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Yesterday I talked on the phone with my mom for about an hour and she just kept telling me that I needed to post on my blog as soon as possible because my fans were getting antsy. Well guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much as I would like but it gets pretty busy down here in Haiti. Since my weekend “gateway” in the Southern part of Haiti, there are many stories I would like to share with everyone. Thursday night was Gina’s birthday so we decided it was time to find some American food (something other than rice and beans). Everyone got as dressed up as they could as the days just keep getting hotter and hotter. We ate at this place near the airport called the shack. Brittany and I shared the ... read more
Community Health Day
Community Health Day

St. Lucia: What a wonderful day firstly we boarded a catamaran for a cruise around the harbour, then headed out to sea towards the coral reefs for a snorkeling adventure. Luckily for us we were not permitted to consume any rum punch until after we had finished our snorkeling. Once back onboard the rum started to flow quite readily and all our party consumed copious amounts especially Colleen!! She over indulged a little bit to the extent that when the cat docked it took two other ladies and myself to assist her back to the ship. On the way we thought we had lost her, and on backtracking found her perched in a garden bed, she must have been having a rest. It took a bit of difficulty to get her back to our stateroom and ... read more
Water Babe
Go Pro
Water Babe No. 2

Central America Caribbean » Cuba July 27th 2014

Cuban Blog Day #13 Ask the Right Questions I took a $15 CUC taxi back to Holguin from Gibara. I had just missed the bus to take me to Camaguey. It was very disappointing as it meant I had to choose between waiting for three hours or taking another taxi and spending more money. I’d asked la dueña and some other folks around Gibara what the schedule was, but nobody knew it. Viazul is a bus mostly for tourists. It is much more expensive and nicer than the busses for locals. Because of this, most locals do not know the schedule. I decided to take another taxi the three hours north to Camaquey. I didn’t want to waste any more of my precious little time left in Cuba. I was already freaking out about ... read more
The view from my little plaza

And so my time here in Jinotepe comes to an end. In nine weeks this community has truly become a home to me. I have gained a new family in my home stay (¡muchisimas gracias a mi familia nicaragüense!), worked alongside the wonderful employees of the Centro de Salud Jinotepe, and explored the natural beauty of Nicaragua. The 15 minute walk to and from work twice a day has become the most natural activity and I can't imagine that I will not be doing it again next Monday. At the Centro I have been welcomed as a fellow employee and I feel comfortable and useful there. I have gained at least 8 new mothers in form of the nurses and doctors who work at the Centro, all of whom love to check in and remind me ... read more
Final test
Anticonceptive Activity

The last entry ended with us leaving Playa Gigante to walk to a spot called Colorados. Of course, he explained the directions as "yeah pretty much follow the path there's a Y at some point, stay left." After an hour walk and a few U turns from misunderstanding, we had made it to Colorados. After seeing such dismal surf, we were relatively accepting of the fact there wouldn't be surf. Our low expectations were met with way better than expected surf. We scored surf on that day and the next. We also ran into Erwin, a guy who it went to elementary school with. The surf continued to drop, but we found ourselves enjoying parts of playa gigante a little more. It was interesting how everyone migrated from place to place. One day there was pizza ... read more


At Sea: During our voyage from New York to Saint Jones the Dawn Princess will feel the effects of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a powerful warm Atlantic Ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida and follows the eastern coastline of the Unites States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. The Gulf Stream has influence on the temperatures of the seas that it covers and it is therefore argued that the climate of Western Europe and Northern Europe is warmer than it would otherwise be due to its influence. The Gulf Stream is largely caused by converging warm currents that meet in the Caribbean by Florida, and are the taken across the Westerly Atlantic trade winds that blow westerly in the tropics. The current has real influence on ships ... read more
9/11 Memorial
Pier 81
New York City skyline

So you're probably wondering where I've been. We successfully had our first trip to a little town in the South of Haiti called "Les Cayes" and I have so much to write about. Everything about it was incredible, even the 4 days with no power or wifi. The trip started off with a 4 hour bus ride in a jam packed smaller sized Hampton Jitney basically. I was able to get some sleep seeing as we left HAC around 5:00am in the morning. When we arrived we took a thing called public transportation. Yeah there is public transportation in Haiti. Haitians get around using a simple truck with a bed in the back called a "TapTap" it was definitely an experience to say the least. Let me just say I almost felt as if I were ... read more

Advice for giving a condom demonstration to adolescents: - Be prepared for uncontrollable laughter in response to the presence of a dildo and condoms - Explain the importance of using a condom multiple times because they were likely laughing and didn't hear the first time - Be flexible with how the presentation goes, you might need to try something else to get the attention of the adolescents - Bring plenty of condoms for everyone to try, because in the end no one wants to be left out of the fun! I walked into my first condom demonstration last Tuesday with only a vague idea of those pieces of advice, a dildo, and 5 condoms, graciously lent by the epidemiologist and the pharmacy in the Centro de Salud. Last week's class was the main idea with which ... read more
Explaining the correct steps
Learning in partners

===English version below=== Na onze rondreis in Nicaragua worden we verwacht in Tuis, Costa Rica. De Amerikaanse eigenaar gaat een cruise maken door Scandinavië, wij gaan 3 weken op zijn huis en zijn dieren passen. Het huis ligt in de bergen, zeer afgelegen maar oh zo mooi. Wat verderop aan de laatste bushalte stopt de weg. Vanaf dit punt trekken de indianen de bossen in. We maken kennis met Lula en Frank. Het zijn lieverdjes die honden, tenminste als je geen indringer bent anders bijten ze misschien een stuk uit je been? Wij nemen de honden mee tijdens onze wandelingen, ze zijn het duidelijk niet gewend. In de tuin groeien cacao planten. Met een beetje hulp van Google lukt het ons om van de vruchten cacao poeder te maken. Eerst smaakt het een beetje bitter maar ... read more
Tuis verblijf - Tuis house
Costa Rica kikker - frog
Cacao plant

As we sat at Don Jon's for our 5th day we decided it was time for a change. The surf had been fun, the accommodations were nice, and the people really great (shout out to Elle, Felipe, Uzi and Dana). However, we had been comfortable too long. Our original plan was to meet our friends in Tamarindo (northern end of Costa Rica) after returning our car. Sorry to bail on them, but surf was dying so we returned our car early, saving a little money and decided to head straight to Nicaragua. It will have to be another time when we go visit Tamarindo and surf the legendary wave Witches Rock. After a 5+ hour drive on many confusing dirt roads we made it to our car rentals place. We booked a hotel in town with ... read more

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