café, your resume can be prepared and translated in preparation for researching all those job opportunities. The availability of office, and printing services are crucial in the job search and members can gather valuable information or enquire about the whereabouts of specialist services e.g. photo lab or computer repair maintenance. Consider CFL to be your personal assistant.


Add: ShuiYunXuan-Huahong,12 Qi Wan Road N., Eastern Area, Zhongshan City 528403, Guangdong Province , China (Next to Shangri-La Hotel, Zhongshan)

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