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Welcome to Xi'an,the hometown of the Terra-cotta Warriors

any one who want to pay a visit to Xi'an,please have a look ,you will get some useful information.
12 years ago, March 11th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #130839  
Xi’an ,the hometown of the Terra-cotta Warriors,is known as one of the “Four Ancient Capitals of the World”,together with Rome,Athens and Istanbul.
Actually,the very mentioning of Xi’an city,particularly when it is viewed as a tourist city,is always associated with its long history and rich culture.It's famouse in its own right for a number of reasons,for instance,it ranks the first place among the 6 ancient capitals in China;it used to be the capital for 13 dynasties as long as 1100 years;it was the eastern terminus of the celebrated Silk Road and an oriental metropllis with visitors and merchants from every corner of the world.
Because of its somewhat isolated location in the mid-west of China,much of its culture and history has been preserved and passed down to this day.For the tourists,the long history and rich culture can be most directly seen and best illustrated with an abundance of historic relics and cultural sites that have been discovered or excavated from inside and around this city.
During the past quarter of century,as the traditionally exclusive China opened to the outside world,an increasing number of tourists from the western world took the interst to explor many of its mysteries.However,for most of the tourists,they only know Beijing or Shanghai,because Beijing is the capital and Shanghai is one of the most developed financial centers,but if you want to explore China from the very roots upward,if you want to see a real China,you have to come to Xi’an ,because Xi’an is a city of profund history and culture,a city of great changes and a city of immense vitality.
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