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So you're probably wondering where I've been. We successfully had our first trip to a little town in the South of Haiti called "Les Cayes" and I have so much to write about. Everything about it was incredible, even the 4 days with no power or wifi. The trip started off with a 4 hour bus ride in a jam packed smaller sized Hampton Jitney basically. I was able to get some sleep seeing as we left HAC around 5:00am in the morning. When we arrived we took a thing called public transportation. Yeah there is public transportation in Haiti. Haitians get around using a simple truck with a bed in the back called a "TapTap" it was definitely an experience to say the least. Let me just say I almost felt as if I were ... read more

Advice for giving a condom demonstration to adolescents: - Be prepared for uncontrollable laughter in response to the presence of a dildo and condoms - Explain the importance of using a condom multiple times because they were likely laughing and didn't hear the first time - Be flexible with how the presentation goes, you might need to try something else to get the attention of the adolescents - Bring plenty of condoms for everyone to try, because in the end no one wants to be left out of the fun! I walked into my first condom demonstration last Tuesday with only a vague idea of those pieces of advice, a dildo, and 5 condoms, graciously lent by the epidemiologist and the pharmacy in the Centro de Salud. Last week's class was the main idea with which ... read more
Explaining the correct steps
Learning in partners

===English version below=== Na onze rondreis in Nicaragua worden we verwacht in Tuis, Costa Rica. De Amerikaanse eigenaar gaat een cruise maken door Scandinavië, wij gaan 3 weken op zijn huis en zijn dieren passen. Het huis ligt in de bergen, zeer afgelegen maar oh zo mooi. Wat verderop aan de laatste bushalte stopt de weg. Vanaf dit punt trekken de indianen de bossen in. We maken kennis met Lula en Frank. Het zijn lieverdjes die honden, tenminste als je geen indringer bent anders bijten ze misschien een stuk uit je been? Wij nemen de honden mee tijdens onze wandelingen, ze zijn het duidelijk niet gewend. In de tuin groeien cacao planten. Met een beetje hulp van Google lukt het ons om van de vruchten cacao poeder te maken. Eerst smaakt het een beetje bitter maar ... read more
Tuis verblijf - Tuis house
Costa Rica kikker - frog
Cacao plant

As we sat at Don Jon's for our 5th day we decided it was time for a change. The surf had been fun, the accommodations were nice, and the people really great (shout out to Elle, Felipe, Uzi and Dana). However, we had been comfortable too long. Our original plan was to meet our friends in Tamarindo (northern end of Costa Rica) after returning our car. Sorry to bail on them, but surf was dying so we returned our car early, saving a little money and decided to head straight to Nicaragua. It will have to be another time when we go visit Tamarindo and surf the legendary wave Witches Rock. After a 5+ hour drive on many confusing dirt roads we made it to our car rentals place. We booked a hotel in town with ... read more

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Cuban Blog Day #12 Can You Spare Some Shampoo? I was very excited to go to the beach the next day in Gibara. I walked toward the ferry I needed to take to get there and was stopped by a man on the street who told e the ferry was not working. He walked with me while I went to confirm this, worried he was simply telling me this to get me to take a ride in his taxi. He was telling me the truth, and I was upset that this information was not included when I asked the man at the hotel the day before, perhaps he didn’t know. I walked toward the beach in town disappointed about the change in plans and unable to afford the price the man who was still walking with ... read more
Bats in the cave
My cave guides


Lieve allemaal, Als je dacht dat het academisch kwartiertje vervelend was voor mensen die stipt op tijd komen, dan ken je het Antilliaanse kwartiertje nog niet. Voor mij is het evenwel een uitkomst, want nu kom ik tenminste niet steeds net iets - of een beetje meer - te laat. Na zo lang geen bericht voelt mijn Caribische leventje al heel alledaags. Natuurlijk mis ik jullie af en toe, maar het is hier in het ziekenhuis tegelijkertijd zo hard werken dat ik daar eigenlijk maar weinig tijd voor heb. Daarnaast heb ik het gevoel dat de afgelopen maanden half Nederland al op bezoek is geweest en dat ik dus ook niemand hoef te missen. Wat een rijkdom, al die mensen die zo ver willen vliegen om me op te zoeken! Mijn eigen paleisje Vanaf half maart ... read more
Pappa en mamma op de Pondjesbrug
Les voisins

Our last few days have included minimal surf, meeting people (non from California), fishing and hanging with our hostel mates and hostel owner Jon. We left dominical having scored great surf. However, we knew the swell was dying so we headed up (about 2 hours) to playa hermosa. This place is a legendary board breaking beast in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the big swell seemed to have temporarily messed up the sand bars and the swell was dying. Since the town itself was relatively dead we decided to head up to Santa Teresa a couple days early. To get to Santa Teresa, we had to drive to Puntarenas and then hop on a ferry to cross the gulf. It is about an hour and a half ferry ride and only costs about $1.75 each. The drive from ... read more

Summit Volcán Concepción - a 1,610 m (5,282 ft) active volcano in Nicaragua = check! Our weekend trip to the Isla de Ometepe (Ometepe Island) has definitely taken its spot as the highlight trip of my time here so far. Together with the other interns I have been to Volcán Masaya, Mirador de Catarina (viewpoint), Granada and Volcán Mombacho, León (Volcano boarding!), Estelí and Reserva Natural Tisey, Playa Jiquelite (beach on the south pacific coast near Tola), and now la Isla de Ometepe. Every weekend has been incredible, but this past one has definitely surpassed the others. We had heard that Ometepe was a place we couldn't miss when in Nicaragua, and I wholeheartedly agree. I only wish we had more time there! We only had a little over 2 days on the island, and only ... read more
Welcome to Volcán Concepción!
Mirador - 1000 meters
We made it! Partway...

Température : 30 – 35°, il fait très très chaud, et on est en hiver ! Humidité : max Temps : très ensoleillé (sauf une bonne grosse pluie entre 15h et 17h tous les jours) Après une journée de transport en bus, nous découvrons la ponctualité sans faille des chauffeurs de bus. « Il part à quelle heure ce bus ? » «Il part quand il est plein » « bon, bon… » Nous prenons ensuite le ferry et arrivons à Santa Teresa, le paradis des surfeurs, au bout de la Péninsule Nicoya sur la côte pacifique du Costa Rica. Ambiance très cool, tout le monde a l’air tout le temps en vacances ici… ! Les mecs sont tous des abdos comme des tablettes de chocolat, les cheveux longs, blonds, bien bronzés, américains ou néo-zélandais. Pour ... read more

It's been way too long since my last blog post so I hope you didn't forget about me!! So much to tell you guys since I last posted so I am going to try and remember everything to the best of my ability. On Thursday night we lost power and didn't have it for 48 hours. You are probably wondering what I did during that time… Well……. I did so much. Friday morning I woke up, took a shower and then we "tried" to fix the broken printer. The only way the printer would work was if you held the power cord in place while we printed. We had to print 70 copies of the instructions we made on how to work the water filters and it took us over an hour (I am grateful for ... read more

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