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I woke up early; but amazingly fell back asleep until almost 7 - which for me is no feat short of a miracle:-) Quick shower - I was packing up when I heard a rather shocking loud yelp from the bathroom and was torn between worrying and giggling! Turns out the hot water disappears very quickly (read: off instantly) and Larry got a very, very cold blast of water. Oops. So he warned me and I got in, rinsed myself down, turned the water off, soaped up, turned water back on, rinse, repeat! Kind of quirkiy doing it that way, but wasn’t the first, and won’t be my last for dealing with emotional showers. Ice cold blasts, even in the jungle are never fun! After breakfast we started our boat ride along the Rio Dulce in ... read more
Egret - but I could be making that up!
In motion, not bad for an iphone!
Castillo de San Felipe de Lara

With ten hours to kill on my main flight I decide to read a bit of my Costa Rica Insight book. I find out that Costa Rica was dubbed The Land of the Happy Medium by an official at the World Bank and although it is classified in economic terms as a third world country its high standard of living and social development seem at odds with this label. My favourite discovery so far is that Costa Rica got rid of its army in 1949 and since then the government has been able to devote a massive percentage of its resources to more useful and civilised pursuits such as education, health and conservation instead of killing and maiming fellow human beings in the patriotic fervour that is deemed necessary by testosterone fuelled power struggles and waving ... read more

10thApril Arrived Antigua after a good sail from Guadeloupe and a 0600 departure. Got a few jobs done on the boat, the main one being to fix the anchor winch, hence staying in the Jolly Harbour Marina. Also had a teak grate made for cockpit floor to keep my feet dry on long passages. Few more bits and pieces done while we’re next to a chandlery. Hired a car for a day and circumnavited the island. Went to Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour where Nelson’s Dockyard is – a historic harbour, the main one used in the Caribbean. Went on to see Devils Bridge and then Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. Here we met Mervyn Richards – Viv’s younger brother. He was very keen to chat to us about our sailing and showed us around the ... read more
The real colours, not edited at all
Jolly Harbour Marina

Our Arrival The bus from Guatemala City dropped us at the bus station near the market. The town is a few minutes walk past the market stalls. Where We Stayed Hotel Posada Refugio II - Down a small street opposite the Terrace hostel on 3a Calle Poniente between Calzada Santa Lucia and 7a Avenue Norte. Q100 for a double room with private bathroom and hot showers. Kitchen available on the roof terrace. No internet but we picked up free wifi the whole time we were there. Try and get a room upstairs. Posado Vero - Down the other small street on Calle Poniente. Q80 for a room with shared bathroom. Really strong internet and a bit of a roof terrace with laundry sink. What We Did Walked around town looking at the many churches and ruins. ... read more

As I had mentioned previously, I had dropped my camera out of my lap on the bus on day 2, and while the LCD screen was shot, we thought the camera was still working. I couldn’t change any settings as there was no menu to look at, but I could take photos and when I downloaded them they were OK. Larry has the same body as me (Rebel XTI) just a year older, and he offered very generously to swap as he shoots in full auto, so doesn’t need the menu. Because I shoot in manual I do. So we swapped cameras for the day, kept our own lenses. My camera would take a photo for Larry then shut off. So we swapped batteries, and it seemed to fix itself then started doing it again. Long ... read more
Quirigua Info
Stelae of the Ruler who created Independence


This is how we went from Santa Ana El Salvador to Antigua Guatemala on chicken buses for about $6.50. 1. Catch the 210 bus to Ahuachapan from the bus station in the market. We got on it at 6:45am as it was making its way through the market. It took until 7:00am to get out of the town. It cost 50 cents and arrived in Ahuachapan at 8am. 2. Catch a minibus to Las Chinamas border. The bus from Santa Ana drops you on the side of a road on the edge of town. Walk towards the main road in front of you. On the right are signs to the centre of town. Follow the signs and go right down a hill towards a 'Bomba' sign. There was a minibus 11a parked on the side of ... read more

We didn’t have to head to the ruins until 08:30 but being on holidays I’m to bed early after full days and up early, which fortunately gives me time to blog, and catch up on life. Wi-Fi is provided in all the hotels we are staying at; however whether it is working or not is yet another story. So I’m blogging, but posting isn’t working out so well! Thankfully all my faithful, loyal readers, while breathless with anticipation of my next blog also have lives and while eager to read the next one (please?) will survive until the modern world can get my word out! The ruins are less than a KM away, so we walked the road to them with another group of very young travellers, dressed in flip flops, short shorts, itsy bits tank ... read more
Jaguar Hot Springs
Copan Ruins

Next day we were up early, wanted to be on the road by 07:00 as it was another long travel day. Justin had figured out that if we went back to Guatemala, instead of up to Honduras we would save ourselves about 1.5 to 2 hours of driving. So we did 3 countries in one day, all by about 2pm! What was super cool was we stopped at this Artisans village, in Los Palmas to go see a cooperative there. They create everything by hand, from scratch and a non-machine styled factory if you would. Of course all locals are hired, and get paid better than the minimum wage, and work in clean, safe settings and some even bring their babies to work with them. This cooperative sells to many place in North America; the biggest ... read more
Incredibly detailed work!
Los Palmas
Shy little girl

7thApril Portsmouth – Terre De Haut (Guadaloupe) 21nm A lively sail today, bit bumpy and lots of wind most of the time. Left about 0930 and glad we did as we were easily able to pick up a mooring when we got there, but by late afternoon there were none left and a Cat that came in close to 6pm had to raft up to another Cat (obviously friends) as there were no moorings left. Wouldn't want to do that ourselves – too much pressure on the moorings we think. Went ashore to clear in and once again, just done on the computer and is a clear in and clear out paperwork. Stamped by the local guy working in the shop (no official customs) and paid 10Euro for our mooring. The town is very quaint. Lots ... read more
main street
the bay

Our Arrival The bus dropped us off by the markets on 14a Avenue Sur and 15a Calle Poniente. We turned right through the market down 15a Calle Poniente, past a bus terminal and turned left up 10a Avenue Sur. 4 1/2 blocks up we reached out hotel. Where We Stayed Hotel Livingston - $15 for a massive double room with bathroom, cable TV, table and chairs and a sofa. Doors to the hotel lock at 10pm and open at 6am. Where We Ate There are places selling pupusas all around town and in the market. If you are after fast food head to the stalls in Parque Libertad. There are plenty of supermarkets around. What We Did Looked at the Cathedral and churches. CLIMBED SANTA ANA VOLCANO To get there head to the terminal la Vencedora. ... read more

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