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Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu December 17th 2021

Day One: The taxi ride to my new hotel took about 40 minutes and since it was the tail end of rush hour we got stuck in the traffic on the motorway quite a bit. The funniest sight was an ambulance pulled up in the middle by the bollard where the slip road veers off from the main highway. It seemed like a odd place to stop. I just hope he figuring out his journey and nothing more serious was going on. My taxi driver couldn't find my hotel as where his GPS guided him to was a random place. I didn't have the language skills to help him and my phone was out of data. Luckily, there was some kind of policeman (China has a few different types of police/security and I don't know the ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 3rd 2019

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our Glories of China tour of 2019. The trip started off with a cancelled flight on Saturday night, arriving back home at 3am Sunday morning, back to airport for 3pm flight Sunday arvo. Into Hong Kong at 10pm and Cathay Pacific had arranged a brilliant hotel room, within the airport for the night. On our connecting flight to Shanghai at 7.30am Monday, arriving at 10am. Our tour guide, Grace had arranged for us to be picked up and although we missed the first part of Day 1, we were taken straight to our lunch venue, a magnificent floating restaurant on the Huangpu River. Our tour group is made up of Aussie's from Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle and of course Brisbane. We have another local guide, whose name is also Grace, so we have ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu May 25th 2016

Après avoir quitté Hiroshima (très sympa d'ailleurs, je ne fais pas d'article dessus car je n'y suis resté qu'une nuit, donc pas enormement de contenu, mais ça vaut le coup d'y aller et pas que pour le mémorial), je viens de passer 5 jours à Shanghai. C'est beaucoup moins chinois que Pékin et on y va davantage pour les grattes ciel et le côté cosmopolite que pour les temples bouddhistes. En termes de cosmopolitanie, elle se ressent enormement dans l'ancienne concession française, surtout dans la vie nocturne. Là, on a vraiment l'impression d'être en Europe. C'est plutôt rigolo. Sinon je retiendrai le Bund et la vue sur la nouveau quartier de Pudong (pas très original), mais aussi qu'on ne voit pas très loin et qu'on a pas toujours la chance de voir le haut des grattes ... read more
Pudong (le quartier d'affaires)
Vue depuis le top

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 10th 2016

The week had honestly worn me out, but I wasn’t about to sleep in my last morning, so by 7 I was up and at the gym before breakfast and meeting coworkers in the lobby for a whirlwind 4 more hours. One of my colleagues from the Beijing office happened to be in Shanghai for the weekend and was staying at the same hotel, so he joined us at well. The plan was basically to see People’s Square and then do some shopping and eating, but I deferred to my hosts for a more solid game plan. I hadn’t taken the metro yet, so this was my final golden opportunity to check it out. It’s known to be clean, efficient, etc. so just like every other public transit system in the world it’s the antithesis to ... read more
Umbrellas advertising people's children for potential suitors and other matchmakers
Food stall in Yuyuan Tourist Mart featuring miscellaneous fried things
Looking down East Nanjing Road

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 4th 2016

Nihao! It’s been only 16 hours since landing in Shanghai and I’ve already seen and eaten so much – I can’t believe I have an entire week ahead of me! My morning in Chicago was a blur to say the least – had a wee bit too much fun at Kasia’s surprise 30th so after waking up it was basically a scramble to make sure I had everything, shower, and run out the door. O’Hare wasn’t bad on a Sunday morning, and the check-in process wasn’t anything out of the ordinary apart from having my visa checked a couple of times. Since I was flying from Chicago I had 2 hours of flight time cut off from what it would have been from Boston – any little bit helps when you’re flying for over 14 hours. ... read more
Entrance to the YuYuan Tourist Mart, Gardens, and Temple
Temple of the City God
Looking less than refreshed at the YuYuan Gardens

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 10th 2015

And with a quick hop and a step (on the high speed rail again) and less than an hour later, I had arrived at my intended final destination of the China leg of my trip - at the iconic eastern coastal port city of Shanghai. Given it's impossibly high skyscrapers these days jostling for real estate with colonial era-like buildings along the Bund, thinking of Shanghai as being just like any other port city would be quite inaccurate. Shanghai today is the commercial heart of the world's second largest economy, and the eyes of its populace have been flashing renminbi signs ever since it was first forced open to foreign commercial trade at the end of the first Opium Wars. Despite the implicated national shame of being subjugated to hostile foreign will, these events could conceivably ... read more
Shanghai Tower
French Concession
The Bund

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu June 21st 2015

First stop, the Shanghai Museum. Short stay since I had plans to meet up with Kanon, a guy I met at breakfast at the hotel, who offered to show me around town. He’s originally from Shanghai and is visiting for some job interviews. At 32, he is far more traveled than most Chinese his age that I’ve met, having been around Europe and throughout a good deal of Asia, much of it on business. He’s just earned an MBA from a university in Singapore. There’s a lot to take in at the Museum and my 1 ½ hours only allowed me to scratch the surface of two sections, bronze and pottery, each filling an entire floor. The short stay was a reminder of how far ahead of the West the Chinese kingdoms were in both technology ... read more
Street Scene near Yuyuan Garden
Lunch Stop
Street in French Concession

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu June 20th 2015

Have returned to Shanghai for the third time in my first stop of my fifth trip to China. The Maglev train 8-minute ride to Pudong from the airport at 325 km/hr once seemed so fast. Now, with so many bullet trains crossing China that customarily go close to 300 km/hr, it doesn’t feel that way anymore. Next time, I'll just take the subway all the way into town and back to the airport. It's slower, but you save the trouble of the carting of your luggage from the Maglev station to the subway to continue on into town. Am based this stay on S. Yunnan Lu, just a short walk from People’s Park and the Shanghai museum. It is a wonderful food street with both a variety of restaurants and street food. A long walk on ... read more
Shanghai Market

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu January 6th 2015

Sylvester in Shanghai Um mich vom anstrengenden Reisealltag zu erholen, hab ich mir zwei Wochen Urlaub in Shanghai gegönnt. Gerade richtig um eine große Sylvester-Party zu feiern - Russian Style :-) Glücklicherweise nicht am "Bund" (! Nachdem Shanghai eh schon ein bekanntes Pflaster ist, gibts diesmal keine große Foto-Auswahl (siehe Fotobücher). Die Fotos beschränken sich auf Chinesische Eigenheiten und ihre (Toiletten-) Gewohnheiten.... read more
Oriental Pearl Kreisverkehr
Times Square
Times Square

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu November 17th 2014

We took a taxi back to the bus station in Tunxi to head to Hangzhou where we would take the train back to Shanghai. We were walking onto the bus to find our seats when I heard a familiar voice... I looked up to see that our Korean friends were sitting directly behind us on their way to Hangzhou. They were excited to see us and hands were shook all around. What are the chances! Once last time in Hangzhou, we said our good byes and headed for the train station. Luckily we were able to get a train within the next hour and were off to Shanghai. Trying to get a taxi from a couple streets away from a metro station proved impossible, extra impossible when the couple taxis that did pull over couldn't recognize ... read more
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Morning view from our hotel window
Astor House Hotel

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