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Granada After doing absolutely nothing on the Corn Islands for two weeks it was very hard to get back into the swing of travelling. As such we did not see an awful lot of Granada. We didn’t have much luck with hostels there so settled on one with a pool we could hang out by while we did some organising for the next part of our trip. As it was a bit of a party hostel we did not get much sleep so did the only sensible thing and joined in. Granada, like the rest of Nicaragua is crazy hot so you get a two for the price of one hangover from half the amount of drinks. We did manage to make it to the market in Masaya which is well worth a visit. It has ... read more
View of Volcan Masaya from Catarina
All aboard!
Charco Verde, Ometepe

I couldn't sleep last night. The power was out, there was no breeze, and in addition to smoke from burning the fields, it seemed that trash was being burned as well. I got up at dawn with allergic black eyes; by an hour or so later I was just swollen. We drove to Juan Dolio, with a stop at a Parador for fried chicken. The hostel, Fior di Loto, is decorated in an Indian motif and the proprietor supports education for girls in India. My room was notable for its continuous electricity and a flush toilet--heaven! I'll write my last entry soon, but want to reflect on the trip more (and look up some birds) before writing.... read more
Fior di Loto

26thMarch – Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia Happy Birthday Phil and Happy Wedding Anniversary Bren and Eliza!! I made chocolate brownies in celebration. Had to motor most of the way as the wind was right on the nose, and how lovely to enter the marina. It’s a very large, well protected marina....and Boomerang is here. Went out for Thai dinner at a restaurant that is part of the marina complex. Had a lovely evening then the boys, Debby and I left John and Phil still celebrating. The next day Phil was very ‘tired’ and ‘dehydrated’. Hmmmm 27th: Boomerang boys stayed over the night. Took them out for pizza and icecream for dinner and then relaxed back on board with a movie. A very pleasant night. 28th: Late breakfast waiting for boys to wake up then took ... read more
pizza for dinner
...and ice cream
time for movie

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 26th 2014

Today we return to Miami for a couple of days to do a little shopping and to catch up with some friends we met on another trip. Our journey from Montego Bay airport to the hotel took about two and a half hours when we arrived here on Tuesday, so with that in mind we have booked our transfer back to the airport for 6.30am for our 11.30am flight. Our chef from the previous evening was waiting for us when we appeared from our tree house in his current multipurpose role as overnight security guard. The help he gave with the bags was very much appreciated for the short distance between our room and the hotel entrance. This being Jamaica, our lift to the airport did not arrive until about 7.00 am, so we had plenty ... read more

Initially I hadn't planned to check out the massive market in Chichicastenango. It is held every Thursday and Sunday and I wasn't sure if either of those days would fit into my plan. It's possible to visit on a day trip from Antigua or Lake Atitlán as many shuttles offer the service - for a price. But because I summited Volcán Tajumulco much earlier than anticipated, I ended up with plenty of time. After an extra rest day in Xela I took off for Chichi the day before the market to spend the night in order to get an early viewing before the tour buses and shuttles arrived. A lot of stuff was set up Saturday afternoon in the market but I went back again at 7:30 in the morning. The expanse had doubled in size ... read more
Church Steps
In Front of the Church
Lots of Flower Vendors


I took a morning walk around the edges of the cane fields, with binoculars and bird book. There were some pretty lizards with blue throats and red vents. I was pleased to see a couple of broad-billed todies, which are very attractive little birds, a green heron, and perhaps smooth-billed anis, as well as others. Men here and there with burros and cows. Nobody else. It was nice to have a short break. Today the workers (but not our volunteer group) spread cement on the raised cinder block perimeter of the court. A guided afternoon walk through the cane itself. Eating half a mango and spotting an Antillean mango, which is a bird. Later, we dedicated the courtwith only a little speechifying, some cake, and a few games. There was a talent show, but I snuck ... read more
Free-range goats
In the cane
Part of the group

Day 1 in the village was great. We arrived and got to work immediately getting the well started and getting the lessons ready for teaching. We dug down 105 feet for the well and had to stop with an hour left in our schedule because one of our generators broke. Thankfully, we were still on track though. The hygiene taught about germs and how to wash your hands. The hygiene team used the glitter to teach them about germs like some of us did with the Brookdale students. The people of the village are really nice and excited that we are here. The kids were especially excited to play with us and get to know us. They really loved the football we brought out for them to play with. Day 2 was even better. The drill ... read more
IMG_7579 [1024x768]
IMG_7623 [1024x768]
IMG_7642 [1024x768]

25thMarch – Soufriere St Lucia 39nm, big day sailing, had to dept early (0730) had to motor up the side of St Vincent but were able to sail once we cleared the headland. Once again, on the nose, bashing into it. Had to motor again once we got in the shadow of ST Lucia. WOW the pitons are just amazing. Soufriere is just the most amazing anchorage. A very stunning place. We took up a mooring as you must as it’s so deep and were just in awe of the Pitons. There were quite a few large cruise sailing ships there (including the one Fiona Lloyd is going to work on) Cleared in to ST Lucia here no problems. Out on the boat was just lovely, but ashore was a different story. We didn’t get a ... read more
The Pitons
Soufriere Bay
Happy Birthday Brownie

My typical day: Midnight: Power may or may not come on, or go off, so there may or may not be lights or fans. 12:00-4:00 AM: intermittent awakenings from heat, noise, smoke, animal sounds. 4:00-6:00 AM: Increased multiple rooster crowing, goat bleating, dog fighting, cat yowling, and soft pig grunting. Various shouts, clanks, engines. 6:00-6:30 AM: Greater rooster/goat/pig sounds; more human noise. 6:30 AM: Get up, pour bucket of water over head. Return to bed and sit reflectively, or go for a walk. 6:30-7:00 AM: Wake-up call and brush teeth, spitting outside. Dress, collapse mosquito netting. 7:00-7:30 AM: Breakfast: Plantains +? Apply copious sunblock. 7:30 AM-12:30 PM: Work on site. 12:30-1:30 PM: Lunch. 1:30-5:30 PM: Work on site. 5:30-5:45 PM: Bucket shower and change clothes. 5:45 PM-6:30 PM: Dinner. 6:30-~8:30 PM: Free. ~8:30-10:00 PM: De... read more
Getting good with the filth
Even before the court is dry

Our Arrival We arrived into the Albrook bus terminal in Panama City at 4:25am from David. As we arrived so early we waited in the terminal for a few hours until it turned light. Most things were closed when we arrived. Downstairs and towards the southern bus side of the terminal there was one office open selling cards which you need to use the metrobuses. Card cost $2 and you picked the amount to put on it. We bought one between the two of us. Next we caught a bus to the City. We wanted to stay in Casco Viejo. We had read online to catch the Tocumen-Corridor Sur bus which left from zone E in the south side of the terminal. We caught that bus at 7:35am and it cost $1.25. Tap your card when ... read more

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