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Up early again, but had coffee in my cottage (YAY) and blogged a bit. Came down for breakfast and they kicked me out of the restaurant as it was 07:27 and she was quick to point out they don’t open for 10 minutes. Um, ok……. So it’s currently 07:35 and I am waiting (im)patiently for my second cup of coffee and breakfast. However the main drag is quite interesting - I’m coming back here tomorrow morning to see if I can capture some photos of the goat herds, the women walking with the palm leaves on their heads and so on:-) On my walk down I encountered 3 birds piled up together; I think 2 were male hitting on the one female and she was trying to get away. So I yelled at them to leave ... read more
Tzutuhil Mayan lady
Dress up time!
Tzutuhil made it to 25 cent coin

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » North-West April 14th 2014

Haiti Missed first flight. Rerouted thru FLa. Sat next to great fam w really smart kid with anxiety problems. Dad said when a sports team loses he would worry about if a player was going to get fired and if they had family. Got on flight to port au prince- amazing shit show. People brought on TVs and trophies that wouldn't fit under their seats but they closed the cabin door. Had to finagle things in, took 30 min. Hilarious. Sat next to wonderful Haitian woman who left Haiti 43 yrs ago and moved to Montreal to become a cosmetologist. Now lives in Miami. Her husband wants to move back to Haiti. Said America is the land of opportunity but she was now too old and too tired to keep up. Wants to make room for ... read more

Having finally made it to the right start point hotel (I got a taxi with a German couple from my group who were also at the wrong hotel) I finally get to meet Brian our Costa Rican tour guide (he looks like a football pro!) and the rest of my group. There's three more from the UK, an Ozzie who's living in the US, two Canadians also living in the US and one bonafide American. We get to know each other better over a meal in the evening and they turn out to be a fun and friendly set of people so it's looking like being a great trip. We meet the final two people the next morning and it turns out they are from Norfolk too - Hethersett to be precise. Moi heart aloive! We ... read more

===English version below=== Boquete was slechts een korte tussenstop op weg naar Costa Rica waar ons een huisoppas van 8 weken wacht. Het is precies 5 jaar geleden dat we in Costa Rica waren en voor het eerst kennis maakten met wat Latijns Amerika te bieden heeft. De gedachte dat we binnen een paar uur opnieuw in Costa Rica zullen zijn doet ons wel iets. Eerst wacht ons nog een busrit van een paar uur en de grensovergang. Het loopt verrassend vlot, slechts even aanschuiven, wat papiertjes invullen en zonder veel verdere vragen krijgen we een stempel in ons paspoort. Bienvenidos! Daarna hebben we minder geluk want we moeten bijna 2 uur wachten op de bus richting Golfito. Het wordt spannend om onze bestemming nog te halen voor zonsondergang. Vanuit Golfito moeten we nog een korte ... read more
Overtocht - crossing

Our Arrival The bus stops opposite the tourist information office on Calle Principal in the town. You can walk to your accomodation from there. Where We Stayed Hospedaje Zulema - on Calle Rancho Grande near Calle 14 De Febrero opposite Hotel Jere. Q100 for a double room with shared bathroom. Good wifi and a bit of a balcony. What We Did The weather was very overcast whilst we were here with limited views of the volcano on the lake. Therefore we didn't do any boat trips just walked around town and did a bit of shopping. Where We Ate At the lake end of Calle Rancho Grande are food stalls with your usual chicken and tortillas etc for Q12. At night food stalls set up down Calle Santander. We had ate in the market for Q16 ... read more


Central America Caribbean April 13th 2014

At this point Eric leaves me in the hands of a crooked toothed guide and a bunch of geriatric Americans.The guide proceeds to pick up a poisoned dart frog so I begin to doubt his sanity for one and ability to explain the chocolate process for another. On the way to the tour he tells a tall tale about Theobrama, some god of food who loved chocolate so much he turned the woman he loved into a cacao tree. I decide to keep my distance! We arrived at the demo area and sat ourselves on tiered seats to watch the demonstration begin. We are shown a tiny blossom that in the space of just six months turns into a cacao fruit the size of a melon. When humans saw animals eating these fruits they decided to ... read more
Seeds and pulp
Seven day fermenting tray
Fermenting cacao beans

After the excellent chocolate tour I say goodbye to the aged Americans some of whom were actually really lovely and friendly, and meet up again with Eric and we decide to explore some more of the reserve before lunch. First spot is a groovy stick insect - evolution is frickin' awesome! I also manage to get a great photo of a bejewelled lizard before it flickers off into the undergrowth. It is so warm and humid yet we start to feel spots of rain attempting to penetrate the jungle canopy. We reach another suspended bridge and half way over Eric clocks something and trains his scope on another surprise creature I never would have spotted otherwise. This time the scope brings into view two incredible little bats clinging upside down to the tree bark. They are ... read more
Stick insect
Pretty flowers waiting to catch people on the trail
Giant ferns seen from above

Up at 05:40 again, coffee, breakfast and off to the airport to fly to Guatemala City, then continue by van to Lake Atitlan. Airport was entertaining; they have a single lady physically checking bags before you even enter the airport, and she opens it up, feels around in 2 or 3 places and then hands it back to you. Funny as really, it’s so not useful for catching anything, but hey, easier then dealing with American airports! Then we checked in, wandered through security (with water and a fresh delicious coffee!) and waited for our flight. Random Thought of the day: Guatemalans do love their deep fried chicken! Every where you go there are shops, stands, street vendors (literally) in tiny villages selling deep fried breaded chicken. Sure there are not a shortage of chickens here ... read more
Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan
SLR Image

Having spent a sleep, wake, sleep, wake kind of night - some of it down to my body clock getting confused by the six hour time difference and the rest due to an American woman deeming it necessary that the entire hotel heard her travel arrangements for the next day accompanied by rauchous laughter at 3am - I wasn't exactly pleased to find out from reception that my travel company had switched hotels last minute and not bothered to tell me! I deposited my bags in reception and vowed not to let it ruin my day and worry about it later. I set off map in hand to look for the National Theatre where I met the lovely Eric for my day tour which was to include hiking through the jungle followed by a chocolate tour. ... read more
Jungle flowers
Jungle fungus
Twisted jungle tree

12 avril, 2014 Ce fut un deux semaines bien remplies avec notre fille Isabelle : découverte des divers mouillages du côté ouest de la Martinique, randonnées pédestres, location de voiture, visite du magnifique Jardin de Balata près de Fort de France, baignades, apnée et rencontre exceptionnelle de l’équipage du bateau Myriam (Ghislain, Annie, Guillaume et Olivier) revenant tout juste d’un tour du monde de cinq ans. Nous avons passé quelques jours en leur compagnie et écouté leurs nombreux récits. La visite repartie dans le froid et aussitôt nous avons commencé notre descente vers la Grenade. Premier arrêt Ste-Lucie pour nous ravitailler en eau, diésel et épicerie. Nous y resterons que deux jours car on nous annonce une belle fenêtre pour notre prochaine traversée. Donc, nous quittons Yves et Francine du bateau Nan Shan pour une belle ... read more
Jardin de Balata
Jardin de Balata
Carole sur la passerelle

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