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China Backpacking (4 months) & SE Asia 2011

Meet/Greet Hong Kong Fri, Aug 20 & China Backpacking Pilgrimage (4 months)
9 years ago, June 29th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #114364  
Ladies ONLY,

Interested in meeting up in Hong Kong for a local meal/drink, and any LADIES interested in joining me in any part of the my China trip. The areas with astrick * means that its safer/cost affective to travel in pairs or on a tour group.

1. Hong Kong (Aug 16 + 9 days)
2. Shanghai (end Aug)
3. Souzhou (early Sept)
4. Hangzhou, Mount Huangshang*, Wuyuan*, Fujian tulous (mid Sept)
5. Stop over in HK (Sept 27-Oct 4)
6. Dali & Lijiang* & Kunming area
7. Yuanyang Rice terraces & Guizhou* & Hunan* (Nov)
8. Guangxi (mid Nov-early Dec)

This trip is like a Chinese pilgrimage for me, so I will travel with only those who understand that this is culturally significant than just a cheap way of seeing China. I will be backpacking and don't expect to spend more than $4000 USD for the whole 4 months because of using local buses, trains, flights & budget accommodation. I may also travel down to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillippines etc to volunteer until April 2011.

Please write to me before July 8th, as I will be booking accommodation & flights.

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9 years ago, February 10th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #128744  
Hi Lucinda,
Some of my plans look like they might cross yours so I will stay in touch with you. I am also travelling solo. Am living in Vietnam at the moment. been travelling for a couple of months and will be heading up into china mid to later in the year.
Have fun and maybe we will cross paths heh.
Michelle (aussie) Reply to this

9 years ago, March 4th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #130371  
Hi there Lucinda,
I'm actually living and working in Huzhou at the moment which is not far from Hangzhou, more than happy to do a weekend trip with you at any point. Just give me a message or something.
Connie :-) Reply to this

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