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Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu March 17th 2012

When we got off the plane we immediately got into a taxi and headed for the city. All the taxis here are VWs plain boxy 1998 Jetta type cars. Traffic is horrendous, cars go everywhere, people go anywhere, and bicycles or electric scooters rule. I was surprised when I heard that there are strict regulations on riding bikes and motorbikes because it seems they just go where ever they want. The sidewalks are painted for bicycle parking but many blend in with normal pedestrians. There are rickshaws operated by young old; and all walks of professional life. Despite all the madness I have not seen anyone wreck or fall off, and only seen a couple people with any type of head protection. I went into the office yesterday. I was pleased to find that my asian ... read more
Rock in park
Say What?
P for Park?

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu February 6th 2012

The last day of the Spring Festival is marked by the Lantern Festival (gotta love a country that has a festival within a festival). In Shanghai, the Lantern Festival epicentre is Yu Garden (a wonderful tourist trap that is a must see while in Shanghai), where, thanks to their wonderful sponsor Pepsi, massive lantern sculptures are on display across the garden and surrounding buildings. A couple of friends and I decided to shell out our ¥80 ($13 - go big or go home), and join the crushing crowds to see the sculptures. I have to say, it was pretty cool. Each sculpture showed a different Chinese story (my friend Mingming identified a few, but my brain was in photo-mode so nothing was retained), they were very intricate and thanks to modern technology had moving parts, lasers, ... read more
Lantern Festival 1
Pure Wonder
Lantern Festival 8

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu January 26th 2012

Up until this point I have neglected to mention where I live in Shanghai - I am right in the thick of things, a couple blocks north of People's Square and Nanjing Pedestrian Walk, right on Xizang Lu. This means that what most tourists flock to see in Shanghai, I see every day as I leave and come home. It's a prime location, and I sometimes take it for granted. I decided the other day that it was time to really enjoy my neigbourhood, so I set out camera in hand to document what I see every day. The hustle and bustle of people, the lights of Nanjing, the contrast within the park which is so quiet and peaceful. So this is my neighbourhood - hope you like it!... read more
Getting lost in the crowd
People's Square 4
Nanjing East at Night 1

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu January 23rd 2012

Shanghai!!! After a succesful hail down of a taxi in the morning (we haven't been to succesful in the past...) we managed to get to the train station in Qufu well ahead of time. As train journeys go it was a boring dozy 5 hours. Luckily the train conductor came to tell us to get off the train as I'd miscalculated an hour (would have shot straight past Shanghai otherwise). Although we weren't in the bullet train (a chance we're sorry we've missed but hey) we still managed to travel around 250km/ph which is a personal land speed record. After dumping our stuff in the hostel we headed out to find some form of food as the cook was on spring festival holidays in the hostel and most restaurants were closed in the vicinity (it was ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu January 15th 2012

Your patience has been rewarded, o faithful readers! We are now in the former Nanny State of Russia (Siberia) but I am quite happily accessing blogs and Facebook. More than I can say for the Republic of China who block all social media sites probably as part of their drive to curb 'excessive entertainment'! A new legislation which has reined in the growth of reality TV programmes from 126 to 38 according to China Daily. But for a first time visitor to China the land presents itself as an absolute megalith of power and progress with a real danger of ploughing over its centuries old culture and traditions. That said, for those in search of the yin and yang of China Shanghai is not a bad place to start. Always on a journey one starts with ... read more
Astor House history
If corridors could speak..
The Peacock ballroom

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 25th 2011

Good morning and Merry Christmas! This morning we said goodbye to our villa and our hosts (including the resort owner and Mr. Chen and Mr. Na who have been with us since Beijing) and climbed back onto the bus to head to Shanghai. At least traffic is a lot better today on Christmas.The trip that took us 4 hours into Zhangjiagang several days ago should now take about 90 minutes back into Shanghai. Shanghai is a bustling city similar to Beijing but more modern and Westernized. The pollution here is also quite bad as witnessed from the window of our 53rd floor hotel room. We arrived in the afternoon and decided we had time to do one thing today and chose to visit the Yu Yuen Gardens and Baazar. This is a famous spot for shopping ... read more
Shanghai Pollution
Old vs New Shanghai
Shanghai at Night

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 22nd 2011

There are two charming areas in Shanghai, the French Concession and Yu Gardens. While the French Concession boasts a distinctly European flare, Yu Gardens is a reflection of old Shangai. As you walk down Fuyou street the wider roads turn into a smaller one lined with huge Chinese buildings. The entrances into Yu Gardens are marked by small openings which are quite easy to miss. If you end up at Anren street you’ve gone too far. Once you enter into the bazaar there is a lot to take in. First there is a huge courtyard area, usually milling with tons of tourists taking in all the sites. There are also small make-shift rooms that demonstrate what life must have been like in 18th century Shanghai. While efforts have been made to preserve the old buildings and ... read more
View of the gardens
Tea House 3
View from street

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 20th 2011

Once referred to as the Paris of the orient, Shanghai is a city that offers history, culture, modernity and sophistication all rolled into one. On the tip of the east coast of China, Shanghaihas been a strategic shipping port since the 18thcentury. Shanghai was an interesting place to visit. Having been to the ultra modern, hip, Hong Kong, super cool Tokyoand bustling Mumbai, I was unsure about what to expect here. Shanghai is most known for its futuristic skyline and iconic Pearl Tower. I am sure it is one of the most photographed skylines in the world. Like most cities, different districts reflect different periods of culture that helped shaped the city. The French concession is an old area of the town surrounded by tree lined streets, boutique shops and European architecture. A sought after residential ... read more
Twin Towers- Shanghai
French Concession
The Bund

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 12th 2011

After the late as possible breakfast I returned to my room to prepare some photographs for later posting on the net -- did not get around to doing my blog then and a day late sometimes makes it difficult to remember stuff. Anyway I had decided to switch hotels from the Salvo, which although nice, it is however around 750Rmb ($125), to the rather cheaper Baron Business Hotel at 400Rmb ($65). So it was a simple walk of a few minutes over to Fuzhou Rd and a little closer to the Bund. Had a precautionary look at the room first and it was fine -- a generous size with two large single beds and a very modern bathroom and cable Internet. So apart from the 20th floor view, with 31st floor for breakfast at the Salvo, ... read more
more skyline
a pink wall of nothing
empty roads

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 11th 2011

I really was going to write this on the night but am instead writing it the following day with the result I almost cannot remember what the details were. However the general details always involve virtually setting an alarm for 9:30 AM to have a quick shower before heading up for the breakfast deadline at 10 AM. Being a Sunday there were more people who were having it late (completely different story at the same time on Monday -- only a very few at that hour). Anyway with one thing and another, despite knowing that the sun sets at around 4:45 PM, it was really only at about 2 PM that I got going. I have really only had a very general idea of what I am doing and that usually involves picking an area to ... read more
wind-dried duck
Xmas at Raffles
skyline nr Museum

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