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Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu March 17th 2010

We had a pretty smooth cruise from Manila to Shanghai except for the thunder and lightning storms and a 60˚swing in the temperature in two days time. Just as we were about to leave steamy Manila we saw a van drive up and the staff started unloading white bundles---maybe 100 of them. We couldn’t figure out what they were bringing onto the ship. We later heard that the ship had sent out a huge load of passenger laundry that morning when we arrived in port. Since so many passengers qualify for free washing and ironing service, the laundry on board has been swamped. It shows the lengths to which Regent will go to keep their guests clean and happy. Recently the ship has begun serving dinner outside on the aft veranda—which to us is heavenly. In ... read more
Stone Statues
Bob and Lucia
Seagull Restaurant

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 9th 2009

We were stuck to the hostel in the morning because we had problems with our flights. We had local noodles from a lady in a little shack outside our hostel, really good, spicy and with nuts too!! Head to the market again to pick up my shirts so on the way we decided to have a look around the science and technology museum. It was too much to go inside but being fully glazed we could see all to offer, and it also had a CRYSTAL MAZE outside, but without Richard O'Brien though!! My shirts needed some tweaking when we arrive d for them so hung around a little. It was dark when we left and the skyline looked amazing all light up with different colours so took a few nice snaps, also got some pics ... read more
Crystal Maze

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 8th 2009

Today we decided to explore the French Concession. The weather was miserable, heavy rain! But the hustle and bustle of the busy little side streets and unusual array of stores and restaurants was cool. Simply watching the chaos of a traffic jam was interesting, beeping and shouting doesnt always speed things up however. I was really desperate for a coffe and a cake yet this appeared to be impossible, and against my better judgement we ended up in Starbucks!! After a look around we had to head back to Yatai Xingyuang market to pick up Laura's dress, I decided to get some tailor shirts made too, all sorts available, by the time i was on page two the girls of the stall would give me more to view!! Very helpful though. It was late and food ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 7th 2009

Had a lazy day today, started with fruit, yoghurt and coffee for breakfast. Did some planning for other trips which took a while. Spicy food and a film at the hostel in the evening.... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 6th 2009

Fanbang street had been recommended to us as Christmas street, so we ventured there, but to Laura's disapointment there wasnt a Santa in sight!!! Swedish obviously meant they got presents there not that it was actually Christmas street!! Was pretty cool though, loads of stalls and shops selling dragons and buddha's, throw in a few dresses and fake Gucci bags and jobs a good'n!! Later we went to a fake market at the Science and Technology metro station, Yatai Xingyuang market. Looked at fake jeans, watches, glasses, with every stall person trying to drag us into their shop- EVERY SHOP!!! Laura had her measurements taken to have a tailor made dress for New Years Eve, to pick up in a few days, should be good. Got home late evening and had some noodles and chilled in ... read more
Fang Bang
Shanghai Skyline

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 5th 2009

We arrived around 8am to a sunny Shanghai. Took some photos of our shiney train then head out, nowhere near as hectic getting out of the station as getting in. I could see people waiting to get through the gate to where i was leaving and all their faces were squished against the gate like captive animals!! We hoped on the tube just outside the train station and were about 5 stops to People's Square. Directions for our hostel were very vague after this point, almost a pre-requisite to advertise any hostel!! The huge modern skyscrapers and immense buildings instantly grab you, seemed almost a million miles away from our previous location! Our hostel (Etour Mingtown), was hidden away under one of the best buildings but in a little shadey alley. Spent most of the day ... read more
Overnight Train
Shanghai Skyline

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 1st 2002

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