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Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 18th 2012

So, I’ve been told a few times that it’s not too early to update again… so I’m updating again! The days continue to be packed with new information and all kinds of adventures. The group that I sight-saw with on Saturday has become something of my nuclear group of friends here at DE. We are far from perfect for each other as friends, but we are sharing these experiences and bring a lot of unique perspectives to the table. Since Saturday, the 4+ of us have spent time together literally every free moment. I say 4+ because there is this central group of 4 that then has a rotating 5th person. Our 5th has really turned into Chris from Ireland, so in fairness to him… it’s become 5+. We 5 have a fantastic habit of getting ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu November 22nd 2012

We arrived into Shanghai on an overnight hard sleeper from Xi'an. This was our first experience of a sleeper train so we were not sure what to expect. There are 6 bunks in a tiny cabin but they provide a pillow and blanket and the beds are not strictly what you would call hard but they're not the most comfortable thing either. We got on our bunks hoping we would be able to sleep, then realised the Chinese people we were sharing our cabin with liked to ignore the no smoking signs and were soon puffing away and choking us to death. We did our best to get some sleep and after a few hours lying awake listening to the others below snoring, we put in our ear plugs and went to sleep. We woke up ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 30th 2012

Day 20 (Tues 25thSept) My first action in Shanghai was to try and book my ticket to Beijing, not the most positive of starts wanting to book a ticket out of the city, but it’s a national holiday week here next week so needed it sorted. Got to station, once again had forgotten my passport, but on looking at e-ticket machine couldn’t have booked more than 3 days in advance anyways so nothing lost. Have to go back Friday. Went back to the hostel to drop off my passport and then headed out for a day time walk along the Bund, which is the main promenade/boulevard in Shanghai, from where every picture you’ve ever seen of the skyline will have been taken from. It is an amazing view, one of which I decided I wanted to ... read more
WFC at night
Shanghai Skyline
Oriental Pearl Tower

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 27th 2012

In a rather sleep deprived state we landed in Shanghai naively feeling like cultured tourists, after all we had navigated the English speaking, tourist haven of New Zealand without a real hitch. Obviously, we were wrong. Getting off the plane itself had become a gauntlet of bodies as Chinese people seem to have little regard to any safety protocols, or procedures imposed by the airlines...after getting their bags during the actual landing of the aircraft... We got our bags and joined the rush to get off the plane and out of the airport, and being used to the Spring NZ temperatures we were soon sweating beyond belief at the 25 degree heat in the evening. With directions to the hostel in-hand we decided to brave the local transport and 'do it the cheap way'. After being ... read more
Pudong skyline by day
Pudong by night
A 'Hand Grasp ribs and Guizhou Rice' lunch - delicious

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 22nd 2012

I had a few hours to spare on a Saturday afternoon, so I took some pictures in and around Fuxing Park, in the former French Concession. The sign just inside the gate also referred to this as the Civilized Park, which it is. Just unrelated people (and bicycles) going about their weekend: see photo captions for details. Normal.dotm 0 0 1 2 DSM 1 1 2 12.0 ... read more
Classic Chinese architecture
Powering through red
All in a row

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 24th 2012

Ni hao once again! I am getting a little behind on the old blogging as you may or may not have realised.. Thus it is time to speed things up a tad! So I last left you in Nanjing feeling a little underwhelmed, but a lot wiser on Sino-japanese relations. Our next stop was the long awaited Shanghai!!! After only a 3 hour train ride, easy going in comparison to our next train ride, we hit Shanghai hard! We wandered around to get a good feel for the city; skyscrapers litter the skies everywhere you look. Hidden in one part is the old quarter which was beautiful with typical Chinese architecture nestled in between vast, towering and modern buildings. We visited the gardens there and stared at some colossal fish and ... read more
What are the chances?!?
Standard photo opp for Lenky with a Chinese toddler

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 20th 2012

Highrise, high on smog en onze volgende highlight...geschreven in de bus van Shanghai naar Huang Shan op 20 juli. Naast ons is de zee flatgebouwen opgedroogd en getransformeerd in heuvels vol bamboe en theestruiken. 's Ochtends 18 juli op het treinstation van Shanghai merken we meteen het verschil, iets cooler en veel meer smog, de stad hangt in een constante nevel. Met de metro zijn we zo in het Phoenix hostel in het centrum dat we via hostelworld hebben geboekt. Meer een hotel met druipende airco's en koude douche, maar wel met gave rooftop bar waar we ontbijten. Daarna naar het Shanghai museum dat een highlight zou moeten worden. Van onschatbare waarde is de verzameling bronswerk, jade, schetsen, caligrafie, beelden, meubels, kleding, munten en porcelein ongetwijfeld - maar ook behoorlijk saai! Langs skycrapers, over voetgangersbruggen door ... read more
07. Marktje naast oprukkende flatwijken
08. Kwaaak!
09. Canal Town Zhujiajiao

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 24th 2012

On Tuesday Dad and Penny left us with Mum to explore Shanghai some more. MATTHEW Today we went to the dodgy markets, if I could use one word to sum it up it’s dodgy very dodgy. In the dodgy markets there are illegal copies of DVDs there are copied Rolexes, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren polo shirt. There are secret back rooms were they keep all the illegal stuff, one shop that we went to had all these cupboards hidden behind a bunch of ties’ and stuff. The thing that makes the dodgy markets so dodgy is the prices, no not prices you have to bargain to get a low price or you’ll be ripped off. Take an angry birds watch for example, the lady who sold to us tried to get 280 RMB but we ... read more
Pearl Tower
A Dragon in the Garden

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 24th 2012

CHRIS On Monday we went sightseeing and bargaining. I bought a jade turtle and a dragon made of dead grass which took two hours to make. Dad's friend Penny who works with him showed us around Shanghai and we went on six trains which were crowded with people. Matt sat on a closed in water well and I took a picture but then all these girls came running to him and also took pictures of him. When we were in Shanghai Matt and I got a lot of strange looks. At lunch time I had icecream and duck tongue. The duck tongue was chewy but it was quite nice. Then we went to a garden with lots of fish which were in huge fish tanks. That's all for today folks. MATTHEW Yesterday we went to the ... read more
Matt and his girls

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 18th 2012

Hi Everyone, I want to tell you about my two-day visit to Shanghai. Whenever Shanghai is mentioned in Beijing it always seems to be with a sort of reverence, almost like some families relate to the rebellious offspring who has become a great success. Thank God for Wikipedia since not many of us know the details given here: Shanghai is the largest city by population in China and with over 17.8 million people. (Beijing is a paltry 11.7 million.) It is a major financial centre and the busiest container port in the world. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in eastern China, Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River on the East China Sea, roughly equidistant from Beijing and Hong Kong. "Once a fishing and textiles town, Shanghai grew in importance in the 19th ... read more
art deco mural, Fairmont Peace Hotel
busker, Nanjing Lu
Dancing Queen

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