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Hola! Over the last week I have been to Monte Verde in the hills, Samara at the beach and back to San Jose. I finally got my bus to Monte Verde and travelled for 5 hours, arriving there at 1930. As soon as I walked in, I thought it was brilliant. I had to walk across a bridge to get to my wooden lodge and it was surrounded by the forest. I decided I needed to make sure my stay was busy in Monte Verde and booked myself on a canyoning and night walk trip. I woke up the next morning, all excited about my canyoning trip. The trip involved me repelling down different waterfalls, with the tallest being 40metres! I met four lovely Canadian people when I was there. We had to make sure we ... read more
The bridge to my lodge
Repelling down a waterfall
Repelling down a waterfall.

===English version below=== We nemen afscheid van Dennis en vertrekken kort na de middag richting Quizarrá. Toch weer een lange busreis, het is bijna donker op het moment dat we in de dichtstbijzijnde stad, San Isidro de El General, aankomen. In San Isidro nog een overnachting boeken of het erop wagen? We nemen een taxi en gaan op zoek in het pikdonker. Eerst wel nog langs de supermarkt want in Quizarrá zijn er eigenlijk geen winkels. We leggen in ons beste Spaans uit waar we moeten zijn en wonder boven wonder vinden we Finca Granadilla Silvestre. God heeft ons bijgestaan volgens de chauffeur, Costa-Ricanen zijn heel gelovig. Wij bevestigen zijn oordeel, we willen de vriendelijke man niet tegenspreken. Cindy heet ons welkom. Zij is net als de eigenaars Canadese en heeft hier het voorbije jaar 3 ... read more
Inkom - Entrance
Lineated Woodpecker

Breakfast at Alex's place is great. There's fresh juice, fruit, home made bread and jam, really lovely ripe avocado and scrambled egg. We meet a gorgeous little baby bundle of fluff, a nocturnal piccachu (that's not what it was really, but the name escapes me). Instead of taking hold of this little creature by lifting it up you have just put out your arm and it naturally clings to you with its paws. It wasn't quite old enough to use its tail to curl around yet. It kept tying to nibble my nose with its tiny little teeth. The poor mite had been orphaned and was being looked after by Alex. Whenever a bird or animal is injured people bring them in for Alex to look after and hopefuly release back ito the wild. The area ... read more

Tierra Hermosa is the name of Alex Martinez' wildlife rescue centre in Sarapiqui where people bring sick and injured animals and birds to be nurtured lovingly back to health before hopefully being released back into the wild. It is up in the hilly countryside about a ten minute drive from Alex's B and B lodges Posandra Andrea Cristina. Alex acquired the area of land as a monoculture of hearts of palm trees that had ceased being cut for harvesting of the hearts of palms and had become fully grown. Alex is gradually introducing a more mixed forest with varied levels of understory. he showed us an area he had planted up with just six years ago and the growth was phenomonal, some of the trees having reached about 8m tall already! He showed us the bark ... read more

Big hugs from the lovely Alex and we leave Sarapique and head toward's Brian's home town of La Fortuna. He is going to take us to visit his family and his insane mother has offered to cook us all lunch. We are the first tour group he's taking to visit his family so we promise to be on our best behaviour. At a rest stop on the way we get to see iguanas en masse near the appropriately name Iguana Cafe. There's a tree next to the cafe absolutely heaving with iguanas. We see one orange guy and find out this is the colour they change to during their mating season. Eventually we arrive in La Fortuna and visit Brian's family. We meet both brothers, a nephew, mum and dad and 91 year old grandma who ... read more
The main square, La Fortuna
Brian and his lovely mum
The whole tree is decorated with iguanas


Sigh; last day. We had said farewell to Becky and Benny the night before as they had a departure transfer of 07:30. Made plans to meet with Randy and Janice at 08 for breakfast, then decided to wander around, find our new hotels (all of us had to move for our post night), search for carpets and enjoy the morning, with plans to meet Justin at 1pm for lunch in the main square. Well, Old Town Outfitters had given me a map with the hotel marked on said map, even highlighted all pretty like. We found Randy and Janice’s hotel easily enough; other then there being 2 hotels with almost the exact same name one block apart, we knew at least *one* of those was theirs. Then came ours. Let’s just say it was a good ... read more

I'm awake really early again so finish packing, have a bit of grub and then head to the beach for a last look at the Carribean Sea before we have to leave wonderful Tortuguera. I get in a few silly selfies and Kathryn helps me out with some of my trade mark jumping photos. We board the boat, different driver this time, and find he's a bit of a speedy one. We zoom down the main river, wash smashing into the banks, and soon reach the turning into the 'Lucky River' not Luci river as I'd thougt it was previously! It's a translation of Rio la Suerte. Despite going quicker this time we still manage to spot quite a few things, the most abundant of which being the basilisks. These irridescent, brilliant green beauties are sunning ... read more
Lottie Let Loose enjoying the Caribbean Sea
Lottie Let Loose enjoying the Caribbean Sea
Saying goodbye to Tortuguero

La Selva Biological Station is one of the leading research and teaching centres in the tropics. Basically if you want to learn about tropical rain forests this is the place to be. It was originally set up in 1954 by Dr Leslie Holdridge as a farm that experimented on the best techniques to improve mixed plantations for nature conservation. The Organisation for Tropical Studies bought it in 1968 and from then on it was declared a private biological reserve and study centre. We arrive in the humid sweltering heat of the afternoon and meet our guide for the day, Raimer. We are literally two steps into the reserve when he finds us a two toed sloth up high in the trees. Raimer tells us that sloths only come down to the ground once or twice a ... read more
Telling us about the two types of sloth that live at La Selva
Three toed sloth with her baby
Franziska watching the cute sloths

Central America Caribbean April 17th 2014

Our Arrival Our shuttle dropped us off on Calle 18 Conejo opposite Hotel Don Moises. Where We Stayed Hotel MarJenny - up the hill on Avenue Mirador, 1 1/2 blocks North from where the bus dropped us off. We were met at the bus stop by a tout offering rooms in this place for $20. We declined and started walking down the street but he went down to $15 so we agreed to look at the place. There was a decent sized swimming pool, roof terrace with seating, hammocks and nice views and a small TV in the room. Our room was by the swimming pool so was a bit noisy but for $15 during semana santa was fine. There was hot water when we first arrived but didn't get any since. What We Did Visited ... read more

April 17th (I wrote this before I found out about Opie, so figured it needed to be posted to my dear followers) Yay! Our bike riding excursion to the coffee plantation and the smaller villages was today! Yipee - exercise in the hot blistering sun at 3,500 feet elevation! woot-woot! And once again I booked this! We had breakfast, then walked up to meet OldTown Outfitters and walked a few blocks to get our bikes. Larry’s bike wheel was semi flat and asked to have it filled. The guy couldn’t fill it (kept pssstttttt slowly) and said Gee I have to get you a new bike as your tire is flat. (you think?) Renting bikes in any developing nation is always entertaining; this was not the worst or the best vehicle, however it would do. I ... read more
super unique flower in the coffee plantation
Took them 18 clippings to get one to grow!
OK, I"m a sucker for flowers!

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