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The people of the West Indies seem endlessly intrigued by my wilder tendencies, which tend to surface every time I visit the Caribbean. "You're sporting bare feet man!" a woman in Barbados exclaimed in amazement the other day. The locals will stare at my feet likes it's an amazing sight to behold, but ever since I was a kid I've always loved to get around sans footwear. Sandals and other footwear can pinch and grate after a while, so it's great to feel wild and free here in the sun, that is between swims in the glorious blue waters of the Caribbean! So here I am in Barbados, a legendary resort island on the Caribbean circuit, and the island considered the most British in the region. The ties between the locals and the British are strong ... read more
Saint Lawrence Gap beach
Bathsheba beach
Store at Bathsheba beach

After a typically delightful 3 hour chicken bus from Matagalpa, I arrived in Leon to find it characteristically hot and extremely wet. Bigfoot hostel (which had been pretty groovy on my previous visit) was rather disappointing. The clientele wasn't great (it was full of irksome Americans desperately trying to 'PARTAY') plus there wasn't space in the AC dorm (Leon is maybe the hottest and most humid place in Nicaragua; nowhere else would a luxury such as air con be deemed necessary). This meant a night of waking up whenever sweat levels became unbearable. Unfortunately my conscious moments seemed to coincide perfectly with the times at which two particularly considerate travellers chose to have sex in the dorm. For the record, THIS IS NOT OK. Volcano boarding - my sole reason for returning to Leon - was ... read more

Thursday, June 5, 2014 What the heck, it is Thursday and we have to leave the ship in two days. Today we arrived at the island of Curacao. I have heard some much about this island and how beautiful it is. Looking out the window, all I can say is Wow. The buildings are beautiful. Nothing like this in the Caribbean. We started our day off with breakfast at 7:30 am in the dining room. We meet some nice couples from NH and Kansas City. Breakfast is good this morning, as always. This morning our tour starts at 8:15 am. We need to be port side then. Today our tour is named Caves and City Center. This sounds very exciting. Michael, Brian Guo, Jenny and Marcus are doing the mini jeep adventure and beach. Our tour ... read more
Cindy posing with the Village People during the 70's party
Village people coming down on the elevator
Todd celebrating his birthday on our last formal night

¡Hola! It has already been 12 days since I've arrived in Nicaragua, and the time has flown by! For anyone who hasn't heard, I am working as an intern through the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) for 9 weeks this summer in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. My time here has been a blur of orientation, integrating into my home stay, and 3 semi-awkward days of work. FSD's internship place interns in an organization where they then work to create a project the organization feels is important and that can be sustainable after the intern leaves. This has so far basically translated into a first week consisting of varying degrees of success in getting to know the organization, asking questions, finding my place within the organization, and finally developing an idea for a project (which will most definitely be ... read more
Fried Plantains = delicious
Laguna de Apollo, Lago Nicaragua & Volcán Mombacho

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Today is an exciting; we are visiting another island we have never seen before, Aruba. Todd was up earlier (5:00 am) working on school work, grading papers. Yes, I am on holiday, however he is still teaching an online class. Cindy and others were up by 7:00 am and ready to go eat breakfast. Cindy and I ate in the dining room, we love being waited on, ha. We were meeting our tour this morning at 8:15 am on the dock. Today were doing a tour called Aruba sightseeing and swimming. We are touring the Guo family and Michael. We had so much fun with the Guo family in St. Thomas. Looking forward to this tour today. Jenny and Marcus went to Renaissance Island where it is full of outdoor activities and ... read more
Beach Trip - Renaissance Island - Jenny and Marcus23420_n
Beach Trip - Renaissance Island - Jenny and Marcus87431_n
Ayo Rock Formations - Panoramic view from on top of the rocks


Another early start as the group and myself got picked up by a minibus and taken to Lake Arenal. Once we got to Lake Arenal, we jumped onto a boat and were taken across to the other side. The weather was dry, although it was quite cloudy. It did mean that I could see Volcano Arenal slightly better than the day before when it was raining heavily. Once we got to the other side of the lake, we were greeted by another minibus driver who was taken us to Monteverde. But he was also stopping off at a coffee & chocolate plantation on the way. On the bus I kept falling asleep, when suddenly everyone was talking about seeing some monkeys in one of the trees. The bus driver started reversing backwards and then stopped so ... read more
Sugar Canes

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Today is a day of rest and relaxation for us, it is a day at sea. Although the Breton’s don’t normally relax on our sea days, we do take things a little slower, like sleep in a bit, except for Todd. We had an enjoyable breakfast in the dining room. We met a couple from Belgium. The gentlemen retired at 51 and sold his jewelry business to his brother. He and his wife now travel for fun. Another couple at the table lived in New Hampshire. Quite a diverse groups of passengers our ship. This is one exciting part of traveling is that people we meet on our journey’s. This morning we decided to play trivia this morning. We normally participate in this activity multiple times, however the scheduled sessions have been ... read more
One of the four paintings were purchased, artist Anatole Krasnyansky
One of the four paintings were purchased, artist Anatole Krasnyansky
One of the four paintings were purchased, artist Anatole Krasnyansky

Monday, June 2, 2014 Super excited today. We are visiting the island of St. Kitts for the first time. I have heard that it is a beautiful island, however never experienced it before. Cindy and I are going on our own tour today, a rain forest hike. Michael and Brian are doing a sea kayake trip and Jenny and Marcus are hiking a 3000 foot volcano. We have a packed day of fun stuff. Cindy and I ate breakfast again in the dining room this morning. I had scrambled eggs again and Cindy had eggs benedict. She says the eggs benedict is spicy. After a quick breakfast we heading off the ship meet our tour on the pier. We noticed there were lots of very large rocks on the shoreline next to where the ship was ... read more
Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor
Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor
Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor - Hot Wax Art work

Sunday 1st We arrive at Lima airport around 10.30pm and it takes another hour to clear customs and immigration. Another lot of forms filled in only to be thrown away without even being looked at. I'm getting pretty fed up with the unnecessary forms. We try to find out how to get to our over night hotel the airline are providing but no one knows where we should go ! Eventually we are told to just cross the road and book into the Ramada Hotel. The airline have reserved us a room but without any instructions for us. By now it's 12.30 and we're dead tired and fall into bed. Up at 7.30 and after a quick breakfast it's back to the airport for the flight to San Jose in Costa Rica. We get a shock ... read more
Christine's new best friend

Sunday, June 1, 2014 Today we are visiting the island of St. Thomas. When visiting this island in December 2013, we have vivid memories of all the mega yachts lining the harbor, however this time, there were very few yachts. I suspect most of them headed to the east coast for the summer. Cindy and I had a late tour this morning; however Jenny and Marcus needed to get off the ship early, 8:15 am. There tour was swimming with sea lions, this sounds really fun. Michael and Brian’s tour was with Cindy and I along with Brian’s family, Charles and Cathy. Our tour started at 9:30 am. Cindy and I ate breakfast in the dining room. We really enjoy eating breakfast in the dining room. We meet a really nice family from the Boston area, ... read more
St. Thomas port
Jenny and Marcus - Swimming with the Sea Lions
Jenny and Marcus - Swimming with the Sea Lions

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